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SecureTeen Parental Control App Review

Daniel Black

Modern kids interact with gadgets a lot. Almost every child in the U.S. owns a cell phone, PC, or tablet. Devices help them study and interact with one another remotely.

However, with the spread of online threats, such as cyberbullying and online predators, parents need to seek ways to protect their children. One of the options is to monitor a kid’s device with a parental control app.

If you’ve decided to try the SecureTeen app, you need to know it has two main drawbacks. It’s limited in functionality and offers only yearly subscriptions that are more expensive than plans for one month.

That’s why we recommend trying another app, such as mSpy. However, you can keep reading this review to know more about SecureTeen.

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Table Of Contents

What Is SecureTeen?

SecureTeen is a cell phone app designed for supervising another person’s device without them knowing. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

The SecureTeen parental control app offers various monitoring functions that help parents stay up to date about their kids’ online activities. The app allows limiting access to age-inappropriate games and apps, determining smartphone use schedules, and monitoring instant messengers.

How Does SecureTeen work?

To start using the secure teen app, you need to download it from Google Play if your kid uses an Android-operated device or from App Store for an iPhone. To install the app on Windows, you need to download the file from

Then you need to install the app on your child’s PC or cell phone. When you set up the required features, log in to your SecureTeen dashboard and check the collected data.

The dashboard is your control panel, where you can monitor the target devices and view another person’s activity. In other words, it’s your SecureTeen user account.

What Features Does SecureTeen Include?

Features SecureTeen

SecureTeen covers many useful features to ensure the online safety of your child:

  • Blocking apps. You can easily prevent your child from spending an excessive amount of time on mobile apps. Simply restrict access to any of them by activating a respective feature on your user dashboard.
  • Checking browsing history. If you want to protect your kids from age-inappropriate content, this feature is right for you. Secure Teen shows all your child’s browsing history, including visited websites and search queries.
  • Reading SMS. SecureTeen helps prevent kids from being cyberbullied in text messages. It allows you to view their incoming and outgoing messages and to avoid sexting and other dangers of chatting with strangers.
  • Monitoring social media apps. You can find out who your child communicates with on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, and Facebook. What’s more, you can discover how much time your child spends on social apps and limit access to them.
  • Viewing call logs. Teen Secure tracks incoming and outgoing calls made from a target phone. The app also allows viewing phone numbers of those who call and receive calls.
  • Location tracking. You can monitor your kid’s location in real-time even if GPS is not active. You’ll know everything about their whereabouts anytime you need.
  • Keylogging. SecureTeen can record keystrokes on the target device. It means that you can see everything that your child types on their phone or PC, including text messages, search queries, and passwords.
  • Gmail monitoring. SecureTeen gives you remote access to your child’s messages, details about the sender and recipient, date and time stamps, and email history.

How Does Web Filtering Work With TeenSecure?

In addition to the features described earlier, SecureTeen allows you to filter internet content by the following parameters:

  • Category. The app limits access to websites that fall under a particular group (such as violent or adult content). You can prevent your child from accessing age-inappropriate sites by denoting the category in the filtering list.
  • URL. You can blacklist sites by blocking their URL addresses. You can allow accessing a site by excluding its URL from the blocked list category.
  • Keywords. Filtering sites by keyword gives adequate protection from inappropriate content. Simply add a keyword to the list, and the app will limit access to the URL that contains that word.
  • Safe Search. This feature filters adult-oriented websites that contain explicit pictures and videos. You can enable or disable the Safe Search on your web dashboard.

How Much Does SecureTeen Cost?

SecureTeen Price

The SecureTeen app provides clients with subscription-based services. It offers two types of subscriptions: Premium and Premium Plus. Note that both packages are provided for one year.

Premium Plan

  • $39.99 yearly;
  • 3 devices;
  • Limited functionality.

Premium Plus Plan

  • $69.99 yearly;
  • 3 devices;
  • Advanced functionality, including detailed social media monitoring.

Why Is mSpy Better?

As was noted earlier in this article, SecureTeen has two significant drawbacks. Firstly, its subscription plans aren’t flexible and available only for one year. Secondly, the app is limited in functionality.

If you want to find a more flexible and user-friendly monitoring solution, we recommend that you try mSpy.

mSpy is a parental control app that has many benefits, including these features:

  • Screen Recorder. mSpy can grant you access to another person’s cell phone so that you can record their screen remotely.
  • Geofencing. Not only can mSpy detect your kid’s real-time locations, but it also can get location alerts. You will easily find out when your child enters and leaves a restricted area.
  • Keylogger. mSpy allows you to know what information your kids share in messages and what they search on the Internet. The app records your child’s keystrokes and alerts you when they use restricted words.
  • Social media monitoring. With mSpy, parents prevent their kids from being bullied or harassed on Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Line, and other social media channels. The app allows you to share media files, read messages, and view group chats.
  • Calendars and events. You can always be aware of your child’s plans by monitoring their cell phone calendars. You’ll see all the upcoming events and calendar activities.
  • Caring customer support. If you need help with the installation or setting up the mSpy app, our customer support agents will be happy to help. They will install and customize the app for you remotely using Teamviewer.

The mSpy app helps you ensure your kid’s safety online. All you need to do is create an account on, choose a subscription, and install the app.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.
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