It’s here again. Halloween! The celebration when we dress up like wizards, mummies, clowns and action heroes. As you might already know Halloween is the eve of All Saint day celebrated on the 31st October of every year since the last century. Yes, it’s been here for a while. A long while.

Lest you forget, have you already bought your children costumes? What about the candies to share? Are you the pumpkin type? The carvings and the patterns are so beautiful and amazing when done well. Continue reading

Virtual kidnapping, forthcoming common crime of the 21st century, be prepared with mSpy.

Geo-fencing prevents kidnapping

The latest sensational virtual kidnapping took place in Leesburg, USA. Wendy Mueller was doing her household chores when her phone rang. She heard screaming at the background which sounded like her daughter’s – 23 years old Miss Mueller begging for help.
Then, a calm and eloquent stranger’s voice told her “We have your daughter.” After which followed five-hour torment for a loving mother. Continue reading

Extra Security of Messaging with mSpy


mSpy received a 256-bit code encrypting of all contact lists and messages to improve its level of data security.

Most new users are willing to encrypt all their communication and are often afraid that the data, collected from the devices of their children, can be misused. Starting from early October, 2016 mSpy has encrypted all the messages and contacts in applications it monitors, including: Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts and social networks. Contact information and information from messengers is now available to users only and under no circumstances is disclosed for any 3rd parties. Continue reading

The Standard Tinder Suspects


Being a popular dating site, Tinder, boasts millions of active users worldwide. You can meet interesting people, share funny pictures and even fall in love. Sounds awesome, right? But, on the other side, there are lots of online threats and dangers associated with this always-available, pocket-sized method of finding the partner/friend of your dreams. Apart from online pedophiles, abusers, cyberbullies, and other criminals, there are so-called “scammers” Continue reading

Boys fall from cliff playing Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go screens-970-80While being a completely entertaining and intriguing game, it also can become a fatal game. Pokémon Go is a popular application, which perfectly mixes virtual and real worlds. This awesome free-to-play app gets users up and moving in the real world to capture fictional “pocket monsters”. The main aim here is to grab as many of the more than hundred species of animated Pokémon as you can. You might be wondering, how it can become dangerous in reality, right? As a matter of fact, Continue reading

Forbidding kids from being online won’t prevent web risks


Today kids are always online with their smart devices. Indeed, being online socializing via IMs, forums, portals is one of the things modern kids, especially teens, adore. But how can we prevent web risks? Will the total ban of internet usage prevent kids from cyber bullying, online pedophiles and other popular web risks? Continue reading