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Give them the freedom to explore the real world without worrying about where they are. With a geofencing app, you can set boundaries and get alerted if they violate them.

Best Geofencing App for Android and iPhone | mSpy
Best Geofencing App for Android and iPhone | mSpy
  • Set an unlimited number of safe and forbidden zones
  • Monitor when and how often each zone is visited
  • Receive email notifications about each zone entrance and exit
  • View the history of device movements on a convenient map
Best Geofencing App for Android and iPhone | mSpy
compatible with:
  • iOS 7 - 8.4; 9.0 - 9.1 Jailbreak needed
  • Android 4+
Available in:
  • Premium package

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Why will you find this feature useful?

To ensure that a kid is safe and sound when you are not around is one of the most critical parenting challenges these days. Using mSpy, you can create safe zones around your home, your child’s school, and other locations and get alerts when your kid leaves them. Setting safe zones is helpful to protect your kid from visiting dangerous or remote areas of the city. Keep track of your kid`s movements with mSpy!

  • 40sec
    Best Geofencing App for Android and iPhone | mSpy

Every 40 seconds a child goes missing or is abducted

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Select the subscription plan that is right for your family needs and fill in the order form. Once the payment is processed, you will get easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Install and Set Up

Download mSpy and install it on your kid’s device. If you need technical assistance or have any questions, our 24/7 customer support team is always ready to help. Please note: To use mSpy to the fullest, your iOS device requires jailbreak and Android needs rooting.

Start Tracking

Log in to mSpy Control Panel to set safe and dangerous areas with geo-fencing, monitor GPS location, instant messages, Internet history and any other activities taking place on your child’s phone.

what our customers say

“My child’s school is quite far from home and we need to be sure she’s ok on her way back from school. So we found out about this geofencing thing and gave it a shot. We were surprised it worked ‘cause once she decided to go to some store with her friend, we were informed that she has entered district we marked on the map as dangerous. Helped a lot, especially for such busy parents as us.”

“She wouldn’t tell me anything and would be angry with me for no reason. Constantly on her phone and wouldn’t let me even touch it. mSpy app was basically my last clue. When I got to her SnapChat I broke in tears, my girl was about to run away with this guy she had never met in real life. Cannot thank enough.”

“Why did I decide to use mSpy? Simple, I am not gonna sit and wait for something to happen. I read about Amanda Todd and other kids. Seriously, my son’s safety costs way more than $30.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes what kids post on social media, such mean, hateful messages it broke my heart. My daughter is a kind and gentle girl, I am so glad I could catch these haters and stop the abuse.”

“I saw some calls annoyed my teen daughter. She got upset every time somebody called her. I know my kid so I needed to sort things out. So I got this mSpy app for identifying that mysterious guy. What I saw blew my mind: he literally bullied her, sent awful emojis, and said he’s gonna track her after school. We met up with parents and talked the whole thing out.”


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What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is exactly what it sounds like — a combination of geolocation and fencing. Still confused? It’s actually really easy to understand. Imagine a fence in your backyard. It keeps things in your house safe. For example, with your fence, your dog can’t escape. And a fence also makes it harder for intruders or other animals to enter your yard. Now imagine if you could get alerted should your dog hop over the fence. Or imagine you could find out if someone entered your yard. That, in a nutshell, is geofencing.

But instead of it being limited to your yard, geofencing is limited to, well, the world. With iPhone geofencing and Android geofencing, you can set an invisible fence around any area you want on a map. If your kid enters or leaves the virtual fence you’ve set, you’ll be notified.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing apps work by leveraging the GPS that’s built into a kid’s device. With mSpy’s GPS geofencing technology, you can set safe zones (or danger zones). When your kid enters or exits one of those zones, you’ll be notified. It’s an easy way to keep them out of trouble and help make sure they’re safe.

How Geofencing Can Keep Them Out of Trouble

Whether you’re looking for iPhone geofencing or an Android geofencing solution, mSpy fits the bill. And if you don’t think you need a GPS geofencing solution in your corner, read on. We’re willing to bet your kid fits into one of these categories. If they do, it’s time for a GPS geofencing solution like mSpy.

The partier. You know which kids we’re talking about. They love to hang out at friends’ houses and bounce from party to party on a Friday night. You’ve given them permission to hang out with friends, and while you understand they might move from one party to the next, you want to make sure they aren’t going to an area of town that you don’t approve of. With a geofencing app in your corner, you can get alerted if they attend somewhere they shouldn’t.

The studier. You’ve probably used the same excuse when you were a kid. It’s a Thursday night, and you’re heading to a friend’s house to study. You packed your bags in your backpack and went out the door. And as far as your parents were concerned, that was the truth. If your kids are anything like you, they’ll try the same plan. But with geofencing apps in your corner, you can make sure they’re going where they say they’re going. Just set a zone around the house they claim to be hanging out at. If they leave the house, you’ll know.

The explorer. It’s a random Saturday afternoon and your kid wants to head out with friends to just enjoy life. You were a kid once and you loved doing the same thing. But you also know that not every part of town is suitable for kids. You don’t want them ending up on the wrong side of the tracks. That’s where GPS geofencing comes in. If they enter an area you don’t approve of, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

The runaway. Did you ever run away from home when you were a kid? Even if just for a few hours, it can be devastating to parents. With geo fencing in your arsenal, you’ll know where your kids are. Remember, you can even set your house to be a safe zone, so if you’re out looking for them and they return home, you’ll know about it.

The bullied. If your kid is being bullied, geofencing software might not seem like the obvious solution to keep them safe. But in a way, it can help. By setting safe zones around areas that you know bullies frequent, you can get notified if they’re approaching an area where bullying might occur. Of course, geofencing doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be bullied. After all, bullies can travel. But it will give you some sense of peace of mind.

The unpredictable. You know the type. They say they’re running to the store to grab a soda. The next thing you know, 3 hours have gone by and there’s no sign of them. You start to worry. Then another few hours set in. And then you start to panic. As you’re about to call the police, they walk through the doors with that soda they allegedly went out for, plus a few shopping bags. It turns out they got sidetracked, ran into some friends, decided to hit the mall, and lost track of time. If this situation sounds familiar, consider a GPS geofencing solution. It’ll let you know if they venture out of the agreed-upon area.

Get Geofencing for Any Operating System

Are they on iOS? Then you’re in luck because mSpy is one of the top iPhone geofencing solutions on the market. Are they more of a Google kid? No worries. With Android geofencing baked right in, mSpy has you covered in that department too.

To get up and running with one of the best geofencing apps on the market, simply purchase an mSpy subscription, check your email for the install instructions, and get going. It’s that easy.

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