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FamilyTime App Review: Are Its Benefits Worth Dealing With Drawbacks?

Daniel Black
Getting Started with FamilyTime

If you are a busy parent, you know how difficult it is to keep an eye on your kids. It’s incredibly troublesome now, as children use the Internet like pros, and you may never know what they are up to online.

Installing a parental control app on their mobile devices can be a solution. The market offers thousands of apps. And in this article, we’ll speak about FamilyTime.

If you are going to try this app, you need to consider two things. First, the app has an unsatisfactory rating on App Store — 2.6 starts from out 679 reviews. And second, kids can easily remove it from a phone, as no action confirmation is needed.

If you want to know more about the app, we recommend that you keep reading this FamilyTime app review. But if you need an alternative app, consider trying mSpy.

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Table Of Contents

What Is the FamilyTime App?

FamilyTime is a parental control app designed to help parents know more about their kids’ online activity and ensure their safety. With FamilyTime, adults can monitor their children’s smartphones remotely, having previously installed the app on a kid’s device.


The Family Time app allows you to locate your kid’s phone, block installed apps, set screen time, filter content, and set geofencing.

Like many other apps in the niche, FamilyTime offers multiple monitoring features in a single interface. However, it works only on mobile phones. So, you can’t monitor your child’s personal computer.

What Exactly Can I Do With the FamilyTime Child App?

After installing the app on a target phone, you’ll get access to your kid’s calls, contacts, browser history, and other activities.

family time app work

FamilyTime makes it possible to:

  • Check out what places your child has recently visited
  • See your kid’s real-time location with a Family Locator
  • Look through apps installed on your kid’s phone and block them
  • Check browsing history, visited websites, and bookmarks
  • See contacts from their phone book
  • Read sent and received text messages
  • Limit screen time

Is FamilyTime Free to Use?

If you need the app for personal use, we have good news. You can use the Family Time parental control app for free. But only basic features will be available to you in this case.

If you want to gain a more in-depth insight into your child’s smartphone activity, consider buying the Premium package. You can choose among 4 available options depending on the number of monitored devices and features. The price starts at $1.15 per kid’s device.

family time app

How Do I Install FamilyTime?

To get started with FamilyTime, you need to download it from Google Play or App Store. No rooting or jailbreaking a phone is required.

The next step is to sign up and log in to your FamilyTime Dashboard. You can install FamilyTime on your child’s mobile device right from there. Download the app and wait for the activation code to be emailed to you. Then, enter it on your child’s phone to enable the app to work.

how to install Family Time app

How Do I Connect My Family Members to My Account?

As FamilyTime is considered a family-oriented app, you can add multiple users to your account. To do so, you need to access your dashboard and add new people as contacts. After requesting to add a connection, you’ll be emailed a confirmation code.

You can add as many monitored users as you need. But note that every user profile will have a different subscription, and you need to pay for each one separately.

If you’re a co-parent, every new parent’s profile will be added for free.

Can I Access My FamilyTime Account From a PC?

As was noted earlier, FamilyTime can’t monitor a PC because it is a mobile-oriented solution. But you can still log in to your dashboard from your personal computer. Just make sure that it’s connected to the Internet.

Can My Child Uninstall FamilyTime From Their Device?

As you can see from various Family Time app reviews, the app can be downloaded from official sources, such as Google Play and App Store. This means that your child can find and delete it just as same as other official apps.

All you can do about it is talk to your kid about monitoring their device and convince them to keep the app.

Why mSpy Is a Better Solution Than FamilyTime?

Although many Family Time reviews consider the app a reliable one, it has one critical drawback. Monitoring doesn’t make much sense if kids can uninstall the app anytime they want. And if you need to monitor a teenager, good luck getting them to agree.

What’s more, FamilyTime is limited in terms of monitoring possibilities compared to other parental control apps. Unlike mSpy, it has no keylogger, so it can’t intercept a target person’s login credentials. It also doesn’t offer a screen recorder and can’t provide you with a list of connected Wi-Fi networks.

If you need to gain a clearer picture of your kid’s online activity, consider installing mSpy on their phone.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.


  • My wife and I did not know what to do with our work and what you do With kids who don’t ever listen to you on first place to stop using their smartphones and to do more important stuff until i downloaded this application as TheFammilyTime suggested by my sister

  • As soon as started using the app, I knew I made the right decision. I love how the app makes it all so simple. I am no expert at technology but its very easy to use and screen time locks are the other apps! using this for my kids and its working fine.

  • I switched to this application after using many apps and somehow its working fine and i am very satisfied.

  • DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL…this is a scam. They will charge you and not refund any money, and the app is useless….absolutely fraudulent. I guarantee the positive reviews here are posted by the company to bait you.

    • This happened to me too. I signed up for the free trial and when I couldn’t get it to download on my daughter’s phone I requested a refund. I was told that they checked their records and that I signed up for an upgraded version and that they will not refund. I did not upgrade and I never was able to even get the app to open on our phones. Terrible customer service and a total scam.

  • There is a huge difference between you and FamilyTime, mSpy is a spy app and FamilyTime is a parental control app. Spying on anyone is illegal .

  • I’ve been an almost 2 year paying customer for two Android Phones. At first glance does do the job, but we had so much trouble and in the end every three months the kids found a way to circumvent it, the rages and disappointment about it. So don’t get tricked into this. Kids below 12 years old should not have access to any phone, and older ones will find ways to trick you. After another painful discovery a few months ago I switched one phone for my old iPhone 5S and enabled Screen Time on it, and since then he was not able to do anything. And also we had no chance on spying on him, that always felt bad. Familytime works by putting overlays over apps and settings etc, but on many devices this can quite easily be thwarted, with simple tricks like rebooting (it takes time to load the app, and in that period you can prevent the app from starting).

  • This app is completely useless, because it’s too easy to uninstall. It took 2 days to my daughter to learn how to uninstall it; she is 13 and she is no russian hacker.
    What’s the point of a parental control app that gets uninstalled so easily?
    Support really answers 24/7 but the quality of the support is really poor and they never solved my issues.
    I canceled my premium subscription and asked for a refund, which they granted me, but I never saw a penny. In the last 3 months I have been writing to them every 2 or 3 days and they keep telling me that my refund is in the last stage of the process. This is going on for 3 months now… and I feel they are making fun of me.
    They refused to give me the address of their registered office and the name of a legal representative of their company. Ask yourself why.
    There are no such information on their web site.
    My advice is stay away from these guys.

  • This app is a big fraud. Please don’t join as it is actually nothing and they just take your money even you cancelled it. I am trying for my refund for last one year. Very disappointed.

  • It’s a scam! The app does NOT work as advertised. Some of the features work, some aren’t. The trick is they are quick to get your money, and they do not refund as promised. I have asked for a refund 2 hours after getting the app (well within trial period), and after more than a week, I still didn’t get my money back.

  • This is a scam company based in Pakistan. They bait and switch to get you to sign up for free trial and then charge you anyway. They refuse to issue refund and the app does not work

  • This app is a complete scam!!!! Dont waste your money. They falsely advertise that you can track website usage and they cannot support it. Dont give them your money. I literally have screenshots of their advertisement of what the product includes and of their support team telling me they actually dont offer it. I cancelled minutes after purchase and they wont refund my money. Cancel is not a supported search for help. What a joke! I subscribed to Norton and they DO support everything they say

  • This app is a fraud. I tried to set up my samsung9 and my kids iPhones 11, didn’t work. It didn’t sync. This was during freetrial, i contacted customer services severaltimes but they are useless. I requested to cancelled my subscription (still during the fretrial period) however my credit card was charged for the whole year $46,83. Still waiting to get a refund Since Nov10th. Several emails have been sent and i just get an auto answer saying sorry for the inconvenience our team is working on your request.

  • This is a fraud, I wanted to cancel my subscription and it wasnt allowed.. Very cluncky and buggy software.. Do not recommend this

  • DOESN’T WORK AND WON’T REFUND. Read that it works between parent’s Droid and child’s I-phone. None of the functions the app provides are displayed…specifically monitoring messages. The reports list nothing, just say the log isn’t available. While traveling with my child the locator didn’t update and had their phone location several states away. I requested a refund and was told it would take 15-21 working days…after a handful of follow up emails with this company past this period I still haven’t received a refund…2 1/2 months later. I’ve been strung along and told “not to worry about it”.

  • Our kids got around it in an eyeblink. We wanted to withdraw immediately and hoped to get money back. It was not possible. They seemed to have an automated replay system which was extremely hard to understand. Now, after a year they still charged us, even though we asked to cancel the subscription. They are shameless villains!

  • Do not use FamilyTime and save yourself time, money, and headaches. Warning do not waste your money! I worked with their support for over a month and could not get it to work. The only way to talk to billing is through email. I was told that I would get a refund and 5 months later still have not gotten one. The emails always read “Our billing department is currently processing your refund issue.” I have worked as an IT engineer 30 years and this is the worst software company I have worked with.

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