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65+ Secret Texting Codes: Emoji Decoder for Parents

Agnes W Linn

The days when children spend their free time outside communicating with peers in person are long gone. With amazing tech in the palm of their hands, teens now prefer texting. They don’t even need to use words in messages. A whole sentence consisting only of emojis is a new reality, making it a foreign language to most parents.

Drugs, sex, and who knows what else are hidden inside these little images. They might seem harmless, but you’ll be pretty surprised when you find out the real emoji slang meanings. And probably not in a good way.

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Why It’s Important for Parents to Know Emoji Meaning in Texts?

Almost everyone today is aware of cyberbullying, sexual abuse, and the rise of the drug trade online. As a parent, you can’t understand everything in modern technology, but you should know that online safety starts with a conversation. Text and social media messages are a place where things can get complicated.

Communication with dealers and sexting with predators are not even all the problems your kid can get involved in. So, how can you keep them out of trouble? For starters, learn teenager emoji meanings to understand what they’re texting about.

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65+ Hidden Secret Emoji Meanings

We’ve gone over hundreds of emoji secret messages and made a decoder for parents to be on the same wavelength with their teenage kids. We’ve divided them into categories so you can start with the one that interests you the most.

General teenager’s emoji meanings

🐙— Cuddles

🐐— Greatest of all time

💯— Shows approval

🍕— Can sometimes mean “I love you”

💃— Shows the willingness to party

🔪— Indicates that someone is in a bad mood

🤡— Means acting like a clown

🧢— Stands for a lie or lying

Emoji Teenagers Use to Code Drugs

Wondering if your kids got involved with the wrong people, say drug dealers? You might try to check their texts, but you won’t understand anything, because they’ll probably be encoded. We recommend watching our video to learn how to decode your kid’s secret messages:

🥦🌳🌿🍀🎄— Stand for marijuana

❄️⛄️🌨️🎱😛— Cocaine

💎💙🔮🧪🏔— Codes for meth

❤️⚡❌💊🍬— MDMA & Molly

🤑💰👑🔌— Depicts dealer adds 

🐉🤎🎯🐎—  Can be used to represent heroin

Emoji Hidden Meanings for Sexting

🍆🍌🌽🐓🕹️— Depicts male genitalia

🍩🐅🌸🌮🍑— Female genitalia

🍈🍈 🍒🍻🐫— Represent breasts

👉👌👆👈☝️— Means fingering

💦🐳🎆— Can be used to code ejaculation

Codes for sexting phrases

🦴— “Let’s bone” 

🔨 — “Nail me”

🛌 — “Let’s go to bed”

🫦, 🦏 — “I’m horny”

😏, 😈, 🦄, 😜— “I’m in the mood”

Sexting Emoji Combinations

🍆— Represents male stimulation

🌮 🌭— Female stimulation

👅+ 🌮, 👅+🍌— Stand for oral sex

🍩+🍌, 🌮 +🌭, ❤️+ 🦴, 🍑+ 🍆, 🥖+🍯 — Can be used to represent intercourse

We’ve also prepared a video on this topic. Check it out:

I Know the Hidden Meanings of Emojis: What Should I Do Next?

Now you know more than 65 meanings of secret emojis. Unfortunately, it won’t stop your kids from using them in texts. You can try to talk with them about the danger hidden behind these images. But if you want to prevent them from sexting or chatting with dealers, it won’t be enough.

To protect your kids from online predators, you need to know exactly what emoji codes they send and receive. What is the best way to do this? The answer is to get a parental control app, such as mSpy.

Features like keylogger and screenrecorder will show you every code they use in messages and searches. More importantly, your kids won’t even know you are monitoring them, because mSpy runs in background mode.

Installing a monitoring app on your child’s phone might seem like an illegal action. Your concerns are well-warranted. The good news is that using an app like mSpy is legal if you  follow these requirements:

  • If you track an adult, you need to have their permission to do so;
  • If you monitor your child, they have to be minors and under your care.

Please keep in mind that laws regarding monitoring app use can differ from state to state. We recommend that you check with your local authorities before purchasing such an app.

Last Thought on Using a Monitoring App

If you want to see all the secret emoji codes your child uses, mSpy is perfect for the job. As soon as they enter sexting or drug codes, the keylogger feature will immediately show it to you. And it’s just the beginning of what you can do with this monitoring app.

Want to go even deeper into their phone activity? mSpy will show you just about anything: their browsing history, a list of apps and contacts, photos and videos, and their location. You can even block the apps you don’t approve of and see the list of Wi-Fi they use. How amazing is that?

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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