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Find Someone’s Location on Instagram: Your Definitive Guide to Keeping Them Safe

Agnes W Linn

Do it for the gram! Younger people use this expression more than you think. We’ll fill you in if this is your first time hearing the phrase. It means doing things in your life to show it off on Instagram.

While it sounds a bit vain, don’t worry. People aren’t just doing things to post on social media. But they are capturing their life as it happens and sharing it with the world. That’s dangerous. And that’s why it’s important to know how to find someone’s location on Instagram.

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Instagram Is More Dangerous Than You Think

If you’re wondering how to find someone’s location on Instagram, we’re here to help. But first, it’s essential to know why parents worldwide are looking for details on how to track someone on Instagram.

First and foremost, anyone can message your loved ones. And that means your loved ones are at risk of building a relationship with someone they don’t know. What happens if they meet up in person? Clearly, it’s never been more important to know how to track an Instagram account location.

And then there’s depression. Social media apps, like Instagram, could affect your loved one’s mental health. The more they use social media, the more they crave it. These platforms have been linked to anxiety and depression, thanks in part to the fact that social media tends to make everyone’s life look perfect when it’s not.

Knowing how to track Instagram’s location when you’re concerned can help put your mind at ease. Here’s how to find out.

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Method #1: Get a Monitoring App Like mSpy

mSpy has a built-in Instagram location tracker that shows you their location, even if they’ve figured out how to hide location on Instagram. Just install mSpy on their device, and you’ll have access to your own mSpy account.

Think of it as a master dashboard showing all their online activity. Included in that is their current location, plus their previous ones — complete with the physical address of the location and the option to view the location on a map.

Impressed? We haven’t even scratched the surface. mSpy isn’t just a tool to track an Instagram account; it lets you read their Instagram messages too.

We’re serious. With mSpy installed, you can read their private Instagram conversations. It’s all there under Instagram in your Control Panel. Just pop in and you’ll see everything they’ve sent and received with this undetectable Instagram account location tracker.

Method #2: Use Reverse Image Lookup

how to find someone's location on instagram

If they don’t have location information turned on and haven’t tagged one of their recent pics, you can still figure out where the pic was taken, though it requires a little bit of legwork to search Instagram by location this way.

First, download the image. Then, go to any reverse image search engine. Google has one, and TinEye is also popular. Just plug the image into the reverse image search engine and let the website do its thing.

If the image exists on other sites, it’ll tell you. That means if they’ve posted it on other social media sites or shared it elsewhere, you might be able to find someone’s location on Instagram using this tool.

Worth noting: If they’ve posted the image on another social media site and haven’t shared their location, you might be out of luck. However, if their other social media account is open to the public, you can figure out where they’ve been pretty quickly.

Method #3: Review Instagram’s Location Details

When you post on Instagram, you have the option to share the location of where the pic was taken. You’ll notice many social media influencers include their location for each picture they post. If the person you want to track has decided to add a location to the pic they’ve shared, you’ll know where they’ve been.

By tapping the location on their post, you can see other photos taken at that location — not just by them but by anyone else who decided to share their location too.

Worth noting: While you can see the location details of where the pic was taken, you can’t actually find someone’s location on Instagram using this method if you want to know where they are right now. Still, it’s a great way to see their recent locations and paint a clearer picture of where they’ve been.

Method #4: Track IP Address

Tracking an Instagram account’s location using their IP address requires more advanced knowledge of IP tracking methods.

This method is usually used by security professionals as it can be challenging to obtain a user’s IP address and requires sophisticated tools to analyze the data.

Worth noting: When attempting to track someone down, it is crucial to consider privacy laws and local regulations, as this type of activity can have legal implications in some countries.  Additionally, users’ ISPs may not appreciate attempts to access their customers’ IP addresses without permission.

Do Even More With mSpy

how to track an instagram account location

Can you see someone’s location on Instagram even if they’re not using Instagram at the moment? You bet. That’s one of the best things about mSpy. They don’t have to be active on Instagram for you to see their location. In fact, they could theoretically log out of Instagram or uninstall the app and you’ll still be able to see their location.

Even if they’ve figured out how to add a fake location on Instagram, you’ll still be able to see their actual coordinates. And while being able to read their Instagram chats is impressive, it’s just one small part of the social media monitoring equation. With mSpy, you can read their chats on Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, iMessage, Facebook, and more.

Wondering what websites they’ve visited, who they called, what’s in their inbox, or what pics and videos are stored on their phone? mSpy shows you all that too. Check it out and do more than just search Instagram by location. Get next-level monitoring like nothing else you’ve seen before.

One Final Word

Remember, you can use an Instagram location tracker on your minor if they’re under 18 and living at home under your care. Always check your local laws before proceeding.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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