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How to Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing? Try These 5 Efficient Ways

Carla L. Hirsch
Do you know how to track someone’s phone

Sometimes we face situations when we need to make challenging decisions to help our loved ones. They often keep their problems secret to prevent us from worrying or overreacting.

We can’t stay on the sidelines when we see them going through rough times. That’s why we need a solution to find out what they are up to and help them in time.

As mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, we can think about using these devices to detect problems. People mistakenly believe that the data stored on their phones disappears when they erase it.

In reality, most information remains on external servers or in mobile devices’ root folders. So, monitoring your dearest’s phone can help you get everything you need to safeguard them.

If you want to keep your loved ones out of trouble by monitoring their online activity, read this article. We’ve selected four proven and legal ways of how you can track someone’s location without them knowing.

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How to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing: 5 Easy Ways

1. Install a Legitimate Phone Tracking App without Them Knowing

A location tracker can be pretty helpful when your spouse goes missing after work, kid is late from school, or your elders get lost. And if you want to prevent each of them from interacting with scammers, online predators, and cyberbullies, you might need a more sophisticated solution.

As an option, consider using a monitoring app to track a phone without them knowing. With a parental control app, such as mSpy, you can easily find out where your loved ones are. The app allows monitoring of a target person’s online activity on their iOS or Android device.

Depending on the type of subscription, you’ll be able to monitor:

  • Call logs and contact information
  • Text messages and chats
  • GPS location and geo-fencing
  • Browser history and bookmarks
  • Installed apps and social media platforms
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Multimedia files

It’s natural to be concerned about monitoring another person’s mobile device. You can’t track a cell phone without permission, as it violates other people’s privacy.

Luckily, the law allows monitoring another person’s device if you get their consent first. You can also openly monitor your underage child. But we recommend checking with your local authorities before using any app of such kind.

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2. Use the Scannero Phone Tracker Without Them Knowing

If you need to track someone’s phone urgently, consider using a phone location tool, such as Scannero. This online service allows you to geo-locate the required phone number in a couple of clicks.

All you need is their phone number. Just enter the number you want to track to the relevant field, and Scannero will find it. No physical access to the target device is needed. What’s more, Scannero works on any cellphone network.

Here’s how it works:

  • You type in the needed cell phone number.
  • Scannero sends an SMS to that number. You can customize the message if needed.
  • The Recipient opens the text message and follows the link to share the location.
  • You receive information about their current location.

Note that the target person can’t know for sure who requests their location. As the message comes from an anonymous sender, there will be no trace leading to you.

3. Locate a Phone Without Them Knowing via iCloud (For iPhone Users)

track cell phone without permission

If you think your loved ones are in trouble, you can track their cell phone location without them knowing via iCloud. To start monitoring an iPhone, you need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to iCloud using a target device’s credentials.
  • Click the Find my iPhone icon.
  • Go to an interactive map and choose the needed device.
  • Track the location of a target iPhone.

Besides monitoring location, iCloud allows you to play a sound on a target phone, turn on Lost Mode, and erase all information if someone steals the device.

4. Use Gps to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing (For Android Users)

Since all smartphones have a GPS navigator, you can monitor another person’s Android phone with the help of Android Device Manager. It is a built-in tool by Google, so you don’t need to install any additional software on a target device.

The AMD allows you to track someone’s location without them knowing, erase all data on it, lock the device, and reset the lock-screen password.

To track an Android device’s location, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Google Account linked to a target device.
  2. Swipe to the bottom of the screen to access all connected devices.
  3. Choose the device you want to track.
  4. View the location of a target device on the map.

5. Find Out Their Phone Location by IMEI Number

Tracking someone’s phone by IMEI number is common in the police department. It’s always used to find stolen smartphones and works well for Android and iPhone devices. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the police to get the job done. Just follow some steps to track someone’s phone easily:

  1. Go to the App Store and download an IMEI tracker (for instance, TrackIMEI).
  2. Follow the installation instructions.
  3. Input the device IMEI number.
  4. Tap “Track” to see your loved one’s location.

If you don’t know their IMEI number, we recommend choosing another method from the ones described above.

Can I Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing?

Although you can monitor someone’s online activity with mSpy, it’s impossible to track another person by their cell phone number (unless you use services such as Scannero).

However, if you’re in dire need and can confirm that you’re a relative of a target person, mobile operators can help you locate their device.

What if I Use a Free Phone Locator?

As was noted earlier in this article, you have multiple options to locate another person’s phone. However, most methods require purchasing a subscription to use a specific app or service.

Of course, you can try using a free phone locator. Just keep in mind that even if you install the best phone tracker app without them knowing, you need to consider all the associated risks.

Frequently, free apps are unreliable. Since developers don’t support them, such an app can break down, and you’ll simply waste money. What’s more, free tracking apps can violate the target person’s privacy and leak important data, such as credit card details.

Can Someone Track My Phone Without Me Knowing?

As you see tracking phone is a pretty common thing. Above we showed you easy-to-use methods to find a phone. And you’ve probably guessed that just about anyone can use them to track your phone without you noticing. This means your data can fall into the wrong hands. So, how can you prevent this from happening?

Here’s a quick guide to stop someone from tracking your phone without you knowing:

  1. Restart your phone more often. It’ll help stop the app from spying on your device.
  2. Change your device’s password and use two-factor Authentication. These actions make it harder to get access to your phone.
  3. Update the Software and App Version. This will protect your device from hackers.
  4. Check your device for apps that are using your location, microphone or camera. This is how a spying app can get your personal information.
  5. Make sure to turn off location sharing in Google Maps or Apple’s Find My.

Each of these actions works well when it comes to keeping your data safe. So, we recommend using them as often as you can to stop unscrupulous people or apps from tracking your phone.

Which Phone Tracking Method Is the Best for Me?

Since scammers can easily trick those you love, you need to keep an eye on their online activity. mSpy is a proven way to track someone’s cell phone to prevent them from getting into trouble. With a monitoring tool like this, you will always be aware of what’s going on in their digital life.

It’s totally up to you what way to choose. Just make sure that it suits your needs and doesn’t involve any threats to a target person.

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Carla L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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