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Text Message Forwarding Without Phone: Top 3 Methods

Agnes W Linn

We all know how overwhelming it can be to receive a ton of text messages every day. It’s completely normal to feel concerned about the content exchanged. Are those messages safe? Could any inappropriate or harmful stuff be shared? Well, if you’re worried about all this, I’ve got solutions for you.

What’s the number one way to secretly forward text messages Android and iOS users love the most? That depends on what you’re looking for in an app — and how discreet you want to be. Today, we’re going to walk you through three methods. We’re confident one will work perfectly for you.

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A Word About SMS Forwarding

Before you choose an app to secretly forward text messages, you need to know if it’s legal to do so. Just as is the case when deciding whether it’s okay to monitor their texts or not, there are some things you should keep in mind.

If you forward your text messages to yourself, it is considered safe. Additionally, forwarding a message you received to someone else is also legal.

However, if you are planning to forward a text message that was not intended for you directly to your own device, it may not be within your legal rights. It is important to be mindful and respectful of privacy.

In case you’re looking to monitor your minors and they’re under 18 and living under your roof, you’re legally allowed to watch them in most jurisdictions.

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Method #1: Get mSpy

We’ll be upfront about this. mSpy isn’t precisely a secret text-forwarding app. It operates in hidden mode, so they’ll never know you’re using it. But it doesn’t forward their texts to another phone. But don’t run in the other direction quite yet. Once you hear what mSpy can do, you’ll be sold.

With mSpy, you can read their text messages through your Control Panel. Simply log in on your preferred device and view every conversation they’ve had on Android, iPhone, or even between Android and iOS.

This comprehensive monitoring includes written messages, multimedia content, along with date and timestamp details. Rest assured, you’ll have complete visibility over their digital interactions.

Method #2: Secretly Forward Text Messages (iPhone)

You don’t need an SMS forwarding app to see what they’ve written if they use an iPhone. If they have an iCloud account and you know their credentials, you can simply sign into their account on another Apple device.

mSpy will give you access to all their conversations in their Messages app. That includes any texts they’ve received from Android users and all their iPhone-to-iPhone messages.

Once you set up iMessage, the other device will receive a notification about the new access to their messages. To maintain secrecy, ensure you have sufficient time to delete the alert without their knowledge. Remember, any traces may lead them to suspect something fishy.

One more thing about this secret SMS forwarding technique. iOS users can display whether they’ve read other iMessages. So if the person you’re trying to monitor has read receipts turned on, all messages will appear as read on the sender’s device once you’ve received the message.

Method #3: Secretly Forward Text Messages (Android)

If you’re looking for an app that sends texts to another phone, check out Google Play. You’ll find several apps that promise a text message forwarding without a phone, many with 3 or 4-star reviews. Once you’ve set everything up, all texts will be forwarded to the number or email you chose in the app’s settings.

If you’re searching for secret text message forwarding apps, these options may not be what you’re looking for. These apps have an icon on their home screen that reveals their presence. This means if someone sees the icon, they’ll know that their SMS messages are being forwarded.

If you want something that operates in stealth mode, you’ll need a more advanced solution.

Read Texts in Other Messaging Apps

Knowing how to forward text messages to another phone without someone knowing is a big deal. But what if they communicate using apps instead of texts? What if they prefer WhatsApp over their traditional SMS app? mSpy has you covered.

You can read their messages with mSpy, no matter where they happen: WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Line, Facebook Messenger, and even Tinder. Wherever they communicate, mSpy gives you the power to read their messages.

With mSpy, you get additional features like call monitoring and GPS tracking. And they’ll never know about it.

Go Beyond Reading Their Texts

When you have mSpy at your disposal, you get way more than just an app that answers your question of how to automatically forward text messages to another phone. You get an app that lets you make sure they’re living their digital life safely.

You can use mSpy to read messages, track location, check website history, view activity screenshots, detect specific chat keywords, and much more. It’s incredibly user-friendly.

Simply buy a subscription, install mSpy on the target device, and you’ll be all set. Plus, mSpy offers dedicated customer support to assist with any questions or concerns.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.


  • I would like to get subscription of your app but d problem is I can not installed this app on my kids phone.. they will delete there other way like I can download app only in my phone and still able to monitor them..if thts possible thn only I can go for it.

    • Hi, Vinay! You can choose an option to hide the app’s icon on the device so that your kid doesn’t find it and delete it. The app also won’t be visible in the list of working apps.

  • I would like to buy a subscription but the problem is I don’t have access to the phone I want to monitor. I also don’t have the credentials for my child’s iCloud. Is there anyway that it can be done remotely? To that my child will not know that it’s on his phone?

    • Hi Jody,

      You need to have access to the target phone for a few minutes to install it. You can also check out an alternative like as you only need their phone number.

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