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How Can Someone Get Into Your Email Without a Password?

Agnes W Linn

Although social media apps and instant messengers have gained colossal popularity recently, many people still use email. For instance, Internet users in the U.S. (who send at least one email per month) comprise over 246 million people.

There are three primary email providers worldwide: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Outlook by Microsoft counts over 400 million active users worldwide. Yahoo, acquired by Verizon, has about 225 million users.

The most popular email provider is Gmail by Google, and it has about 1 billion active users per month worldwide. So it’s no surprise if someone close to you also has a Gmail account. And that’s why you might be bothered by the question, “How to log into someone’s Gmail account without them knowing?”

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Why Intercept Emails of Another Person?

When someone says they want to know how to get someone’s email password, most people think about cybercrime. However, there can be other reasons for wanting to get into someone’s email.

For instance, you might want to read your loved ones’ emails if you suspect they’re in trouble. People are often afraid to tell the truth when they get into something dangerous, and that’s why reading their emails can be a way out.

Being able to read someone’s email without a password has another excellent benefit. When you know how to hack into someone’s email without a password, you can prevent your account from being attacked by scammers.

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How to Read Someone’s Emails without Them Knowing

As was noted earlier in this article, you may have various reasons to see someone’s email. And you have multiple ways to do it.

In this article, we’re reviewing safe and legal ways to monitor other people’s emails. Also, you’ll find out how scammers can hack your email account and intercept essential data from there.

1. How to Read Another Person’s Emails with a Monitoring App

If you need to read another person’s emails, consider using a legal monitoring tool. Parental control apps, such as mSpy, can come in handy if you need to see another person’s email and text messages.

how to hack into someones email without their password

After installing mSpy on a target person’s device, you immediately get access to their full Internet activity. Here’s a brief list of the app’s possibilities:

  • Viewing sent and received emails via the default mailing app, Gmail, Outlook, and other providers;
  • Checking out the date and time stamps of each email;
  • Seeing the mane of a recipient/sender;
  • Reading other text messages, including SMS;
  • Monitoring social media activity;
  • Viewing media files;
  • Tracking GPS location;
  • Keylogging;
  • Remote screen recording.

Here’s how you can monitor someone’s emails with mSpy:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Purchase a subscription that suits your needs.
  3. Check your email for the installation instructions. Make sure to follow them accurately.
  4. Install mSpy on the target device. Note that you may need to root/jailbreak it.
  5. Log in to your user dashboard and link the target device to your mSpy account.
  6. Click Read Emails.

2. How to Break into Someone’s Email Using Phishing

Scammers usually use complicated email hacking techniques to intercept the needed data from their victims. Phishing is one of the most widely-used methods by those who want to discover how to find out someone’s email password.

The essence of phishing lies in imitating particular web pages, such as your Gmail or Yahoo login screen. When you attempt to access your email account, hackers leak your login credentials and use them to steal data contained in your mailbox.

Another way scammers try to access your account is by sending emails that look like they were sent from Google or Microsoft. However, these emails contain corrupted links that lead to fake login pages. Once you type in your login credentials, scammers can access everything.

Note that phishing is considered a criminal act in most jurisdictions. We don’t recommend that you try using it. If you face a situation where reading someone’s email is urgent, think about using a keylogger or parental control app.

3. How to Figure Out Someone’s Email Password Using a Keylogger

how to find someones email password

If you want to know how to find someone’s email password, consider using a keylogger. Unlike a typical email password cracker, a keylogger can record all keyboard strokes on a target person’s device.

The software makes it possible to intercept dangerous words (such as drugs, sex, alcohol, etc.) that people use in texting or browser search. By being able to see what they type, you can help prevent something bad from happening.

You don’t need any special skills to use a keylogger, and all that’s required is installing the program on the target device. But before you do so, find a reliable software provider and avoid using free keyloggers. Otherwise, your worst fear: “if I log into someone’s email, will they know?” will come true.

4. How to Find Out Someone’s Email Password by Taking Their Phone When They Aren’t Looking

It’s a primitive solution for those wondering how to read someone’s email without a password. But if you have access to their device, it works well. Just click on the tab with saved passwords to mail and copy it to yourself.

If the password is not saved, you can use the “Forgot password” function and restore it on a new device. Just remember to delete the password change message.

Of course, this method is problematic since mail can track who has access to mail.

An app to get into someone’s email without a password is a better choice, especially one that allows you to log into an account and see everything without them knowing.

Is It Illegal to Log Into Someone Else’s Email Account Without Their Permission?

It’s natural if you’re going to get into someone’s email and worry about the legitimacy of your actions. According to the law, you can’t monitor an adult person’s phone or PC without consent.

You must inform the target person that you will install a monitoring app or a keylogger on their phone. Otherwise, your actions can be considered a violation of privacy.

The good news is that you can legally supervise a minor for whom you are legally responsible.

Sometimes people get in trouble by making wrong decisions. Reading someone’s email can get you into trouble if you don’t follow the law. No matter how urgent your needs are, ensure you don’t violate anyone’s privacy.

We understand that installing a parental control app takes more time than intercepting someone’s login credentials. However, the mSpy monitoring tool can give you what you want without disturbing another person’s private life, as long as you’re using the app on your own child and they’re under 18 (and living with you).

What’s more, mSpy gives you diverse monitoring possibilities. With its help, you can be aware of someone else’s smartphone activity anytime. Since mSpy stores the collected data in your Control Panel, you can access it whenever you need it as long as your subscription is valid.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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