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SpyHuman Review 2024: Does the App Work Only on Android?

Daniel Black

Modern technologies require more vigorous attention from parents, as kids tend to spend most of their time on the Internet. It’s important to understand what kids are up to online and who they speak to on social media.

The statistics say that about 30% of adolescents turn to self-harm after being bullied online, while about 10% commit suicide. Prevention is better than cure, so it is crucial to be aware of your kid’s smartphone activities.

Parental control apps, such as mSpy or SpyHuman, can help you protect your kids from the dangers of the Internet.

Both apps are worth trying. However, if your kid owns an iPhone, you won’t be able to use SpyHuman. According to all SpyHuman reviews, the app is designed for Android devices and won’t run on iOS-based phones. So, you can try mSpy as an alternative.

However, if you need a monitoring solution for Android, keep reading this review to know more about the SpyHuman app.

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What Is SpyHuman?

SpyHuman is a monitoring software designed for Android mobile devices. It was developed to allow parents to track their kids’ smartphone activity at any time and place.

When installed on a target device, SpyHuman collects data, such as call logs, SMS, and social media conversations to give parents a clue of what their kids are up to online.

SpyHuman has three main benefits:

  • parental controls that help protect kids from online dangers and unwanted interactions
  • data backup that keeps parents up to date about their kids’ activity on the Internet
  • the anti-theft feature that makes it possible to get an instant notification if a kid’s phone is lost or stolen

How Does the SpyHuman App Work?

spyhuman app

To get started with SpyHuman, you need to sign up with SpyHuman, log in to your account, and buy a subscription.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to, fill in the registration form, and sign up.
  2. Confirm your email.
  3. Download the SpyHuman apk file from the official website and install it on a target Android device by following the installation guide.
  4. Make sure to give all needed permissions to the app.
  5. Go to and log in to your account.
  6. Proceed to the SpyHuman admin panel and add your target phone.
  7. Give the app a few minutes to collect the data and start monitoring your kid’s online activity.

Once the installation is complete, the SpyHuman icon will disappear from your kid’s phone.

All the SpyHuman features are located at the left sidebar. Simply tap the needed feature to view all the associated information.

For instance, if you want to check browsing history, just click on its icon and access your kid’s browsing history, their Internet access frequency, the list of visited websites, etc.

What Activities Can I Monitor With SpyHuman?

SpyHuman review

SpyHuman is monitoring software with various features that help parents gain insight into their kids’ digital lives. The most used SpyHuman features are the following:

  • Call logs: view the entire list of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. If your kid is talking to an unknown or unwanted person, you can easily block their number with SpyHuman. You can also record and replay all the calls from a target device and view additional information, such as call duration, date, and time;
  • Text messages: get access to all sent and received text messages and view your kid’s contact information;
  • GPS Location: track real-time GPS location and traveling routes anywhere and anytime. Check out your child’s current location and all its details, such as date, time, and visited places;
  • Contact Book: monitor the list of contacts, see contact details, and view those deleted from a target device’s contact book;
  • Social Media: gain insights into your kid’s activity on social media and instant messengers;
  • Web Monitoring: view your kid’s browsing history, see the list of visited sites, and block any suspicious or unwanted site on the target device remotely;
  • File Explorer: monitor saved media files, storage details, and files in the device’s  internal storage;
  • Gallery: view images, photos, and thumbnails remotely;
  • Restrictions: restrict specific websites, calls, and applications;
  • App Tracker: check the list of installed apps, track daily app usage, and block unwanted apps.

What Is the SpyHuman Price?

SpyHuman Price

SpyHuman offers only two pricing plans: Trial and Premium.

SpyHuman Trial

It is a free version of the app available for 7 days. You can use the Trial to monitor only 1 device without charges. This package includes the following features:

  •  7-days storage
  •  call logs
  •  SMS logs
  •  GPS location
  •  contact detail
  •  call recording
  •  WhatsApp and Facebook messages
  •  browsing history
  •  website blocker
  •  live recording
  •  remote photo capture
  •  remote file manager
  •  photos & images
  •  app & call blocking
  •  target device’s details

SpyHuman Premium Plan

It is a paid SpyHuman version that is available for 9.99/month per device.

The Premium plan offers all features from the Trial version, including no advertisements and no storage limit.

SpyHuman vs mSpy

Although SpyHuman is an app that’s worth your attention, you’ll find it useless if your kid owns an iPhone or iPad. Since the app works only for Android devices, you may consider trying another software.

The mSpy parental control app is an excellent alternative to SpyHuman, as it offers various monitoring features and pricing opportunities.

mSpy allows parents to set geofencing, use a keylogger, and monitor a wide range of social media apps, such as Instagram, Line, Kik, Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and others.

Now that you know the advantages and drawbacks of both apps, you can make a wise choice to suit your needs.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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