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TheTruthSpy App: Is It Good Enough in 2024?

Daniel Black

It’s no secret that modern technologies can impose severe danger for users who don’t care about online safety. It mostly relates to young people who put entertainment as a priority and often forget about their privacy on the Internet.

However, adults can fall victims to online abusers, too. They can start relationships with experienced catfishers or accidentally disclose their credit card credentials to scammers.

It’s good to know that you can protect your loved ones from the dangers of the Internet by installing a monitoring app on their phones. However, as parental control apps offer pretty similar sets of functions, it’s kind of a challenge to choose the best one.

If you want to try TheTruthSpy, reviews will tell you the truth about its performance. Also, take into account the app’s rating (which is pretty low) — only 2.7 stars.

To monitor someone else’s device the most efficiently, we recommend that you use a more reliable solution, such as mSpy. But if you still want to try TheTruthSpy, keep reading this review to gain better insight into the app’s work.

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Table Of Contents

What Is TheTruthSpy?

It is a monitoring software designed to see another person’s online activity and mobile device usage remotely. After installing TheTruthSpy apk file on the target phone, you’ll get information about their calls, location, SMS, visited sites, social media activity, etc.

TheTruthSpy is compatible with iOS and Android. It works perfectly on iPhones 2G-5C, iPads, and iPods Touch. Speaking of Android, it runs on 2.2-5.X versions.

How Much Does TheTruthSpy Cost?

Before you can use the app, you need to buy a subscription. TheTruthSpy offers multiple plans for various needs that differ in pricing and duration:

1 Month$21.99$25.99$30.99
2 Months$55.99$66.99$77.99
3 Months$88.99$105.99$122.99
12 Months$130.99$158.99$184.99

If you would like to save some money and purchase the Standard plan, note that some features won’t be available to you. For instance, you won’t be able to record calls remotely, view contacts, check browser history, and look through multimedia files on the target person’s phone remotely.

After the system confirms your payment, your TheTruthSpy login details will be emailed to you shortly. Use them to access your personal control panel.

How to Use TheTruthSpy?

Using TheTruthSpy is easy. After installing the app on a target device, you need to log in to your TheTruthSpy account and add a monitored phone.

It will take about 15 minutes to get the retrieved data from there. Note that a target device should be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to monitor it.

With the help of TheTruthSpy, you can monitor the following:

  • text messages
  • call logs
  • social media chats
  • browsing history
  • real-time locations
  • installed apps
  • notes and calendars

The information that TheTruthSpy collects from a target device is encrypted and stored in your user’s account for 15 days. Afterward, it is automatically deleted.

How Do I Install TheTruthSpy on Someone Else’s Phone?

Although TheTruthSpy requires physical access to a target device, it doesn’t take long to install. According to the truth spy reviews we’ve read, this software is easy to install and get started with.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to set up the app:

  1. Go to their official website and create an account.
  2. Purchase a subscription.
  3. Put in your personal code to download the app.
  4. The installation starts automatically. Just wait a few seconds before it completes.
  5. Log in to your account and start monitoring.

TheTruthSpy is a hidden app that works in stealth mode. This means that a target user is unlikely to detect it.

The TruthSpy Login: How Do I Access My Account?

When the installation is done, you can use your The Truth Spy login credentials to access your user dashboard. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the homepage and find the “Log in” button in the navigation menu.
  2. Click the button, and you’ll find the Truth Spy app login screen opened.
  3. Type in your username (or email address) and password.
  4. Click the respective button to confirm the action.
  5. Access your dashboard and adjust the settings to monitor exactly what you need.

As you can see, the TruthSpy login process is pretty simple. Just make sure that you use the relevant email address during the registration.

Can a Target Person Detect TheTruthSpy on Their Phone?

Let’s make it clear: TheTruthSpy is not malware or virus. It must be set up straight on a target device with a batch of easy instructions. Its team highly recommends obtaining the contents of the people you’re monitoring, no matter if they are kids or adults.

However, if you don’t want a target person to detect the app, simply get rid of the app’s icon after the installation is complete.

The possibility of detecting TheTruthSpy depends on a target user’s tech-savviness. They may suspect being monitored if their Android phone shows these signs:

  • phone shuts down suddenly;
  • installed apps update or shut down on their own;
  • battery slows down very quickly;
  • device shows unusual activity;
  • device operates slowly.

If you notice that your close person suspects they’re being monitored, you can uninstall the app from their device remotely.

How Do I Uninstall the App From a Target Phone?

You can uninstall the Truth Spy App manually by accessing a target device. Note that to uninstall it from a phone with the OS 5.3 and earlier, you need to disable Device Admin. To do it, follow SettingsMoreSecurity.

For older versions, you need to go to SettingsMoreSecurity, click Application Manager, and press System Service to uninstall the app.

If you want to do it remotely, you need to log in to your TheTruthSpy account, go to the Settings menu, and tap the Uninstall button.

TheTrustSpy Thetrustspy vs mSpy: Which One Is Right for You?

If you seek a good monitoring app with advanced features and a user-friendly interface, we recommend that you try mSpy. This software is designed for people who need to gain insight into someone else’s online activity.

Since the app offers advanced functionality, users have a higher chance of detecting catfishers, digital scammers, and online predators before their loved one gets into trouble.

With mSpy, you can monitor another person’s real-time location, set geofencing on a virtual map, match passwords with Keylogger, and gets alerts when specific words are typed on a target device. What’s more, you can use a screenrecorder to know more about another person’s digital life.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.


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