Family Kit - Check on up to 3 kids at the same time wherever you are with mspy family kit.


  • Know 24/7 the whereabouts of all the siblings
  • Get a roadmap to each child’s location in your device
  • Find out timestamps of every place they visited
  • Be informed to react timely if they need help
  • Combine work and effective parenting
all Instant Messenger monitoring requires rooting your Android device!
Over 30+ Monitoring Features To Cover Everything
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Pick the most convenient package and the comfortable subscription plan. Make a payment and register within the service.

Install the app

Check out your email box - mSpy created an online account for you and sent its credentials right to your email address. Follow the link to your personal Control Panel.

Just start using

Once in a Control Panel, follow the installation instructions and start using the application whenever you want.

what our customers say

“My child’s school is quite far from home and we need to be sure she’s ok on her way back from school. So we found out about this geofencing thing and gave it a shot. We were surprised it worked ‘cause once she decided to go to some store with her friend, we were informed that she has entered district we marked on the map as dangerous. Helped a lot, especially for such busy parents as us.”

“She wouldn’t tell me anything and would be angry with me for no reason. Constantly on her phone and wouldn’t let me even touch it. mSpy app was basically my last clue. When I got to her SnapChat I broke in tears, my girl was about to run away with this guy she had never met in real life. Cannot thank enough.”

“Why did I decide to use mSpy? Simple, I am not gonna sit and wait for something to happen. I read about Amanda Todd and other kids. Seriously, my son’s safety costs way more than $30.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes what kids post on social media, such mean, hateful messages it broke my heart. My daughter is a kind and gentle girl, I am so glad I could catch these haters and stop the abuse.”

“I saw some calls annoyed my teen daughter. She got upset every time somebody called her. I know my kid so I needed to sort things out. So I got this mSpy app for identifying that mysterious guy. What I saw blew my mind: he literally bullied her, sent awful emojis, and said he’s gonna track her after school. We met up with parents and talked the whole thing out.”


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Best Parental Control App for Your Kid's Phone

As a parent, you might want to know what your kids do on their mobile devices. Trustworthy parental controls allow parents to check texts, calls, browsing history, GPS location, restrict unwanted activities and websites and even more.

mSpy is tailored to the needs of modern parents, helping them to answer the following questions:

  • Where your kid is right now?
  • Where your kid has been to today?
  • What your kid types on their devices?
  • Which whom they communicate?
  • What websites do they visit?
  • What apps do they install?
  • And much more.

Now, let's take a look at the OS that mSpy supports. There are two of them: iOS and Android.

Best Parental Control App for iPhone to Protect Your Kid's and Family

mSpy is the best parental control for iPhone because it doesn't require physical access to monitor your kid's device. All you need is to know iCloud credentials of your kid's device. Things you need to know before starting with mSpy parental control on iPhone:

  • iCloud backup should be turned on your kid's device;
  • Two-Factor verification should be turned off on your kid's device;
  • Your target device should be connected to the Internet;
  • The app supports all IOS versions;

Features of mSpy Parental Control for iPhone

mSpy parental control software for iPhone has the following features:

  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Call Registration
  • Browser History
  • Installed Apps
  • Calendar
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • WhatsApp (text)

Best Parental Control App for iPad to Keep Kid's Safe

If you ask is there a parental control app for iPad, then we have an answer. mSpy is the best parental control software for iPad, not just iPhones. It works on the same analogy as mSpy for iPhones and supports the same features.

Best Android Parental Control App for your kid's and family protection

User-friendly interface, simplicity in use and functionality makes mSpy the best parental control for Android. Things you need to know before starting with mSpy parental control app for Android:

  • mSpy parental control for Android operates on Android 4+
  • Your target Android device should be rooted;
  • Physical access is needed to install the app;
  • Your target device should be connected to the Internet.

Features of mSpy Parental Control App for Android

mSpy parental control app Android has the following features:

  • SMS
  • Call Logs
  • GPS Location
  • Browsing History
  • Instant Messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, etc.)
  • Emails
  • Installed apps
  • Keylogger
  • Keyword alerts
  • Photos & Videos
  • And much more.

Why You Need mSpy Parental Control for iPhones, iPads and Android devices?

These days, kids spend more time online than they should, making their parents concerned. There are at least two reasons why you need to use parental control app for iPhone, iPad, Android:

  • Online predators
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting

Of cause, there are more dangers. And every parent must minimize the risks of being exposed to online threats and protect their kids when they are not around. That is precisely what mSpy is all about.

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