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The Best Undetectable and Secret Screen Recording Apps

Agnes W Linn
Best Android Screen Recorders

Phones are meant to be private. But sometimes you need to share the content on your screen or see the content on someone else’s screen. That’s where the Android screen recorder no root apps come in.

If you’re looking for the best screen recorder for Android, regardless of phone manufacturer or model, we have you covered.

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Why People Like Screen Recorders

Screen recorders let you record the content on your phone, like an Android. There are screen record Samsung apps and Android screen recorder apk solutions for other Android models.

Whatever type of OS you’re rocking, you’ll find an option that works for you.

But not every phone screen recording app is created equal. There are hidden screen recorder apps and others that live in plain sight for anyone to see. Which one you choose depends on what you intend to use the screen recorder for.

Here are the top uses for recording an Android screen:

  • Make tutorials. Maybe you’re a professional with your own company trying to demonstrate how to use your product on YouTube. Or maybe you’re just trying to explain to Grandma exactly how to set up her email on her new phone. Whatever the case might be, a phone screen recording app is definitely the way to go.
  • Save a video that you can’t seem to save natively. You know the drill. You’ve come across something amazing on the Internet that you want to share with friends. But you don’t necessarily want to send them a link to the website, most likely because the video is buried way down on the page. So, you try to save it to your phone. Unfortunately, there’s no option to do so. That’s where a hidden screen recorder comes in. It’s also useful if you want to save a video from a social networking site, like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Record details of a conversation. You try to send the screenshots in order, but they arrive all out of order and everyone gets confused. That’s why an Android screen recorder with no root app is the way to go. Just start the app, hit record, and slowly scroll through the chat. Then fire it off to the person you want to share it with. So, you just had a very interesting conversation with a friend and you need to share it with someone else (hey, we don’t judge). The chat is full of text, GIFs, and some vids. You could save a bunch of screenshots, but doing so is just so time-consuming. Plus, you know how it goes.
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Our Picks For The Best Undetectable Android Screen Recorders

1. mSpy

Best Screen Recording Apps

If you’re looking for the best hidden screen recorder for android, you’ll definitely want to put mSpy at the top of your list. It lets you capture what’s on screen, but it goes one step further by letting you see what’s on the screen of a device that doesn’t belong to you.

By installing mSpy on your child’s phone, you can monitor their chats and activities and keep them safe. The best part? It’s completely hidden so they’ll never know you’re using the app and recording their activity.

2. Eyezy Screen Recorder

With more and more new users, it’s increasingly apparent that Eyezy is a good choice for a hidden screen recorder app. This one constantly takes snapshots in the background so that you’re always in the know and can be sure your child is safe.

Want to discover what exactly they said in any chat? Or, maybe, you want to see the messages they rushed to delete? You can be sure that all that is possible with Eyezy. And it does it all in hidden mode—icing on the cake.

3. DU Recorder

With over 10 million downloads, it’s clear that DU Recorder is one of the best Android screen recorders on the market. It lets you easily edit the videos you record, including trimming them, adding images, adding music, and even removing middle sections.

Keep in mind, however, that there’s a watermark displayed on every video captured.

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder

When it comes to hidden screen recorder apps, this one doesn’t take up a lot of room on your device. It’s quite lightweight, yet it does a lot. You can save the videos you capture with the Android screen recorder in various quality levels and resolutions.

Mobizen is ad-supported, so keep in mind that you’ll have to watch advertisements periodically to use the app. However, there are in-app purchases available to get rid of the ads.

5. ADV Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a free app that records phone screen on your device. It allows you to capture screenshots, take videos, and even start a live video. You can view and edit all saved videos and shots right inside of the app. Sounds convenient, right?

However, note that AZ Screen Recorder is an ad-supported app. If you want to get rid of ads, you need to buy an ad-free upgrade.

6. Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder app for Android is pretty similar to the previous one. It combines capturing videos and screenshots with vast editing possibilities. For instance, you can change the resolutions of your videos, add music, turn videos into GIFs, and merge/cut all the content you’ve recorded.

You can use the pop-up overlay to record a video, try the live video feature, or benefit from using a front-facing camera window.

7. Android’s Built-In Screen Recorder

If you’re using Android 10 or later, you can now record the screen natively without installing an app. There are different instructions based on what type of phone you’re using, so we aren’t going to run through them here.

On Samsung and LG. models, however, you should be able to find them by swiping down from the top of your screen and expanding the Quick Settings menu.  Keep in mind that this Android screen recorder method is bare-bones, so you can’t do a lot.

How To Install An Undetectable Screen Recorder On Android

There are many methods to get up and running with an Android screen recorder no root app, but the steps you need to take vary based on which solution you want to use.

If you’re interested in a good secret screen recorder for Android like mSpy, it’s easy to get up and running:

  1. Choose your mSpy subscription plan.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Check your email for instructions and install links.
  4. Add the screen recorder app to the phone you want to record (the instructions vary based on what type of phone your child might be using).
  5. Log in to your Control Panel. There, you’ll be able to see recordings of their screen and other information, like their social media chats, web history, location, and more.

Why You Should Never Trust a Free Screen Recorder For Android

How To Install A Screen Recorder

If you’ve spent a bit of time searching for a phone screen recording app, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a number of free apps. We highly recommend staying away from all of them. And we’re not suggesting this as a means to steer you towards paid options.

We’re suggesting this simply to save you from becoming a victim of theft.

The best screen recording apps are paid apps for a reason. The developers who created them are reputable and the companies they work for adhering to strict privacy policies. The creators of that free app to record phone screen secretly that you’re eyeing? Not so much.

Here’s what you need to know about all those free phone screen recording apps:

  • They’re filled with annoying ads that ruin the experience. The last thing you want while recording Android screen is a big watermark over your content or a banner with a bunch of ads blocking what you’re trying to display on the screen. You won’t get that from a paid hidden screen recorder, so it’s definitely worth paying a little.
  • They’re designed to steal your credit card info. When you come across a free screen recorder for Android, the last thing you tend to think about is having your financial information stolen. Unfortunately, some of these so-called free apps could actually end up recording your screen when you didn’t give it permission to do so, like while you’re shopping online. These sketchy apps are designed to send the screens back to the developers. Beware.
  • They don’t keep your screen recordings safe. Some apps designed for recording Android screen images and videos are built with good intentions in mind. The developers behind them want to build a good product and are not interested in your personal information. But weak security makes it vulnerable to all kinds of threats.

For example, some apps send the videos you record to a server and then back to your device. If the server is compromised, your videos could end up in the hands of cybercriminals.

Get a Screen Recorder That Meets Your Needs

The best phone screen recorder for Android differs for everyone. If you’re looking to record your screen, there are a number of options. But if you’re looking to see what’s on someone else’s screen, you’ll want a monitoring app like mSpy in your corner.

mSpy is extremely reputable, countless users trust it, and it’s designed with your privacy in mind. Give it a try.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.
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