iPhone Monitoring

iPhones are so easy to use. And we’ve made seeing what they’re up to just as easy with mSpy.

You’ve never seen a monitoring app this easy to use.

Easy install We offer multiple installation methods and will help you choose one that’s most suitable for your needs and target device OS.
Completely hidden There’s no app on their home screen, so they won’t know that you’ve installed a spy app for iPhone.
The best price Our most powerful plan won’t break the bank. It’s even less than a cup of coffee a day. And way stronger.
iCloud-friendly If you know their Apple ID, it’s easy to get up and running in no time.
24/7 support mSpy works the way it should. But if you ever need help, we’re here for you.
Protected data We take your privacy seriously, and we spare no expense in making sure your personal info stays personal.

Dozens of Features. One App.

mSpy is more than an app. It’s the key to the Internet. And it’s yours to help you unlock their digital world, find out the truth, and rest a little easier.

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remote camera
ambient recording
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Imagine being able to see every keystroke they type on their phone. It’s not magic. It’s mSpy. And with the included Keylogger, it’s easy to know exactly what they’re saying.


Now you can visually see exactly what they’re saying on their phone, in pretty much any app. mSpy regularly takes screenshots of their activity and uploads them to your Control Panel. It’s visual proof like you’ve never seen it before.

WhatsApp Monitoring

The popular cross-platform app makes it easy for them to text and call anyone around the world. And with mSpy, it’s even easier to know what they’re saying. Every message. Every picture. It’s all available to see with mSpy.

Facebook Messenger Monitoring

Do you know all their friends on Facebook? And do you know who they’re chatting with regularly? mSpy can show you everything.

Keyword Alerts

Are they about to get into trouble? mSpy can tell you. Just set keywords in your Control Panel and find out if any of those keywords come up in chat or search. It’s a powerful tool to help keep them safe.

Call Monitoring

Wondering what they’re up to when their phone rings? mSpy can help with a detailed call log, including timestamps, duration, and more.

Text Message Monitoring

Are they constantly texting? Discover who they’re texting and what they’re saying. Every text. Every pic and video. It’s all there.

Tinder Monitoring

Are they using the popular dating app to meet strangers? And are they doing it right under your nose? Find out with mSpy.

Snapchat Monitoring

With photos that disappear, Snapchat is every kid’s dream. And every parent’s nightmare. Find out what pics they’re sending and receiving with mSpy.

iMessage Monitoring

Do they use an iPhone? You can see the iMessages they’ve sent and received with ease. Everything’s sent right to your Control Panel, so you’ll always be in the know.

Photo Viewer

Are they sending and receiving controversial photos? mSpy can show you what’s on their camera roll, complete with a time & date stamp to help you understand everything a little better.

Video Viewer

Kids love sending and receiving videos. Now you can take a look at them whenever you please. It’s a great way to make sure they aren’t saving anything controversial on their device, like violent or pornographic content.

GPS Locations Tracker

They deserve the freedom to explore. But you deserve to remain calm. That’s why mSpy lets you find their location on a map. You can even check their route history, so you’ll know where they’ve been in the past, too.

Geofencing Alerts

Worried about where they’re going? mSpy lets you know if they enter an area you don’t approve of. Just set your safe zones on a map and get alerted when they come and go.

Skype Monitoring

The popular app is used by people all over the world. Now you can discover what they’re chatting about without standing over their shoulder.

Telegram Monitoring

The super-secure app is no match for mSpy. In just a few clicks, you can find out what they’re saying. Texts. Pics. You name it.

Google Chat Monitoring

It’s easy for them to chat on Google Chat. But it’s even easier for you to find out what they’re saying. By giving you access to their conversations, you’ll know if they’re chatting with strangers.

Line Monitoring

Kids love Line for the avatars and games. Predators love it because it’s filled with potential prey. Thankfully, there’s mSpy to help keep them protected.

Viber Monitoring

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere, including on Viber. mSpy can help you find out if they’re in danger by letting you see their conversations.

Kik Monitoring

Controversial conversations can happen anywhere, including on Kik, the popular messaging app. But mSpy puts you in control, letting you see what they’ve been saying.

Instagram Monitoring

The app that’s great for sharing photos is also great for chatting with strangers. With mSpy, you can find out who they’re connecting with. Now that’s a good reason to smile.

App Viewer

Wondering what apps they have installed on their phone? Now you can find out without having to physically grab their device. Just log in to your Control Panel and you’ll know everything.

App Blocker

Are they using an app you don’t approve of, like one that helps them connect with strangers? With mSpy, it’s easy to block it. In one click, you can stop them from using the app or downloading it in the future.

Browser History Monitoring

The Internet is huge. That’s why mSpy is designed to help guide you to where they’ve been. Just log in to your Control Panel to find out which sites they’ve visited and when they’ve visited them. And it’s just as easy to filter web content.

Website Bookmark Monitoring

Ever wonder what their favorite sites are? mSpy can show you. In one click, it’s easy to find out which sites they’ve got bookmarked in their browser.

Website Blocker

Are they visiting websites you don’t approve of, like adult sites, gambling sites, or something else? You can block them in a snap with mSpy.

Wi-Fi Network Monitoring

Are they connecting to the Internet at locations you don’t approve of or recognize? You can find out with mSpy. Just log in to your Control Panel for a clear picture of where they connect and when.

Email Monitoring

This is your way into their inbox. mSpy lets you take a look at the email they’ve sent and received, so you’ll know if there’s anything controversial.

Calendar Viewer

Are they planning something without your knowledge? Take a peek into their calendar and find out. mSpy makes it possible, all through your Control Panel.

Contacts Viewer

You may know all their friends, but do you know who’s on their Contacts list? mSpy can fill you in, helping you paint a clearer picture of who they chat with on a regular basis.

Discord Monitoring

If they’re on Discord, you deserve to know what they’re saying. Find out by viewing their private Discord chats.

Remote Camera

Want to be there when you can’t? Activate their Android’s camera remotely and watch everything.

Ambient Recording

Listen in on their real-world conversations. One click is all it takes to activate their Android’s mic remotely.

Twitter Connection

Connect their Twitter account to your mSpy Control Panel and monitor DMs.

YouTube Connection

Concerned about what they’re watching? Check their YouTube watch history and see the truth.

Gmail Connection

It’s easy to access their Gmail account. Just connect it to your Control Panel and you’ll see everything.

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Why Choose mSpy?

We could go on and on with reasons why mSpy is the best monitoring app on the planet. But we’d rather let the numbers do the talking.


Years of giving people peace of mind


Millions of happy customers


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How to Install mSpy on iPhone
Learn about the ways of iPhone monitoring with mSpy. You won’t believe what mSpy can do!

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If Any Questions Left

How to install a spy app on iPhone?

mSpy is a perfect solution for those looking for a spy app that really works on iOS devices. The main advantage of this app is that it offers several installation methods besides jailbreak. If you don’t want to jailbreak an iPhone you want to monitor, you have two other handy options: Wi-Fi Sync and Local Sync. Each method offers a different set of features. The best part is that you can combine these methods to maximize the range of available features.

How do I spy on iPhone?

Whether you want to safeguard your loved ones online or are just curious about their activities, the mSpy iPhone monitoring app has everything you need. To get started, go to the website, create an account and purchase a subscription. Once payment is confirmed, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions to set up the app on the target iPhone. Just follow the simple steps to ensure everything runs smoothly. Let the app collect data and then log in to your Control Panel to access valuable information about someone’s activities on their iPhone.

Is mSpy an undetectable iPhone spy app?

Absolutely. Some iPhone spy solutions are visible to the device owner, especially monitoring apps that are sold in the App Store. But not mSpy. It works in hidden mode, so they’ll never know you’re using an iPhone tracker to read their chats, see their location, view their email, check their call history, and more.

What makes mSpy the best spy app for iPhone?

When it comes to iPhone spy apps, mSpy goes the extra mile, arming you with features you didn’t even know existed. Once you install mSpy, you’ll have access to their social media chats on apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype. You’ll also have the power to track them using GPS, get alerts as they come and go from locations that you decide on, search their web history, and more. There’s really nothing else like mSpy on the market.

Can I see their iMessages?

mSpy is an iPhone spy app stuffed with dozens of powerful features to help you maintain your loved one’s digital well-being. One of the stand-out tools is the SMS tracker. With mSpy, you can view every iMessages they send and receive. mSpy goes even further with its useful social media monitoring feature to give you insights into their conversations on the most popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, TikTok, and more.

Can I spy on an iPhone with just the number?

No. If an iPhone tracking app offers to help you monitor a phone by just entering a number, it’s too good to be true. The truth is that an iOS spy app doesn’t work that way. Entering a phone number and seeing everything that’s on their phone is only possible in a Hollywood movie. There’s a lot more to it, which is why you need an iPhone tracker like mSpy in your corner.

How do I spy on iPhone without them knowing?

If you don’t want them to know that you’re monitoring them, you need a spy app for iPhone undetectable solution. Because the app doesn’t appear on their home screen, they won’t know that you’ve installed spy software for iPhone on their device.

Should I choose a free iPhone tracker?

There’s no shortage of free spyware for iPhone. But the truth is you get what you pay for. And when you pay nothing, you could run into a lot of potential problems. Any spy app for iPhone that claims to provide free monitoring solution probably has something to hide. And we aren’t talking about just the iPhone spy app icon on the home screen. These free apps could be hiding viruses and malware. And once you install it on their device, it could wreak some serious havoc.

Can I spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password?

If you opt for a smart iPhone tracker, it’s easy to see their phone activity if you know their Apple ID and password. And if not, a smart iOS spy app like mSpy can come to the rescue too. Bottom line? When you buy a really good iOS spy app, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Our monitoring app works both on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. (Please note that some of the features are available only on jailbroken devices.)

Is it legal to install spyware for iPhone?

If your goal is to monitor your kids iPhone activity, and if they’re under 18 and living under your roof, you are legally allowed (in most jurisdictions) to track their online activity on iPhone without informing them. We always recommend that you check the laws in your city, state, and country before proceeding with any monitoring app.