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6 Signs That Someone Bugs Your Cell Phone Remotely

Carla L. Hirsch
how to bug a phone without touching it

Do you remember those old spy films where a secret agent had to fish for information by secretly tracking his enemies and listening to their conversations? A spy knew how to bug someone’s phone without being noticed, which fascinated the audience.

Is it possible to bug a cell phone? And why would anyone want to bug cell phones using a specific software? It’s intriguing, isn’t it?

One of the reasons is to protect a child who uses the Internet from online predators. Researchers say that 89% of grooming and sexual abuse toward kids takes place in online chat rooms and via instant messengers, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, and others.

So, some parents consider listening to their kids’ phone calls a good way to prevent them from being exploited.

If you want to know how to install a bug in a cell phone, note that bugging is illegal. Instead, you can use a parental control app to monitor your kid’s online communication. And if you suspect that a predator has tapped your kid’s phone, this article will help you find it out.

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What Is Bugging and How to Bug a Cell Phone?

Cell phone bugging is tracking someone’s mobile device without them knowing. It includes intercepting another person’s conversations and messages without their consent.

Bug phone is illegal, unlike monitoring your kid’s device to protect them from cyberbullying and online predators. Bugging is usually seen as a major privacy breach and a serious crime, with appropriate consequences that follow.

What if I Need to Bug a Phone That Belongs to My Kid?

how to install a bug in a cell phone

If you are afraid that your child is in danger of being groomed or harassed online, you can monitor their online activity by using official monitoring software. For example, you can install a parental control app, such as mSpy, on your child’s phone and remotely monitor their online activity from your device.

mSpy is legal monitoring software. This app helps you uncover whether your child is interacting with online predators or facing cyberbullying. It lets you read your child’s social media conversations, track their whereabouts, view photos and videos, check visited web pages, and much more.

All the data is available in your Control Panel, that you can access right from your smartphone. It’s like having your own personal assistant, giving you the information you want with just a few taps.

Get a whole picture of what is stored on their phone.
Enjoy the power of the mSpy monitoring app.

How to Tell if Your Cell Phone Is Being Bugged?

how to bug a phone

Predators who seek underage victims in online chat rooms can be pretty tech-savvy. It means they can use illegal software to detect children and know how to bug a phone without touching it.

Sometimes kids may complain about their mobile devices not working well, but did you know it could be a sign that someone is tracking their activities? And that person could be a predator. So, you need to know how to interpret the signs a bugged phone shows you.

1. Strange Sounds During a Call

Have you ever noticed weird sounds while talking on the phone? You could hear clicking sounds, distant voices, or other noises similar to what people used to hear on analog telephones. These sounds aren’t normal for modern mobile phones. If you hear anything like that, your mobile phone might be bugged.

2. Reduced Battery Capacity

If you notice that your cell phone’s battery quickly runs out of charge, it might be a sign of being tapped. When bugging software operates in the background, it keeps tabs on your activity and saps energy while transmitting it to the bad guys. That’s why it takes a toll on your battery life, leaving a noticeable drop in performance.

3. Untypical Phone Activity

A bugged cell phone can display strange behavior while not in use. If you’re sure you turned off all notifications, but they keep appearing, and the phone reboots on its own, it could be because another person has accessed your device.

4. Prolonged Shutting Down

Before you can turn off your smartphone, you need to complete all the processed tasks. It takes much longer if your phone is set up to transfer data to someone else remotely. So, if your device can’t terminate its work shortly after you turn it off, consider looking for tracking software.

5. Weird Text Messages

If you receive strange text messages that contain random symbols and numbers, it’s time to start worrying. People who use illegal software to tap your device must receive secret codes on your phone. If you’re certain that you haven’t signed up for any services that necessitate a code, it implies that someone else has bugged your phone.

6. Increased Pop-Ups and Apps

If you notice more pop-ups and ads displaying on your phone, it could be a sign of remote hacking. Malicious hackers may install add-on programs that produce unwanted ads and are challenging to remove. You could also see unexplained new apps on your phone, and there’s a risk that these apps could be used to monitor your activity.

Last Thought on Bugging Someone’s Cell Phone

Protecting your loved ones is your utmost priority, and bugging someone’s cell phone can help you with that, especially when it comes to safeguarding your underage kid. If you want to extend this kind of protection to their older siblings or partner who gave their consent, mSpy is a powerful and reliable monitoring solution.

With mSpy on your corner, you can always check if they’re not texting or viewing controversial content online with the wrong people. And thanks to GPS tracker, you can easily find their exact location and even get a notification when they go somewhere they shouldn’t. Keep tabs on your loved ones with ease and peace of mind.

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Carla L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.


  • I know my phone has bigs on it from way back in the day like 2004 back in the day but I am afraid I don’t know how they got there or why. I have screen shots and stuff I can send in verification that this is so but I’m a bit worried as to why whoever is so interested in me and my life and I play a mobile game where even with the mic off I can hear what sounds like whispers and or voices off at a distance or sometimes very clearly… I’ve surmised it to be the games fault but even upon deleting the game and all it’s content’s I’ve had log files where opened there is a series of numbers and symbols that make no sense and I have no idea how it got there or what it is even.

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