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Telenitrox Spy App Review: Is it Worth the Effort?

Agnes W Linn

There’s been a lot of buzz about the Telenitrox spy app — mostly because of how different it is. If you’ve sourced the Internet for a Telenitrox review that really gets to the point but can’t find one, you’re not alone.

It turns out that Telenitrox is rather unconventional. Rather than installing an app yourself, you pay for the service of a spy app expert to hack the phone you want to monitor. They take care of everything on their end (or so they claim) and then provide you with the information. But does it work as promised? We’re here to fill you in.

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Features: What You Get with Telenitrox

See their text messages. If you pay the Telenitrox price of admission, you’ll be able to track their text messages. That means being able to see their sent and received texts on iPhone or Android.

Review their social media chats. Part of the Telenitrox service includes being able to read their social media messages. According to many Telenitrox reviews, this includes coverage for all the main social media apps, like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

View their call history. If you’re worried about who they’re chatting with over the phone, the Telenitrox spy app can show you by offering you detailed information on their phone call history, including who they called, the duration of the call, and when it happened.

Content removal. Here’s where it gets interesting. Telenitrox doesn’t just claim to be able to hack a phone. They also claim to be able to remove any content from any website. This could come in handy in the event of cyberbullying.

Social media hacking. Telenitrox also claims to be able to get into social media accounts by bypassing the traditional username and password process.

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Telenitrox Compatibility



# of devices1 device
Demo AvailableNo
Free trialNo
Location trackingNo
Social media trackingYes
Set restrictions remotelyNo

Telenitrox Pros and Cons


  • Supports any OS. It doesn’t matter if they have an Android or iPhone. Telenitrox has you covered.
  • Covers the basics. If you’re after simple text message monitoring or social media monitoring, and you’re willing to pay the Telenitrox price, the app could work well for you.
  • Goes beyond just phone monitoring. The promise to be able to get into any website or social media account is interesting, though it feels unethical (unless you need to get into your own kid’s account or website).


  • You can’t see their stuff on demand. Instead, you have to deal with a Telenitrox spy app expert who sources the information for you.
  • Known for poor results. Because you don’t install the app yourself, and because you can’t just log in at your leisure and see their phone, many users remain frustrated in figuring out how to get Telenitrox data into their own hands
  • Must pay with cryptocurrency. The fact that you must use an anonymous payment method feels a little suspicious. And because you don’t actually receive an app after you pay, the whole process feels a little out of whack.

Telenitrox: What Real Users are Saying

We’ll be honest here. There aren’t a lot of great Telenitrox reviews online. Some spy app review sites report that customers paid for a product that they did not receive. And how much does Telenitrox cost? That remains to be seen.

Those who ended up paying the Telenitrox price we’re always satisfied. Some felt that they were scammed out of Bitcoin. It also doesn’t help that the Telenitrox website is hard to find, or that the Telenitrox price is only disclosed after you get in touch with an agent.

Telenitrox: What Potential Customers Should Know

If you want an app that you have full control over, consider another monitoring app like mSpy. Once you purchase mSpy, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to install the app on the device you want to monitor. Simply follow those instructions and let mSpy take care of the heavy lifting.

Once it’s installed, you’ll have your own Control Panel that you can log into anytime. And as soon as you log in, you’ll have access to almost everything on their phone. mSpy lets you read their text messages and social media chats on apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder.

mSpy also lets you see their current location and their previous ones, so you’ll always know where they are and where they’ve been. You can even see the pics and videos stored on their phone, the websites they’ve visited, and the people they’ve called over the phone.

You also get a keylogger to capture every keystroke typed and a Screenrecorder that takes snapshots of their phone as they use it. Put it all together and you have the power to really see what they’re doing on their phone whenever you need that information.

The best part? You can pay for mSpy using your favorite credit card, so you know they’re legit. And while mSpy is an app that installs easily, if you need help, there’s always someone standing by.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.


  • My husband installed this on my phone and now knows all of my passwords…banking..texting… as we are going threw a divorce he is always one step ahead of me… how do I delete my information on hos phone and this off of my phone?

    • You should contact our support team right away. If you’re being tracked, they will try to find and block an account that tracks your phone. This is parental software, and we do not encourage spying on someone’s phone secretly.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Yes, you need to have access to the target phone. It only takes a few minutes to install so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Hi Kevin!

      Thank you for reaching out!

      mSpy requires physical access to the target device for a setup. As an alternative, you can use our location monitoring solution Scannero, which works via phone number only.

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