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Easter Safety Tips: Enjoy the Weekend Responsibly

Agnes W Linn
easter safety tips

It’s here. Easter Sunday 2024. It’s the holiday kids look forward to the most (after Christmas, of course). And why wouldn’t they? Spring is in the air, there’s chocolate galore, and delicious meals with family are in store.

But as fun as Easter is for kids of all ages, there are a number of Easter safety tips you should adhere to if you want to make Easter memorable for the right reasons. Whether you’re the parent of a child or teen, you have a house full of dogs, or you’re looking to stay safe solo, read on.

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Interesting Easter Stats To Make You Think

  • 85% of choking deaths are caused by food
  • Smaller Easter eggs pose the biggest danger to young children
  • Easter Weekend ranks among the top 5 most dangerous weekends for fatal car accidents, so it’s important to follow Easter holiday road safety tips
  • Chocolate eggs can be dangerous for dogs
  • Never leave cooked eggs out too long — dangerous bacteria can grow quickly at warm temperatures
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Smart Easter Tips for a Safer Holiday Weekend

It’s so easy to get into the Easter spirit and approach the weekend in carefree mode. But believe it or not, Easter is full of surprising dangers. For you. For your kids. For your pets. So pay attention to these Easter safety tips, not just for this weekend, but all year round.

1. Beware of Choking Hazards

Chocolate eggs are delicious. They can also be incredibly dangerous. Eggs that are too small can be extremely hazardous for kids, especially young children who get excited by the sight of all that chocolate around the holidays.

Up to 85 percent of choking deaths are caused by food and with Easter around the corner I want this to be at the forefront of your mind,” says Nikki, an Australian paramedic. “Choking is silent, it happens quickly, and knowing exactly what to do in a choking emergency is the difference between a scare and a life-changing moment.

When it comes to Easter safety tips, choosing the right size chocolate can make a world of difference.

2. Watch Out for Nut Allergies

Kids love chocolate Easter eggs. But not all eggs are created equal. Even eggs that appear to be made of milk chocolate could very well contain traces of nuts. If you only remember a handful of Easter safety rules, make this one of them.

Don’t just read the chocolate egg label to ensure it doesn’t contain any nuts. Make sure the eggs explicitly say nut-free.

3. Don’t Use Plastic Grass

It’s not just about Easter safety for your kids. It’s also about Easter pet safety tips. After all, wouldn’t you want to keep your fur babies safe too?

If you’re planning on lining those Easter egg baskets with grass, considering using green construction paper or something that’s a little safer for pets. It turns out that plastic grass that looks great can also do a number on a dog’s digestive system.

4. Traveling for Easter? Get a Parental Monitoring App

easter safetySome families love to host Easter dinners. Others love to visit. If you’re planning to head out on the road, consider getting a parental control app like mSpy. It lets you keep tabs on what your kids are doing. What websites they visit. What they’re saying on social media. Who they’re talking to. You name it.

You can even read their texts, social chats, and conversations. When it comes to the best tips when traveling this Easter, installing a parental monitoring app tops the list.

We know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with Easter safety? Well, if you’re planning to leave your teen at home while you’re out on your Easter Weekend adventure, you’ll probably want to keep tabs on their activities.

mSpy lets you find out everything, so you’ll know if they’re planning a party, getting into trouble, or doing something you don’t approve of.

5. Discard Easter Eggs When Done

Is it safe to eat dyed Easter eggs? Some say yes, but we recommend steering clear. First, you’ll want to make sure whoever boiled the eggs followed the appropriate guidelines for boiling Easter eggs tips. And unless you’re the one who happened to boil them, there’s no way of knowing the truth.

What’s more, you never know how long the eggs have been sitting out. If we’re talking hours, or if the Eggs have been out in the sun, discarding these eggs is just one of many good Easter food safety tips you should be following.

How mSpy Can Help With an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts have evolved from just a small gathering in a local park into something more spectacular. From big neighborhood hunts to virtual Easter egg hunts that involve running around town with a smartphone or an iPad, families have a lot of variety in terms of how to approach the tradition.

If you’re the type of parent, who wants to give your kids the freedom to enjoy a large-scale hunt, consider using mSpy. And this isn’t just one of our big tips when traveling this Easter. If you’re sticking close to home for the holiday, a parental control app comes just as in handy.

easter tips

mSpy lets you set safe zones. If your kid enters or exits one of those zones, you’ll receive a notification. And at any time, you can pop in and see where your child is on a map.

With GPS and geolocation technology at your fingertips, you can create a safer Easter egg hunt in your neighborhood, or wherever you give them permission to roam.

Make This a Great Easter

With these Easter Sunday 2023 safety tips, a parental control app like mSpy in your corner, and a plan of action to stay safe wherever you might find yourself this holiday weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy Easter the way it was meant to be enjoyed — with family in a safe environment. Happy Easter from everyone at mSpy!

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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