Family Kit

Now you can keep tabs on up to 3 family members at a time with mSpy Family Kit.


Ensure your family's safety in both real and online life

Control screen time for each child to avoid phone addiction

Spot strangers in their texts and contact list

Protect them from adult content and bullying on social media

Check if they’re going somewhere they shouldn’t


How to Monitor Kids Without Them Knowing?

It’s pretty easy. Just install mSpy to see everything on their device, from their location to every keystroke they make.

And If you have several kids, the mSpy Family plan allows keeping tabs on up to 3 children at a time. That’s why it’s the perfect solution for busy parents!

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The best choice for busy parents

Trying to figure out if this mSpy plan suits your needs?

Take a look at how Family Kit can make your life easier.


Family Kit

You can monitor up to 3 family members

Monitor 3 family members using a single Family Kit plan, regardless of whether they use an iPhone or an Android device.


Budget wisely with one plan

Save more of your money with mSpy Family Kit, which is priced significantly lower than purchasing three different plans for 3 devices.


Combine work and effective parenting

Make the app work for your specific family needs. Juggle effectively parenting and other activities. Let the app work for the well-being of the entire family.


Be informed to react timely if they need help

Get all the necessary data to step in at the right time to protect your children. Prevent things that might happen online and offline just by possessing accurate information.


Set parental control

Block certain apps or websites, set time limits for phone usage, and control who your child can communicate with if it is harmful for their well-being.


Say bye to privacy concerns

mSpy Family Kit uses encryption technology to ensure that all data collected from the children's phone is securely transmitted and stored. Our app is designed to protect the privacy of both parents and children.


Track their location

With our GPS and Geofencing features, you can always know where your loved ones are in real-time. It is especially useful if your children are out of the house and you want to make sure they are safe.


Simple installation without rooting

No need to go through a complicated rooting process. Access all the social media monitoring features in seconds.


Hidden mode only

Keep tabs on your loved ones without them ever knowing. mSpy Family Kit works in stealth mode, leaving no trace of its icon on the monitored device.


Remote assistance

For any installation issues, device rooting, or jailbreaking needs, we've got you covered! You can always count on us for support by phone, VIP chat, or remotely at every step of the way.


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What is mSpy Family Kit?

Keeping an eye on your loved ones isn't always easy. That's why mSpy Family Kit is packed with all Premium features, making it an even more powerful solution. Now you can protect up to 3 of your family members at once with no extra fee.
Plus, it follows all guidelines, so keeping track is totally legal as long as you monitor your underaged child or adult who has given you their consent.

How much does mSpy Family Kit cost?

We understand the importance of protecting your family, and for this purpose, we've created the mSpy Family plan. It allows you to keep tabs on up to 3 family members within one subscription for a reasonable price.
With mSpy Family Kit, you can rest assured knowing that you have the ability to look out for your loved ones, even when you are not there.

What features can I get with the mSpy Family plan?

Our parents kit app lets you enjoy the power of a whole range of features, giving you access to:
Installed apps
Messaging apps
Browser history
Media files

What is the best parental control app to keep kids safe?

Parents are always concerned about their children, especially when they’re not around. mSpy Family Kit can give you peace of mind, allowing you to check up to 3 children at a time.
You can’t possibly keep an eye on several kids simultaneously, but mSpy can. With our parent kit app, you can check where each child is, who they call or text with, what websites they visit, and so much more.

What is the best Android parental control app?

mSpy is the top parental control app for Android because of its ease of use, powerful features, and stealth mode. Our monitoring solution is future-proofed, ready to tackle the next big thing in social media. It's equipped with features that are so advanced they can work alongside apps that aren’t even released yet!

Why do you need mSpy parental control for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices?

The internet is a scary place. With the predators, cyberbullying, and sexting, it’s no surprise parents consider getting a monitoring app. And when it comes to your kid’s safety, mSpy is the best for the job.
To protect your family from online dangers mSpy provides monitoring features that you can use on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.