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My Mobile Watchdog: New Opportunity or Waste of Time?

Daniel Black

If your kids can’t live without their smartphones and spend a huge amount of time on the Internet, you might want to find out what they are up to online. Monitoring your kids is especially important nowadays when millions of online predators and cyberbullies seek underage victims.

One of the proven ways to prevent your kid from getting into trouble is by monitoring their online activity with the help of a parental control app. Most of those apps allow you to see your child’s text messages, call logs, multimedia files, and locations.

However, finding a good monitoring app can be a challenge for parents. There are a lot of apps available online, but only a few worth attention. When seeking a monitoring app that suits your needs, you need to pay attention to a few essential things:

  • A set of monitoring features
  • Clear offer on a website
  • Data protection system

If you visit the My Mobile Watchdog website, you’ll see that most of the information is hidden from a user. All you can find is a set of essential features, their brief description, and a lot of promotional materials. And you won’t find any information about prices and subscriptions, too.

If you are a risky person who wants to know more about the software and try it, keep on reading this My Mobile Watchdog review. But if you don’t want to gamble with your savings, we recommend that you try mSpy – a safe monitoring app with a clear offer.

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Table Of Contents

What Is the My Mobile Watchdog App?

My Mobile Watchdog is an application that allows parents to monitor their kids’ online activity. It includes essential features, such as viewing text messages, calls, contacts, installed apps, visited websites, and locations.

The Watchdog app delivers some insightful information about a child’s online behavior and smartphone use. The app runs on Android and iOS devices.

If you want to figure out how My Mobile Watchdog works, you need to be pretty quick-witted. That’s because its official site brings more questions than answers. So, parents who want to know details about the app need to go to and create a support ticket.

What Features Does My Mobile Watchdog Have?

my mobile watchdog

The app supports only a few essential features — eight, to be more exact. With My Mobile Watchdog, you can:

  • Read sent and received text messages, and view exchanged photos
  • See call logs and get alerts when suspicious people contact your child
  • Access contacts, set up an approved lists of contacts, and receive alerts on any unapproved communication
  • Allow or block apps and manage screen time
  • Print customized reports on your kid’s online activity
  • View all the sites ever visited by a child and receive alerts when they attempt to access a restricted site
  • Restrict your child’s phone usage, except for making calls to designated numbers
  • Track GPS locations and be aware of your kid’s whereabouts

Although My Mobile Watchdog offers the most essential monitoring features, it lacks advanced possibilities. The app can’t monitor iMessages, social media accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and video files. You also won’t be able to set geofencing, view planned events, record calls, and take screenshots remotely.

Does My Mobile Watchdog Store My Personal Information?

Like other websites on the Internet, My Mobile Watchdog collects information, such as your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. It is used to identify you amongst other users on their site.

Note that the company may use third-party service providers to monitor their site usage. But no worries here. My Mobile Watchdog ensures that your information is secure.

What Is KidSafe by My Mobile Watchdog?

KidSafe is a cyberbullying prevention program by My Mobile Watchdog. It helps educate children and their parents about using the Internet as intended — to educate and have fun. The program teaches parents how to understand their kids in this digital age and educates kids about positive online behavior.

Unfortunately, My Mobile Watchdog doesn’t provide any additional information about KidSafe. So, you need to create a support ticket if you want to know more.

My Mobile Watchdog vs mSpy

If you look through other My Mobile Watchdog reviews on the Internet, you’ll find similar concerns: limited monitoring features, no pricing information, and no clue about downloading and installing the app.

While it’s just ordinary software that can’t offer any advanced features, other apps do the job way better. For example, the mSpy parental control app can give you full insight into your kid’s online activity by offering more than 30 monitoring features.

Unlike My Mobile Watchdog, mSpy has a transparent pricing policy and offers various subscriptions for any needs.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.


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