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It works great

Awesome software


Verified Customer

I like it

So far so good…great monitoring features and professional support team. I couldn’t ask for more.


Verified Customer

The app still needs some polishing

Mspy isn’t all that it makes itself out to be. Yes it can do all the features it advises. But the signal in which targets device receives depends on the correct data being retrieved. GPS wont always be correct even with good connection to Internet.. If target has hidden apps to text or talk email etc. It doesn’t show it on keylogger and or installed apps. You can block websites & wifi & apps & numbers yet my target was able to access them anyways . When blocked just a few apps ( duo, facebook , etc. ) Targets device went haywire which alerts something is wrong and each time to get updated there device I get kicked off and have to reinstall it again. To view gmail facebook snapchat instagram skye etc you have to root targets device or you see nothing.Now these items mentioned are things I would have liked to have had accurately and directly. Otherwise what they offer is correct and it will be worth your time to try it out. I’m a second time subscriber & in 30 days will continue my contract.


Verified Customer

Just a good app

I find it's a good app


Verified Customer

The app is very good, support not so much

I liked the app so far, it does what it’s supposed to. I’m deducting one star because the support takes a bit long to get back to you, even though they state that they are available 24/7.


Verified Customer

Maybe not the best app but still great

While this was one of the better apps I’ve tried, there are definitely options that are a bit cheaper. They should really think about providing a free trial for the customers!


Verified Customer

Not as easy to install as I thought

The installation process for iPhones is not as easy as they describe and you would need the owner of the phone to cooperate. After several phone calls asking for help with setup, I did manage to finally get it to work but not sure yet if all that trouble was worth it.


Verified Customer

Great it is amazing

It was great


Verified Customer

Perfect for parents

It helps me monitor my child in a way no other program does effectively.


Verified Customer

The best undetectable solution

I finally have a way to effectively monitor my teens. Other solutions are easy to detect and disable.


Verified Customer

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4.5 / 5.0

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