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How to Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others: Best 3 Methods

Agnes W Linn

Want to know what they’re texting about on WhatsApp? We’ve all been there. Whether you need to check if they’re honest with you or you’re concerned about them engaging with someone suspicious, you deserve to know the truth.

While understanding how to know the WhatsApp chat history of others can seem complicated, there are tons of solutions on that market that give you the inside scoop.

After thoroughly researching various methods, we’ve chosen only the best ones to show you how to check others WhatsApp chat history. And the good news? It’s a lot easier than you think.

Table Of Contents

Method #1: Get a Monitoring App

Forget about the frustration of not knowing how to see the WhatsApp chat history of others.  With a monitoring app like mSpy at your disposal, you can get answers to what is happening in their chats.

Not only does mSpy let you check WhatsApp chat history on another phone, but it also shows every picture and video they send and receive. And it doesn’t stop there.

By installing the app on their phone, you’ll also have access to social media chats. This includes conversations they’re having on Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line, and even Tinder right in your Control Panel.

But it’s not just about monitoring their social media. It’s about giving you the complete report on their activity. In addition to messaging apps, you can view their text messages, emails, contact lists, and call logs.

To dive even deeper, mSpy allows you to view web history, block apps and sites, see everything they type (hello keylogger), view screenshots of their activity, and get alerted when they type something controversial.

Best of all, mSpy operates in complete stealth mode, leaving no trace on their device. No app icon. No notification letting them know they’re being monitored. mSpy really is that sophisticated.

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Method #2: Get WhatsApp for Desktop

The second method to view their WhatsApp online history is to use WhatsApp’s own QR code system. For this to work, you’ll need physical access to their phone for a minute. And you’ll need a desktop (any Mac or PC will work). Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download WhatsApp to your Mac or PC.
  2. Launch the app on your desktop.
  3. When the app opens, you should see a QR code on screen.
  4. Open WhatsApp on the phone you want to monitor.
  5. Tap the Menu or Setting icon.
  6. Tap Linked Devices.
  7. Point your phone at the QR code.

That’s it. In a matter of seconds, all their WhatsApp conversations will now be visible on your desktop. You can go into each conversation and see their texts, plus any pics and videos they’ve sent and received. And as new messages are exchanged, they’ll show up automatically.

But keep in mind that if they ever go to Linked Devices on their phone again, they’ll see that a desktop app is being used to view someone’s WhatsApp history. It’ll show the type of OS used (macOS or Windows) and the last time the desktop app was used.

Tapping the device name will even show the device’s location. If they dig deep, they’ll know you’re monitoring them.

Method #3: Take Advantage of Chat Backup

If you’d rather not keep WhatsApp installed on your desktop, WhatsApp offers another method called Chat Backup. When activated, you’ll no longer be asking yourself how to get WhatsApp chat history of others online because everything will be automatic for you.

With Chat Backup, their conversations are backed up to the cloud (iCloud on iOS and Google Drive on Android). You can turn on automatic backup, so everything is pushed to the cloud on a regular basis (daily/weekly/monthly) or just one time. Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Open WhatsApp on the phone you want to monitor.
  2. Tap the Menu or Setting icon.
  3. Tap Chats.
  4. Tap Chat Backup.
  5. Tap Back Up Now.
  6. Wait for everything to back up.

To view the chat backup, you’ll need access to their iCloud or Google account. As long as you know that information, figuring out how to view WhatsApp chat history online is a piece of cake.

How to Get WhatsApp Chat History of Others Legally

Now that you know how to get the WhatsApp chat history of other mobile device users, you might be concerned about the legality of such actions. It’s natural to question the ethics when you intend to access someone’s personal messages. Whatever method you choose, make sure you end up with a legal solution.

When trying to log in to your loved one’s WhatsApp or back up their data might look like you’re violating their privacy. Meanwhile, using an app like mSpy is completely legal as long as you’re monitoring an adult who is aware of and agrees to this.

mSpy is also designed for parents who want to monitor their underage children in their own homes. In most jurisdictions, it’s legal to do so. Remember to always check your local laws before using any app of such kind.

We recommend that you choose an app that’s legal and trustworthy. If you opt for a free app that overpromises, you could be putting your safety and privacy at risk.


It’s so easy to get confused when you have so many options to get WhatsApp chat history of any number. But such variety gives you the opportunity to choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.

If you want to check their messages on WhatsApp only, then you can try accessing them from the chat backup or desktop app. For those who want to go beyond WhatsApp tracking, mSpy offers a wide set of incredible features to explore.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.


  • If I install mspy on target’s phone today, will I be able to see previous whatsapp chat history with any contact?

    • Hi, Sam! If the monitored device is an iPhone, you might be able to get them if they were backed up to iCloud. Otherwise, unfortunately, you’ll only see the messages that appeared after the installation of the software.

  • Hi Linn
    I am interested to buy Mspy however was not clear about the below features as I was comparing other parental apps also.

    wanted to clarify that the app is to be installed on the target phone ? then will the icon be visible to the target user?
    secondly, do we need to add the accounts seperately like – instagram, whatsapp, FB etc. since we need to add all manually we might not be having the access to personal accounts of the child especially the teens?

    I hope Mspy will not be requiring such configuration rather monitoring / logging of al the chat apps being used , different Whatsapp accounts numbers used by the teenagers on the same phone?

    • Hello, Faisal! Thanks for taking an interest in our app.
      To answer your questions:
      1. There’s an option to hide the app’s icon on the target device so it won’t be visible to the user.
      2. No, you don’t need to log in to any accounts on your end. As soon as the child opens the chat on their phone, the software will automatically start syncing the data. You can also take screenshots of the chats in certain social apps through the Screenrecorder feature.
      If the child uses the same phone to log into different WhatsApp accounts, the software will still be able to track messages.

    • Hello, Dheeraj! One Premium subscription covers one device only. If you need to monitor more than one device at the same time, you can buy our Family Kit that covers up to 3 devices.

    • Hello, Jenn!
      You can switch devices within the same subscription without additional fees anytime. As for the rooting, most messengers can be monitored without root, and we’re working on adding such a solution for all of them. If you need info about a specific app, you can message our support team in the chat.

  • My kids have iPhones and I keep seeing the “premium features” are only available for rooted devices. Does this only apply to Android or ios as well?

    • Hi, Joshua!
      mSpy for iOS has a slightly different set of available features due to Apple’s security protocols.
      There are things you can monitor without jailbreaking the phone. You can read more about it here.

    • Hello.
I hope this message finds you well.

      The only way to monitor a phone is to install our software directly on that device.
      You can not track the phone over the phone number or IMEI number. It’s technically impossible.

    • Hello.
      Thank you for your question.

      Please be informed that mSpy is a legal application. It is designed to help parents monitor their children and businesses monitor their employee’s use of IT equipment with the knowledge and consent of the employees. Please check our Legal Policy before installing mSpy – Legal Policy (You can switch languages at the very top)

      Please, also refer to our official web page to FAQ section: FAQ
      Once you open it, please, locate Question 9: How can I uninstall mSpy? There is an instruction on how to remove mSpy from the mobile device.

      For more information please refer to About mSpy

      mSpy tracks the deleted text messages in case they were not deleted right away after sending (within a couple of minutes). They are available among all other messages, there is no separate section for them.

  • Will I be able to monitor the complete WhatsApp chats even if a person’s WhatsApp is password protected, or encrypted with a pattern…? I really need to check the WhatsApp chats for one of the users…

    • Hi Ankit,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      Sure, WhatsApp monitoring is easy with mSpy and no passwords are required because it works with the help of Keylogger and SCreen recorder.

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