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Fonemonitor App Review: Does the App Live Up to the Hype?

Agnes W Linn

You’ve probably heard a lot about Fonemonitor. After all, if you’re searching for a Fonemonitor app review, there’s no shortage of coverage. But with features changing from one review to another, things tend to be confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together an up-to-date review for our readers. If you’re wondering what Fonemonitor is good for and you’re looking to make an informed decision, this review is definitely your best bet.

But before you keep reading this review, note that the Fonemonitor app doesn’t work anymore. So, you won’t be able to install it on anyone’s cell phone.

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Table Of Contents

Features: What You Get With Fonemonitor

The parental control market is pretty crowded, with app maker after app maker competing for your business. In our quest to bring you easy-to-digest reviews, we’ve come across some apps that overpromise and under-deliver in the feature department. We’ve also come across some apps that do the opposite.

We’re talking about apps that don’t really know how to talk about their features. In such cases, we’ve found ourselves saying, “Wow, I didn’t know the app did that”. So which camp does Fonemonitor fall in? We’re happy to report that they’re somewhere in the middle. It has the features you want, but with very few surprises.

Here’s what’s included:

Read their texts. If you want to read their texts, Fonemonitor delivers. With the service, you can track both incoming and outgoing texts, plus see the name of the person they’re texting with. It’s relatively easy to read their text messages with the Fonemonitor app.

Track their GPS location. If you’re looking for Fonemonitor reviews that cover GPS location tracking, we’re not going to let you down. With the built-in tracking tool, you’ll be able to see their current location on a map, plus historical data that displays their most frequently visited places and the routes they traveled to get there.

Spy on their phone calls. Some Fonemonitor app reviews falsely claim that you can listen in on other people’s calls. While this isn’t the case, the phone call history feature does come in handy. With a tap or two, you can see detailed call logs that display their most frequent contacts.

Check their email. Wondering what they’re saying in their Gmail or Outlook accounts? With Fonemonitor, you’ll know. That includes incoming and outgoing emails, plus details like the date and time, subject, and content of each email.

Access WhatsApp. If they use popular instant messaging apps, you’re in luck. Because once you know how to download the Fonemonitor app for Android, you’ll be on your way to reading their WhatsApp messages. It gets better. You can even see the files they’ve shared over WhatsApp.

Peek into their photo album. Are they storing inappropriate pics on their phone? The Fonemonitor app download free option might not show you exactly what’s on their phone, but buying the full version will. And you can see the videos stored on their device just as easily.

See their documents. If you want to go beyond the photos and videos that are on their phone. The fone monitor app has you covered. Just as easily as viewing photos and videos, the parental control app lets you see the documents stored on their phone too.

View their browser history. Kids do so many things within an app, it’s almost easy to forget that people still surf the Internet. But they do, even with things like Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google standing by to provide search information at the ready. With Fonemonitor, you can check out what they’ve been searching for the old-fashioned way. And you can do it across multiple browsers, just in case they use a bunch of different ones.

View their list of contacts. If you have good reason to be concerned about who they’re talking to, download the Fonemonitor free trial and take a look at the Contacts feature. With just a few taps, you can find out who’s close to them in their world. You can also download the contact list from a target phone for easy offline access.

Track and block the apps installed on their phone. This doesn’t need much explanation. But you came to read a Fonemonitor review, so we’ll tell you about it anyway. See? We’re thorough. With Fonemonitor, you can check out what apps are installed on your kid’s device. You can also track each app’s usage and block apps that you don’t want your kids to use.

FoneMonitor Overview

PricingAndroid Basic
$99.99/yearAndroid Premium
$119.99/yearAndroid Family
$199.99/yeariOS Premium
$129.99/yeariOS Family

iOS Business

# of devicesAndroid Basic
1 deviceAndroid Premium
1 deviceAndroid Family
3 devicesiOS Premium
1 deviceOS Family
5 devices

iOS Business
25 devices

Free trialNo
Location trackingYes
Social media trackingNo
Remote capabilitiesYes

Fonemonitor App Pricing: Lots of Options That Can Get Expensive

We love that Fonemonitor is feature-rich and that they offer multiple subscription options. But what we’re not crazy about is the pricing, especially when you move over to iOS. For example, the Android 5-device family plan costs $199.99 for a full year of monitoring. And the same plan for iOS costs $399.99.

While you don’t have to opt for a 1-year plan, that’s where the real savings come. But with such big price gaps between Android and iOS, you might not save that much if you live in the Apple ecosystem.

Still, we can’t fault Fonemonitor for offering something for everyone. Whether you have one device or multiple devices, there’s a plan for you.

Fonemonitor Pros and Cons



  • Subscriptions can get expensive
  • Basic Android plan missing a lot of features
  • Not as feature-rich as competitors

Fonemonitor vs mSpy: Battle for the Title

When it comes to the Fonemonitor app, one of the best benchmarks to test the app is mSpy. So how does Fonemonitor stack up. We’re putting the two parental control apps head to head so we can find out which one comes out on top.

Social Media Monitoring

Both mSpy and Fonemonitor offer social media monitoring. Overall, the feature stacks up nicely. In fact, Fonemonitor lets you monitor some social media services that mSpy doesn’t like Wechat, QQ, Badoo, and POF. But don’t discount mSpy. It covers the most popular social media services. And we found that the process is way smoother with mSpy. Plus, with the built-in screen recorder, you can capture chats in pretty much anything.

Winner: Tie

Hidden Mode

A monitoring app isn’t very useful if they know they’re being watched. That’s why the Fonemonitor free trial works in hidden mode, just like the paid version. And same goes for mSpy, no matter which subscription you choose.

Winner: Tie

Location Tracking

If you need to keep tabs on your kids, you need a location tracker. Fonemonitor has one baked right in. And so does mSpy. They both work the same way. Pop into your Control Panel and you can see their location on a map, plus a detailed history of their travels. But mSpy goes further by letting you set safe and dangerous zones. And if your kid enters or exits one, you’ll receive an alert.

Winner: mSpy

Fonemonitor: The Bottom Line

We really like Fonemonitor and if you’re looking for a feature-rich parental control app, you will too. Just be mindful of some of the limitations and ask yourself if they’re worth the subscription fee, especially if you’re opting for some of the more expensive packages.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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