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Email Monitoring

Gain access to their inbox and see what they’ve been up to. It’s all there for you to see.

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Get the app that lifts the curtains on their inbox

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See the emails they’ve received

No matter who it’s from, you’ll see it. It’s just like having access to their inbox.

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View the emails they’ve sent

If it’s in their Sent folder, you’ll know about it too.

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See all attachments

Did they receive pics or other attachments? They’re yours to review.

mSpy Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with mSpy! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most :

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Get into their inbox in a snap

mSpy is your personal email monitoring solution.

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Real Reviews from Satisfied mSpy Customers

We love hearing stories about how mSpy has helped real people discover the truth and sleep a little easier. Here are some of our favorites.



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You could spend days trying to figure out their email address and password. Or you could just install mSpy and walk away without being stressed out. Just purchase an mSpy subscription and you’ll know how to spy on someone’s emails in no time. After paying for the app, you’ll receive install instructions in your inbox. Just follow them to install mSpy on the device you want to monitor. After everything’s complete, simply log in to your Control Panel. You’ll have access to all their emails right away.

No. It seems a little crazy, but with an email spy app like mSpy, you don’t need to know their email address or passwords for their email account. If they use an email app on their phone to send and receive email, mSpy can show you every message in their inbox.

With email spying at your disposal, you can see everything that they say. That includes the sender’s address, the recipient’s address, the subject, the date and time it was received, and the email content itself.

Absolutely. If it’s in their mail app, you can spy on email account with ease. We designed mSpy to make it easy to see everything, so there’s no complex hoops to jump through to see their email communication.

You can see everything in those accounts too. Just click the email address dropdown in your Control Panel and select the address you want to see. You can also choose what folder you want to view. And bouncing back and forth is super easy.

Definitely. Just choose the Sent folder and you’ll be able to review the messages they’ve sent. It's just like having access to their email app.

Yes. Whether the email they’ve received features all text, fancy graphics, or attachments, you’ll see the email just as it appears in their email app on their phone. It’s kind of like a mirror image of their device.

After logging into someone else’s email with mSpy, you’ll also have access to their other communications. We know that people don’t use email for everything. In fact, they probably use text or a social media chat app to communicate with their friends. And mSpy has you covered by letting you see what they’re saying on other communications channels. That includes WhatsApp, text messages, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Line, and several other platforms. Even Tinder.

No. mSpy lets you get into someones email without them knowing. When you install mSpy on their device, there’s no trace of the app. Seriously. Not even an icon on their home screen. They’d have to dig pretty deep to figure out that you know how to track someone’s email messages. And they’d have to know what they’re looking for to begin with.