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How to Access Someone’s Phone Records: Top 3 Call Log Trackers

Agnes W Linn

They say that smartphones are killing conversations. They say that people always prefer to type out their chats instead of talk on the phone. If that’s true, then why do so many people want to know how to get someone’s cell phone records without them knowing?

It’s true. From parents concerned about who their kids are on the phone with to spouses worried about who’s leaving threatening messages on their partner’s phone, there are many reasons why people want to know how to access someone’s phone records.

Today, we’re going to walk you through 3 easy ways. We’ve rated them Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Discover which one works best for you.

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Why You Might Want to Access Someone’s Phone Records

  • You suspect your young kids are talking to a stranger
  • Your kids are being bullied over the phone
  • Someone’s calling your spouse and hanging up
  • You suspect a family member might be a victim of a telemarketing scam
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Gold Method: Get mSpy

If you’re wondering how to get someone’s phone records without them finding out, there’s one app that does just that.

It’s called mSpy — and it’s insanely powerful. Once you install mSpy on their phone, it’ll start tracking their incoming and outgoing calls. When you log in to your personal mSpy account, you’ll see all this:

  • The phone number of the person they chatted with
  • The duration of the phone call
  • Whether it was incoming or outgoing
  • The date and time of the call

Why it’s our top pick: You get details of every phone call, all in one place, accessible anytime.

Things to keep in mind: There’s a monthly subscription (but you get so many more monitoring features).

Silver Method: Check your mobile phone account

When’s the last time you checked your mobile phone bill? If you’re like most people, you pay your phone bill without logging in to your account.

After all, it’s usually the same amount month after month. You might even have autopay set up so that your credit card is automatically charged. In fact, the only time you might go in to check your bill is if it’s higher than usual.

So, if you’re unaware that your phone bill contains a list of everyone you called and everyone who called you, you’d be forgiven. It’s true. Many phone carriers include a detailed list of callers, so it’s easy to check someone’s phone records just by logging in.

You can use the mobile carrier website or download the carrier’s app to get phone records. Depending on the carrier, you may even have access to a PDF that you can download and save for later.

Why it’s our second-best pick: You don’t have to pay anything to use this method.

Things to keep in mind: Not every phone carrier offers this. What’s more, you might have to wait until the end of the month to get cell phone records.

Bronze Method: Call the phone company

If you can’t get cell phone records online, your phone company should be able to provide you with them. In many jurisdictions, phone companies must keep phone records on file for several years.

As the account holder, you have every right to ask for copies of your phone records. If you’re not the account holder, however, the phone company isn’t legally obligated to hand them over.

Why it’s our #3 pick: It’s perfect for those who aren’t very tech savvy.

Things to keep in mind: It can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to access phone records if you don’t own the phone number.

Why mSpy is the Obvious Choice

mSpy is the ultimate way to access someones phone records. But it does even more than that. mSpy is a full-fledge monitoring app that keeps tabs on their online activity.

With mSpy, you can read their chats on social media apps. This includes WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Tinder. You can see a list of their previous locations, plus details on where they are right now.

mSpy even includes a keylogger that tracks their keystrokes. And it can notify you when they leave from or arrive at any destination (just plug in an address or general zone and mSpy does the rest).

There’s a lot to love about mSpy beyond just being able to get someone’s phone records without them knowing. To discover what else mSpy can do, check out the free demo.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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