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iSpyoo Review 2024: How the App Helps Protect Children Online

Daniel Black

As modern children can’t imagine their lives without smartphones, parents seek ways to safeguard kids on the Internet. Using parental controls that are built into various apps and browsers can work. However, monitoring children with a parental control app is far more effective.

If you need a reliable app to check out your kid’s cell phone activities safely, we recommend that you try mSpy or iSpyoo.

In this article, we’ll tell you about iSpoo’s benefits and drawbacks. So, stay tuned.

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What Is iSpyoo?

iSpyoo is a monitoring app that can intercept information about another person’s activity remotely. It promises to deliver the most important data that belongs to another person straight to your hands.

The iSpyoo app is handy for parents who need to know what their kids are up to online. It helps adults deal with the dangers that children face online and offline when using their smartphones.

The app makes it possible to read text messages, look through photos and videos, and check instant messengers and social media apps.

How to Use iSpyoo?

The iSpyoo spy app can intercept another person’s smartphone activity after you install it on their phone. All you need to do is download the apk file to your kid’s phone and follow the installation instructions.

However, before you start using iSpyoo, you need to create an account on their official site and buy a subscription. You’ll need to use your iSpyoo login and password to access your dashboard and see the collected data.

iSpyoo is a cell phone monitoring app that can be installed on both iOS or Android-operated phones. It works invisibly and uploads the phone’s usage information to your iSpyoo user account. You can access the collected data remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Note that a target Android-operated device needs to be rooted. If your kid owns an iPhone, you’ll have to jailbreak it.

Is iSpyoo Compatible With My Child’s Device?

iSpyoo works on a vast number of phones, including all iPhones and Android devices. It supports the following operating system versions:

  • Android: from 2.x to 5.x.
  • iPhone: 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus up to iOS 7.x, 8.x.

Before you pay for the app, we recommend checking out the target device’s compatibility by finding the respective page on

What Activities Can I Monitor With iSpyoo?

iSpyoo offers a wide range of monitoring features, such as monitoring a target person’s surroundings, reading their text messages, tracking GPS locations, viewing call logs, and browsing social media activity.

Real-time GPS location

iSpyoo makes it possible to see the exact GPS location of the target phone on the map. The app allows checking out your child’s whereabouts, seeing the detailed route history, and identifying the location even when GPS is not available. The GPS positions are updated at a time interval that you have previously selected.

SMS messages

You can read any sent or received messages on your child’s phone and also check their time and date. What’s more, you can send a message to any phone number stored in your kid’s contact list.

Calls and call logs

iSpyoo allows you to record and listen to calls made on a target phone without them knowing. You can also listen to any ongoing or incoming calls in real time. The app collects information about the time, date, and duration of each call.

Additionally, the app makes it possible to set up a predefined number if you want to record calls. So, if you suspect that someone is harassing your child, you can quickly get evidence.

Cell phone contacts

If you want to prevent your child from communicating with toxic people, you need to know who they talk to on the phone. iSpyoo intercepts all contacts that are saved on their mobile phone.

You can view names and numbers stored in the address book and see the addresses and emails of the saved contacts.

Task and calendar logs

iSpyoo lets you check out the scheduled meetings and see the set tasks. All the task log information is uploaded to your iSpyoo dashboard.

Social media apps

With iSpyoo, you can monitor your child’s Viber, Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp. Precisely, you can see the details of free calls, read text messages, view group-messaging session logs, browse sent and received media files, and read chats.

Visited websites and bookmarks

Does your kid visit restricted websites when you’re out? iSpyoo will help you find this out.

The app allows you to monitor your child’s Internet activities and see visited URLs, get time and date stamps of visiting each site, and view bookmarks.


Kids don’t usually communicate via emails. However, they use email apps to set up accounts on social media. By monitoring your child’s email with iSpyoo, you can find out where they have recently registered. iSpyoo lets you view all sent and received emails on the target phone.

Live phone surroundings

iSpyoo has a built-in audio-recording feature. It allows you to bug a target device and listen to your child’s surroundings live. What’s more, you can record them and listen anytime via your control panel.

Media files

You can use the iSpyoo app to see what photos and videos your child sends and received via their smartphone. If someone sends abuse content to your kids or makes them send nudes, you’ll be aware of it.

Is iSpyoo Free to Use?

Like most monitoring apps, iSpyoo is a subscription-based service. However, they offer a 48-hour trial for all their features, including 24/7 support.

If you decide to purchase the app, you’ll need to choose between three options:

  1. Standard Pack — $21.99 monthly.
  2. Premium Pack — $25.99 monthly.
  3. Gold Pack — $30.99 monthly.

Note that only the Gold Pack includes phone call recording, viewing notes, watching video files, and checking emails.

If you decide to monitor another person’s cell phone without their consent, your actions will be considered illegal. However, if you ask permission to install a monitoring app on their phone, you can legally track their activity.

The only person you can monitor without them knowing is your underage child. In this case, you don’t violate another person’s privacy, so no negative consequences follow you.

mSpy vs iSpyoo: What Is Better for Your Needs?

Now, you don’t have to search for numerousiSpyoo reviews to know more about it. We’ve covered the essential aspects of the app in this article.

Although iSpyoo seems like an adequate monitoring solution, it’s not perfect. So, you may want to try mSpy.

This parental control app offers multiple monitoring features, including a screen recorder and keylogger. It also has a 14-day risk-free trial period, which is more than 48 hours, offered by iSpyoo.

What’s more, mSpy provides parents with high data security and excellent customer service.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

  • I’m glad to see that the app is designed to protect kids online. I’m also glad to see that it has features to keep kids safe.

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