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Looking for Auto Forward Reviews in 2024? Read this one!

Daniel Black

Auto Forward is a monitoring software designed to track another person’s mobile phone. It is an easy-to-use app that includes a set of handy features, such as monitoring GPS location, calls, SMS, and social media chats of a target user. Although the company claims they have “over 1,000,000 satisfied Auto Forward Users” on their website, user feedbacks on third-party sites tell the opposite. indicates that Auto Forward has a poor rating — only 2.6 stars. Many frustrated customers say the app doesn’t work as they expected. It’s no wonder that more than 52% of their reviews are negative.

What’s more, Auto Forward hasn’t replied to those reviews on Trustpilot for the past 12 months, so they are unlikely to improve their services.

If you browse the Auto Forward review on, you will find a satisfactory rating of 3.3 stars based on 425 reviews. The only concern is that during the last 12 months, only 45.5% of the reviews were positive.

Apart from negative Auto Forward reviews, this app is limited in terms of functionality. You might get attracted to the variety of monitoring features it offers. But it’s still not as good as mSpy which allows you to set geofencing and monitor apps like Viber or Tinder.

If you want to know what Auto Forward is up to in 2022, keep reading this review. But if you want to try mSpy, feel free to do it right away.

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Table Of Contents

How Does Auto Forward Spy App Work?

Auto Forward is a monitoring app compatible with iOS and Android, which is aimed to track the online activity of another person. It is software that records data from a target cell phone and delivers it to your device (smartphone, tablet, or PC).

Although you can track the monitored device remotely, you need to install the app on a target phone. Auto Forward sets up a distant connection with the monitored device and retrieves all the data from it.

Any activity, such as texting, chatting, and surfing the Internet, is viewable to the Auto Forward account owner. What’s more, you can also view deleted information.

What Are the Key Features of Auto Forward?

Auto Forward provides you with real-time monitoring possibilities and relevant information about a target user’s online activity. All recorded information is stored in your personal Control Panel accessible anytime from your phone.

After installing the app on a target phone, you can monitor the following resources:

  • SMS. View all text messages, including deleted ones
  • GPS Location. Track a target person on Google Maps
  • iMessages. View all sent and received messages on iPhone and iPad
  • Call logs. Monitor all calls on a target phone and see their details
  • Browser history. Check out which pages were visited by a target person
  • Messengers. View chats and content sent from or received to messaging apps
  • Email. Monitor emails and contacts, and block unwanted email addresses
  • Multimedia files. Access all images, videos, and audio files on a target device

Auto Forward also offers additional features, such as remote picture taking, application blocking, search alerting, remote uninstalling, and others.

Is Auto Forward Spy App Legit?

Using any monitoring app that tracks another person’s phone is legal as long as they know about it and give their permission for it. So, using the Auto Forward app is legitimate if you inform a target user about monitoring their mobile device. You can also legally track your kid under 18 without them knowing.

Note that all other cases of monitoring someone else’s phone will be considered as a privacy violation and can result in legal-related consequences.

Is Auto Forward Detectable?

When choosing a monitoring app, detection is one of the first things people pay attention to. Well, there are lots of undetectable apps on the market. Unfortunately, Auto Forward isn’t one of them, which makes it unsuitable for monitoring your loved ones. So, we recommend that you consider a more reliable alternative like mSpy.

Auto Forward vs mSpy

Auto Forward monitoring app was pretty popular in its niche back in 2016. However, we can’t call it relevant software in 2022 because of many bad reviews left with no answers by the Auto Forward support team. If you don’t want to put your money and time at risk, we recommend searching for a more reliable app.

As an option, you can try mSpy monitoring software. It’s designed to track the online activity of your kid or a spouse (with their permission, of course). With mSpy, you can do the following:

  • View call logs and their details
  • Look through received and sent multimedia files
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Track GPS location in real-time and set geofencing
  • Manage passwords with Keylogger
  • Record keyboard strokes and set restricted words
  • View browser history and bookmarks

Considering the facts mentioned above about Auto Forward, it would be reasonable to give mSpy a chance. If you want to know more about our app, you can head over to or send our support team a request.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.



    • Hi, Mark! mSpy doesn’t send any notifications to the target device and you can choose to hide the app’s icon during the installation.

  • Auto forward is a big rip-off. Installation is very poorly described. Help queries generate meaningless computer generated menus and comments. It fails totally in customer help.

  • This is nit a good product. When you ask for your money back. They do not return it. There is no customer support. Everything is dine through email. Im still waiting for my 130.00 dollars to be returned.

  • This talks about auto forward not responding to feedback, but I have seen questions asked on here and I see no replies except for one. Seems like mspy is no better it’s like the pot calling the kettle black!

    • Hello, Missy! We get a lot of comments on our blog regularly and we try our best to reply to all the questions concerning the topic of the post or our app. But sometimes, a few comments here and there slip our attention. Plus, comments in this category are mostly just people sharing their experiences with different software. Sorry if that made a bad impression on you, we’ll try to be more engaging with the comments 🙂

    • Hello, Percilla! They do mention that you can access the phone’s data by sending a text message containing a link that needs to be opened from the target device, but we don’t know how legit that claim is. However, on the same page and on their FAQ page, they say that you need to install the app to the target device to access the data.

    • Hello, Laricci! Usually, you can retrieve deleted messages if they got backed up to the cloud storage or the phone has a trash folder for messages that hadn’t been cleaned. So the “age” of the messages will depend on the date of the backup.

  • I need an answer ASAP! Does this apply to photos/videos that the device recorded/downloaded if the user deleted the recordings and downloads from the device’s photo gallery prior to the Auto Forward installation and, as far as the user knows, doesn’t store any of these on the cloud or on a backup & has the deletion set to be immediate? An additional question is: can Auto Forward extract WhatsApp and Instagram messages if the messages have been deleted for that person?

    • Hello, Davina! Sadly, deleted media is hard to track. If the pictures/videos were deleted prior to the installation and they were not backed up, you won’t be able to see them. Auto Forward claims that you can view deleted text messages, but from the reviews of their customers, it is clear that the feature does not work. In fact, there are very few ways to extract deleted texts without having access to the device. For example, mSpy has a screenrecorder tool that does screenshots of the chats as soon as the user opens them, so you’ll be able to see the deleted messages on the screenshots.

  • I just Purchased the auto forward. Your transparency looks better then auto forward. I just requested a refund to purchase yours. Let’s see what happens

  • Your price is so much higher than auto forward. I read on your site that here is NO icon on the device being tracked with your app? If that is true then is worth it but if not then no.
    My son is too smart and will detect the app. It says hide the app but he can’t go to his hidden apps and see this one. Will an icon appear on his phone with your app?
    I just order the auto forward but have asked for a refund because the app will show. That will be a waste of my money.

    • Hello, Elayna!
      There is an option to hide the app’s icon during the installation so it won’t be visible in the list of installed apps. All files related to the software will be renamed and well hidden in the system.
      As for the price, mSpy offers more features and is more technically packed than Auto Forward. Naturally, it requires more resources to develop and sustain the app, thus the higher fee. We do, however, offer discounts to new customers, so feel free to message the sales team in the chat and they will help you pick the option with the best value 🙂

  • So I understand you’ll need access to the target device to install the spyware. From what I am reading it won’t be visible to the persons phone you’re tracking? Even if they go digging through phone settings apps and DL software? Just trying to get a grasp on how the process works. I buy the app then how do I download the software to the phone I wish to track? About how long does it take to DL the app to their phone? Email me or let me know about how to potentially make this more hmm “cost effective” =) Thanks!

    • Hello, Jeff! Yes, there is an option to hide the app’s icon during the installation so it won’t be visible on the home screen or in the list of installed apps (the name will automatically be changed, the user won’t know about it).
      There are a bunch of ways how you can install the software, depending on whether the target phone is an iPhone or an Android. You can read more about different installation methods in our Help Center or just message our support in the chat, they will walk you through it.

  • So, ok. I can use the app to monitor a target phone, with no interaction from the target phone, or any asccounts or profiles associated or linked with that phone to give the app access? Can I essentially input the number of the target phone to gain access to all of the files on it without detection, or does some sort of permission need to be given digitally, like opening a link sent via text, email , or phone call? And also, am I to understand that no icon will be visible on the target phone ever, if I choose that option during installation on the targeting device?

    • Hi, Raymond! In most cases, you do need the target phone at least for a few minutes to give permissions or turn off certain settings, otherwise, the app won’t function properly. But a lot depends on whether the target device is an iPhone or an Android.
      As for using the phone number, the user would have to open the link sent in the text message to connect to the software.
      And yes, you can hide the app’s icon during the installation, and it won’t be visible on the home screen or in the list of installed apps.

  • Do autoforward and mspy needs rooting,before installation of app for full acess like instant messengers(watsapp)

    • Hello, Sagar! It depends on whether the monitored device is an Android or an iPhone. WhatsApp tracking is available for non-rooted Androids, but it’s not available for iPhones yet (we’re working on it).

  • Hi, I’m from Austria and would like to buy the mspy App, because all that Ive seen this seems to be the best SpyApp.
    The problem is that I don’t have a credit Card.
    Is there a way to pay via PayPal or something simmilar?


    • Hello! No, you don’t need their phone number to install the app. You can install it directly on their phone and then give it back.

  • I tried it on Android. The app is good, but you will only be able to access keylogger and not social media as claimed! Also a casting sign will be placed on top of the phone which is weird! People will reset their phones and lose the app!

    • Hi, Mary! You would need to install the software on the device to monitor it. However, there are alternative services that can help you locate the device’s location through the phone number. There’s, for example. But you won’t be able to monitor any messages with its help, only GPS location.

    • Hello, Nia! Unfortunately, the call recording feature is still in development so, for now, you can only see the call details.

  • Hi Agnes W Linn i have some douts on autoforward spy application
    1: is it possible to install remotely autoforward spy application
    2: is it possible to spy without touching target mobile through autoforward spy application.
    please reply me my major question is 2)is it possible to spy without touching target mobile through autoforward spy application.
    please reply me ASAP

    • Hello, Silva! They state on their website that you only need to input the phone’s number, but there’s a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that states “Device requirements: Physical access to the Android phone for approximately 45 seconds is required. Apple ID and password are required for iPhones.” Usually, when it comes to monitoring software, you’d need the target device for at least a few minutes to give the software the needed permissions. Otherwise, no data will come through.

      And judging by the reviews from customers, even if they managed to install the app, they only got to see some contacts info, but not everything else that’s advertised. So, I’d say a lot of what they are advertising on their website is false.

  • hello, so i installed the software on my phone and im accessing the targeted phone via icloud credentials. however i cant see any text messages and very little data. i want to see textmessages and gps location in real time. how do i do that. will intalling the app on the target device be better that icloud credentials? again i am looking to get real time text messaging activity, calls and fps location.

    • Hi, Max!
      Yes, unfortunately, the iCloud solution has limited functionality since it only transfers the data the user backs up to their account.
      There are other solutions for iPhones that will allow you to monitor the activity you mention. Please message our support in the chat, they will advise you on the best way to go about it.

  • Auto Forward is a joke…. They are not a hidden app…and no way to hide because ur not asked. I bought this and got a few texts and phone calls the day I installed. It hasn’t updated since. Been trying to get a refund to no avail. Trying to restart services in the app as instructed but they send the target device a text informing them. Not sure what the text says so I haven’t done this. I’m so disappointed and won’t try any of the others now

  • How do I get autoforward off my phone. I purchased this to put on my daughters phone but believe it had been installed on mine instead

  • Hi so basically deleted msgs before mspy won’t be visible if deleted prior to the apps installation? Is it the same for call logs as well?

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