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How to Track a Callers Location: 5 Top Tracking Apps

Agnes W Linn

The unthinkable is usually the greatest fear for parents – not knowing where their child has gone. Kidnapping statistics show that this nightmare comes true for many families every year.

In moments like these, when your heart skips a beat due to worries of safety or strange behavior around your little one, having access to phone tracking apps can be vital in providing peace of mind and ensuring they stay safe at all times.

But with plenty on offer regarding location trackers – how do you know which app provides you with reliable information? To help make sure you’re choosing wisely, we’ve compiled five highly rated GPS-based mobile solutions perfect for keeping an eye on loved ones!

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How to Track a Caller’s Location Legally?

Knowing the privacy rights of adults is essential, and ensuring consent before using location-tracking apps with them should be a priority. For minors living under your guardianship, however, you have the right to use such applications in most legal jurisdictions – allowing diligent parents to keep their children safe.

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Best 5 Caller Tracker Apps

From caller location trackers that allow you to locate a call down to more comprehensive apps, various options are available. With these five unknown caller tracker tools, finding the right one for your needs is simpler than ever.

1. Scannero offers an easy-to-use solution for keeping track of your child’s location. With a user-friendly search box on the dashboard, all you need to do is enter their phone number and press send – they’ll receive a message requesting them to click through a link that lets you monitor where they are in real-time!

No other parental control app keeps it this simple.

Features and Benefits:

  • There’s no need to worry about downloading or installing anything – it’s all cloud-based.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • You can locate a phone number without revealing your identity.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a software application that easily traces a mobile caller’s location. And for it, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Firstly, you have to create an account with mSpy and install the software on the intended device. Once set up, the software will begin gathering data from the device, including GPS location data.

To track the caller’s location, log in to your mSpy account and navigate to the GPS tracking section. Here, you can view the device’s present location as well as a record of its movements.

mSpy offers various advanced features that can assist you in tracking the caller’s location with greater accuracy. Geo-fencing, for example, allows you to create virtual boundaries on a map and receive alerts when the device enters or leaves the designated area.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced monitoring: Besides tracking the location, mSpy provides various functions as a caller tracker app, including Geo-fencing, getting accurate location information, and history of whereabouts.
  • Supports iOS and Android: mSpy is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Customer assistance: With 24/7 customer support, mSpy is available to assist you anytime you require help.

3. Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator is an incredibly useful tool to track incoming calls location, boasting a 4-star rating. Through caller ID technology, this app allows you to accurately identify who’s trying to reach you with just the number. It reveals all pertinent information about the location of where it’s from – pinpointing both exact coordinates.

But unfortunately can only be used for phone numbers in India, the USA, Canada, or Pakistan due to its inability to track ported mobile numbers outside these areas.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can view the precise location of the target mobile on 3D incoming call location map.
  • The app has an authentication feature that displays the name of an unknown caller before you answer the call.

4. Truecaller

Truecaller is a powerful trace call app over 220 million global users use to identify unknown caller’s names, pictures, and locations. It provides features such as blocking unknown numbers, displaying an image of the caller along with their name, and accessing its vast database for accurate searches.

Looking for the best caller tracker apps with incoming call location maps? Check out our top 5 picks for accurate and reliable call tracking.Additionally, it notifies you if someone tries tracking your number while keeping all data secure without using information from phonebooks online.

However, it comes at the cost of privacy concerns and certain limitations, such as non-functionality when there’s no 3G connection or incorrect labeling of legitimate calls due to user decisions made outside its control.

Features and Benefits:

  • Truecaller maintains a directory of telemarketers, which you can easily join and block their calls without any hassle.
  • The app has a small file size of only 48 MB, consuming minimal storage on your device.

5. DU Caller

And last but not least is Du Caller. With DU Caller, you’ll have control over who is contacting you. It not only shows the name of unknown callers on your screen but also offers a wide range of features like Smart Dialer, Call Blocks, and SMS blocking to keep unwanted calls at bay!

Additionally, it comes with one of the world’s most prominent phone number databases for faster identification so that no caller gets away anonymously. And for those essential conversations, its high-quality sound recording will help ensure crystal clear audio recordings.

But be aware that Du Caller is not omnipotent and may need help finding some numbers. Also, in some cases saving calls can lead to the loss of files.

Features and Benefits:

  • Caller ID: DU Caller can provide additional details such as the caller’s name, phone number, and network provider. This allows you to identify unknown callers and avoid answering spam calls.
  • Real-time Location Tracking: DU Caller uses advanced GPS technology to track the location of any phone number in real time. This allows you to monitor the location of your loved ones, employees, or anyone else you need to keep tabs on.

Which Caller Tracker App Has Come Out as a Leader?

mSpy is the top choice for GPS tracking apps. It not only allows you to keep track of your loved one’s location but also gives you access to their text messages.

With features like the ability to read texts and emails, view photos and videos, review website browsing history, see overviews of phone activity through screenshots, and log keystrokes, it’s not surprising that millions of users rely on this app for location monitoring every day.

Look at its extensive range today to see how much simpler life can be with mSpy.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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