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Our mission is simple - create a better, safer online world for kids and help parents feel at ease.

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We’re mSpy. And we’re focused on empowering parents with the information they need to make better decisions for their kids and keep them safe on social media, in chat, and wherever they go online.

We’re for keeping you one step ahead. And we’re always here for you.

We’re for parents. We’re for kids. We’re for everyone who wants a safer Internet for kids to grow up with. And we’re here to give parents the power to rest a little easier.
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Ask anyone what they think of when they hear the term “smartphone monitoring” and chances are they’ll name mSpy.

That’s no surprise. With customers in more than 100 countries, plus a diverse clientele ranging from concerned parents to employers and everyone in between, we’re proud to be the monitoring solution of choice for millions.

Always Innovating

We’re Always Innovating

Technology is always changing. That’s why we’re always focused on what’s next and helping you stay one step ahead.

With bank-grade security, technology that works on a variety of platforms, and a team that’s always on top of the latest developments in tech, you can count on a monitoring solution that works with today’s apps and tomorrow’s innovations.

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Our Story

Our Story

The 21st century changed everything. New technology, a focus on the Internet, and the development of the smartphone created a more connected world. But it also brought forth new challenges for parents.

Cyberbullying. A new way to connect with strangers. Access to inappropriate information. The possibilities to get into trouble were suddenly endless and just a click or tap away.

So, in 2010, mSpy was born, helping concerned parents monitor their children and keep them safe online. And the rest, as they say, is history.



mSpy is released to the wild, helping parents understand how their kids use the Internet.

The first release includes all these features:

  • Access to Phone Book
  • Access to Calendar and Events
  • Call logs
  • SMS monitoring
  • GPS tracking

mSpy continues to innovate, adding these new features to its suite of monitoring tools:

  • Photos and videos tracking
  • Email monitoring
  • Compatibility with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android

With parents responding to mSpy’s breadth of features, developers add these additional features and expand compatibility even further:

  • Browser history monitoring
  • Access to Browser Bookmarks
  • Desktop monitoring for Windows and Mac
  • Contacts blocking (from calling or texting)

mSpy received the Top Ten Reviews Cell Phone Monitoring Software Silver Award and added even more features to its monitoring app:

  • Restricting access to websites
  • Access to additional information regarding the smartphone or tablet
  • Remote data wipe-out
  • Remote device lock
  • WhatsApp monitoring

mSpy unleashes an all-new website and adds even more social monitoring features to the mix:

  • Facebook Messenger tracking
  • Viber tracking
  • Gmail monitoring
  • Comprehensive reports

With a focus on usability and performance improvements, mSpy releases a new version that also happens to be extremely feature-rich, including all this:

  • Installed applications monitoring
  • Instant messengers tracking (LINE, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram)
  • Web Mailer
  • Uninstall notifications
  • Demo is added to Google Play Store
  • Keyword tracking (alerts)
  • Wi-Fi networks tracking
  • Chat robot added to mSpy pages
  • Extended battery life for monitored devices
  • Chrome Incognito and Firefox Private tracking

A proud moment that the mSpy team continues to celebrate, mSpy receives the KidSAFE Listed Seal.

That’s no surprise, given the new features added to the experience:

  • Tinder tracker
  • Google Chat for Android
  • New map for Locations
  • Updated Installation Wizard
  • Time Zone option for Control Panel
  • WhatsApp media tracking for Android
  • MMS monitoring for Android

mSpy joins forces with Coby Persin to conduct a social experiment involving befriending kids and teens online (all with parental consent).

The following updates are also released to the public:

  • New encryption method
  • New Keylogger for Android
  • No-jailbreak iOS solution update
  • Android version adjusted to phone security systems
  • New Demo page

It was a busy year, with the mSpy team hard at work to add a number of much-awaited improvements, plus a slew of surprises:

  • New mSpy updates for Viber on Android
  • Instagram and Kik direct messages monitoring for Android
  • Adjustment and optimization of features for Android 8
  • New mSpy version for Android
  • App optimization for Huawei and Meizu
  • New mSpy updates for Skype and Telegram

Our team works on providing the users with a more stable experience by polishing up the existing product and introducing a few new things, including:

  • New interactive Demo
  • Our website is now available in Turkish
  • Updated our security protocols
  • Improved website design
  • Fixed issues with iCloud connectivity

Another fruitful year for mSpy and its team. More changes are made to make sure the product is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Some exciting new features are finally released to the public:

  • New feature release - Screenrecorder
  • Updated and improved Help Center
  • New design for mSpy’s Blog
  • Our website is now available in Chinese
  • New iOS monitoring solutions - Local Sync and Jailbreak options

mSpy goes even more global and more user-friendly. Our team works hard to deliver our product and support in your language to ensure a smooth experience.

The following updates are also released to the public:

  • New payment options
  • Updated Control Panel and improved usability
  • New Jailbreak solutions for iPhones
  • Our website is now available in 16 languages
  • A more concise and clear Installation Wizard

As the digital world continues to offer kids even more possibilities, the team at mSpy delivers powerful features and enhancements to make parenting easier.

Some exciting new features are finally released to the public:

  • New payment options are added
  • Improved Family Kit plan is released
  • More social media platforms can be monitored without rooting
  • Exciting changes in design and user experience are made
  • Android improvements are released, including auto-install
  • mAssistance gets even better

Each year, our dedicated team works hard to ensure everything runs smoothly for you. We constantly update mSpy and expand the list of features to provide you with the best monitoring experience possible.

Some exciting new features are finally released to the public:

  • Improved installation Wizard for simple and intuitive device connection
  • New Wi-Fi sync app for monitoring iOS devices
  • Enhanced Android app with automatic settings
  • New features released - Discord and TikTok monitoring
  • Our website is now available in the Dutch and Polish
  • Added new alternative payment methods

Our Team

We’re mSpy, and while we often talk about mSpy as a product and service, there are hundreds of passionate people working hard behind the scenes to keep everyone safe.

Developers team


At the heart of mSpy are dozens of developers, squarely focused on creating a fast, secure, and flawless product that you’ll love to use. And they never stop developing, always striving to develop the best monitoring tool in the world.

Customer Support team

Customer Support

You’re not just a number to us. That’s why we have a large team of Customer Support representatives waiting to help you with whatever you need. From installing the product to helping you get the most out of all the features, we’re always here for you.

Creative team

Creative Team

Our team of designers helps us bring the mSpy experience to life. And our writers are dedicated to bringing you the latest online safety news and advice so you can feel good about going online. Together, they form our talented Creative department.

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