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How Safe Is mSpy? Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About the mSpy Data Leak

Carla L. Hirsch
how safe is mspy to use

Two years ago, mSpy faced a security-related issue reported by third-party individuals.

It began when Nitish Shah contacted our support team about a safety-related problem and kindly provided all the details. However, remarkably, unfortunately, their request wasn’t delivered to the recipient. A support team trainee checking the tickets that day marked the email as spam.

Brian Krebs contacted us the same day and requested we “clean out the breach.” The head of our support department received their email assignment.

We informed the technical department about the incident three days later, as soon as our specialists had gathered enough information to resolve the problem. We fixed the issue shortly after that and added new security updates a few months later.

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What Was Hidden Under the So-Called mSpy Data Breach In Reality?

Is mSpy Safe

Because of a technical mistake made by developers, the Kibana data visualization dashboard remained public for a couple of days.

However, its PHP server error logs contained records about users’ login issues, such as not matching logins and passwords and connection-related problems. Despite the technical mistake and the PHP server error logs, mSpy is safe to use, as there were no critical data leaks, and no other information was disclosed on the Internet.

The Truth About the mSpy Scam Allegations: Facts and Myths to Consider

Brian Krebs claimed that mSpy disclosed 5 million records that contained user login details. However, there was log in and password information listed for 1241 accounts which comprise about 0.044% of mSpy’s customer base. A considerable number of the passwords were incorrect, as error logs record failed login sessions.

They said mSpy used encryption keys to reveal their users’ details. Yet, there is no way to use encryption keys without access to the actual database, so we couldn’t (and never tried to) use them for any purpose.

Another false conviction states that the mSpy database revealed users’ iCloud backup files because it included the Apple iCloud username and authentication token of mobile devices running the app.

The only concern is that the token’s lifetime is short (about 24 hours). The problem was reported after it had become invalid.

Finally, mSpy was blamed for disclosing user logs, including the browser and Internet address information of people visiting

However, by analyzing access to Kibana, we found only two sessions with data-deep research, recorded for India and the US. We assume these were Nitish Shah and Brian Krebs.

As you see, there is no reason to worry about your account information. So, rest assured that when you interact with our digital products, we take care of your security and privacy, making mSpy safe for you to use.

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How Safe Is mSpy to Use In 2023?

Although most security-related claims targeted on mSpy were false, we confirm that our app experienced some issues. What’s more, those problems pushed us to improve our security system.

Immediately after resolving the issue, we changed the passwords for all accounts listed in server logs (1241 records) and emailed our users about the situation. We also added new security protocols and changed the encryption keys.

Since then, we regularly check our system on attempts to log in to the control panel using credentials from affected accounts. Combining these actions makes mSpy as safe a phone tracker as you can imagine.

Does mSpy Really Work? Our Innovations and Updates

Does mspy really work

In addition to updating the security measures, we’ve implemented a few more innovations.

The new interactive mSpy demo was recently released by our developers. Now, you can try mSpy software for free and test its features in real-time without installing the app on your kid’s phone.

We reviewed our approach to client assistance and created a whole new customer support environment. At the moment we have 4 levels of technical assistance:

  • free service for Basic subscription users by email and live chat
  • free service for Premium subscription users by email and live chat
  • Support Priority line – paid personalized customer assistance for 12 months
  • mAssistance – paid VIP assistance through for 12 months

We also updated our Refund Policy. You may receive a full refund within ten days of purchase if unsatisfied with the mSpy app.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the facts and myths, we want to admit that we fully recognize our fault and sincerely apologize for the situation.

Is mSpy safe? Absolutely. Is mSpy a real app that works right now? We want to ensure all our customers that their data is secured, as no massive leak of sensitive data occurred in the past.

Our new security measures aim to keep your account private and your data safe. Thousands of active accounts in 2023 should help confirm mSpy to be a reliable and safe app.

In the event of any concerns or issues, our customer support team is available 24/7 to address your questions and ensure your experience with mSpy is always safe and satisfactory.

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Carla L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.


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