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7 Best Apps to Track Child's Phone in 2024

If you’re searching for the best app for tracking kids online, we’ve got you covered with these top picks.

7 Best Apps to Track Kids on their Phones

Your search for the best phone monitoring app for parents is over. Here are 7 best apps that you can install right now.


  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Undetectable by kids
  • Full social media monitoring
  • Can’t monitor Macs or PCs
There’s a reason that mSpy is rated high as one of the best apps for tracking your child*. With the ability to monitor social media... More


  • Simple user interface
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Easy to block apps
  • No Keylogger
  • Easy to bypass
  • VPN required
Qustodio doesn’t want to just be the best app for tracking kids. It wants to be the digital custodian for your kids, or at least... More
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  • Easy to install
  • Competitively priced
  • No text or chat monitoring
  • Not a lot of features
Norton is one of the most respected anti-virus software companies on the planet. But just because a company is well-versed in protecting PCs... More
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  • Affordable price
  • Relatively easy to use
  • No social media tracking
  • No geofencing
NetNanny can be summarized in three words — monitor, limit, and protect. The parental control app gives parents... More
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  • Good screen time control
  • Helpful tips for parents
  • iOS installation difficult
  • Doesn't work outside the US
  • No screen recorder
If you’re searching for the best kid tracker app, there’s a chance that Bark is on your shortlist. And for good reason. The app lets parents... More
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  • Lots of features for Android
  • Support for many devices
  • Confusing subscription model
  • Won't track an iPhone remotely
Is ClevGuard as clever as its name suggests? That depends on what your expectations are when searching for apps... More
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  • Compatible with most cell phones
  • Requires no rooting for Android
  • Can be tricky to install
  • GPS is often inaccurate
  • Antivirus can prevent it from running
FamiSafe bills itself as the most reliable parental control app in the market. Overall the app to track kids does a good job of helping kids... More
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If any questions left

Which is the best kid tracker app?

We’ve given you 7 options that parents like you trust. They’ve all made our list for a reason. They deliver what they promise. They’re trustworthy. And they’re designed with parents and kids in mind. We recommend reviewing each one to see which features align with your needs before choosing tan app to track children’s phone.

What features should I look for?

That depends on your needs. If your kids are big on social media, we recommend app to track kids with social media monitoring functionality. And because kids are social butterflies in the real world, the app you choose should support location tracking.

Are apps for tracking your child visible?

That depends on what app you opt for. Some apps work in hidden mode, so your kid won’t even know you’re using an app to track them. Others don’t work in stealth mode, so your kid can see that you’re using it. Depending on your needs, you may or may not want your child to know you’re using the best kid tracker app to see their activity.

Should I choose a free kid tracker app?

We recommend you stay away. Remember, you get what you pay for. Free parental monitoring apps could contain viruses or malware, and might end up stealing your financial or personal information. It’s better to pay a little for something as important as child safety.

How can I track my kid’s phone location?

The best way to do this is to use phone tracking apps for parents. Whether you want to know your child’s location, who they’ve talked to, or monitor their social media, mSpy can do it all. With mSpy, you can track a child’s phone easily. Just go to your Control Panel, find the GPS Locations tab, and see where they are or where they are heading to.

What can a phone tracking app for parents do?

Tracking apps for parents are an indispensable tool in a harsh modern society. mSpy is the best family tracking app, with features for each parent’s request. For those worried about their child going to the wrong place, mSpy has a location tracker. It also allows setting safe and danger zones. And if you want to know whether your child is texting responsibly, social media monitoring is a perfect fit. You can even block some apps that might negatively impact your children. It’s only a small list of things mSpy can do to protect your child.

Is Google’s Family Link or Bark good enough?

Google’s Family Link or Bark may seem like one of the best tracking apps for a family. They help to track a child's phone location, set some content restrictions, and control their screen time. But both of these apps don’t work in stealth mode, so your child will know you’re tracking them. It means that the child can go past the Family Link restrictions by creating a new Google account using a fake birthdate. According to its policy, once a child turns 13, they can leave the family group to manage their account on their own. Or they can delete the parent tracker app if you use Bark for this purpose.

When it comes to the content of adult nature, Google’s Family Link can’t guarantee your kids won’t see it. Meanwhile, Bark allows parents to block some apps with inappropriate content. But mSpy is the parent tracker app that best copes with the job. It not only works in stealth mode, but it can be used to monitor children under 18 who live in your household. Unlike Bark and Family Link, mSpy can record your child’s phone screen, set keyword alerts, and has much more features to give you the necessary information.