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9 Best Remote Keyloggers for Android to Put Your Mind at Ease

Agnes W Linn

Imagine being able to look over someone’s shoulder and see every single key they hit on their keyboard. Every website they visit. Every email they type. Every text they send. Now imagine being able to do all that without them noticing.

That’s remote keyloggers for Android in a nutshell. The monitoring tool reveals every conversion, every click, every tap, and, well, pretty much everything.

Keylogging software tracks each key that’s struck on a keyboard. They’ve been popular on PCs for decades. And they’ve made their way over to the Android world, gaining popularity among those who want to see what their loved ones are writing on their phones.

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Not All Android Keyloggers Are Secure

There are good keyloggers and bad keyloggers. Let’s talk about the bad ones first. Bad keyloggers are installed nefarious by cybercriminals looking to steal your personal information. It could be installed on your device if you visit a sketchy website and accidentally download spyware, or by clicking on a link in a suspicious email.

The best keylogger for Android apps, however, are designed to give you peace of mind. Parents use keyloggers to keep tabs on their kids and make sure they’re not victims of cyberbullying or chatting with people they shouldn’t be chatting with.

What Makes a Good Android Keylogger?

  • Easy to install undetected. If you’re trying to install Android keylogging software on your kid’s phone, having them watch you do it defeats the purpose.
  • Difficult to discover. Once on the phone, good keylogging software is inconspicuous, so the person you’re monitoring won’t even know it’s there. An undetectable keylogger for Android will help you avoid questions about why there’s a random app on their phone.
  • Easy-to-follow reports. The most effective keyloggers provide users with simple but detailed information that even the most novice user can understand.
  • Works across multiple apps. A keylogger that lets you read texts but doesn’t let you see what they’re saying on WhatsApp or Tinder is pretty much useless (unless, of course, you know that they’re only using Android’s built-in text messaging app).
  • More than just keylogging. Great keylogger apps aren’t just designed to log keystrokes. They’re designed to arm you with the information you need to feel confident in your loved ones’ online choices.
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The 9 Android Keylogger Apps Worth Considering

1. mSpy


This parental control app trumps even the best free keylogger for Android option. It’s packed with features including keylogging for social media, so you can see what they’re saying wherever they’re chatting.

mSpy is encrypted, making all communication secure and reliable. It should be noted, however, that to use instant messenger monitoring, you’ll need to root your Android. That said, mSpy offers support through mAssistance to help you out.

2. Eyezy

Capturing what they type and tap without being caught is no mean feat, and Eyezy proves to be more than up to the task. This parental control app lets you see everything your kid chats about. As in each and every keystroke they make. Their social media chats, what happens in a browser, or their emails will be recorded.

Moreover, you’ll get instant notifications whenever they type anything controversial. If you want an easy-to-use app with a modern design, Eyezy has both qualities in spades. And yet, for all this to function correctly, you’ll need to root their Android.

3. Spyzie

This invisible keylogger for Android instils confidence in parents who want to monitor what their kids are saying on social media and via text. The app operates in concealed mode, and it’s very affordable.

There’s no need to root the Android phone to install Spyzie. But you do need to root the phone to monitor WhatsApp and social media activities, so make sure you understand the limitations before taking the plunge.

4. Hoverwatch

A solid solution for monitoring your kids, Hoverwatch lets you log keystrokes remotely. It’s invisible, so it satisfies the need to go undetected. Unfortunately, it can’t be installed remotely. You need to have physical access to the device you want to monitor to set everything up.

5. TheTruthSpy

This app doesn’t pretend it’s something it’s not. It claims to be the phone spy app designed for spying on a person’s cell phone — plain and simple. The website feels a bit unpolished, and unfortunately, that extends to the app itself, which feels rather clunky.

But overall, if you’re looking for a somewhat simple Android keylogging app, it could fit the bill.

6. KidLogger

android keylogger apps

For parents worried about if their kids are using their device to actually get work done, KidLogger is a good bet. While focused on time management and monitoring on Windows and Macs, KidLogger also lets parents keep tabs on what their kids are doing on their phones.

Unfortunately, the Basic package is a little too bare-bones. And while you can pay for more advanced features, the website doesn’t do a great job of spelling that out.

7. SpyEra

Many parents stumble upon SpyEra when searching for how to install a keylogger on Android phones. And there’s a reason for that. SpyEra is actually really difficult to install if you’re a novice user.

While the website boasts that it’s easy to get up and running, many new users who aren’t familiar with how an invisible keylogger for Android works will have trouble. That’s a shame because SpyEra does offer a number of nice features, including stealth mode operation, remote control, SIM card change alert, and more.

8. Copy9

Overall, Copy9 looks like a decent invisible keylogger for Android. It offers the features parents demand (and employers too). But it lacks the support you might want if you run into trouble.

There’s no phone support, so if you need help, you must resort to a website form. However, they’ve made their FAQ section rather extensive, so you might have luck finding your answer there.

9. FlexiSpy

As far as Android phone keylogger apps go, FlexiSpy is among the most feature-rich apps on the market. In addition to keylogging functionality, you can remotely turn on your kid’s mic and listen to their conversation.

The extra flexibility FlexiSpy provides comes at a price, making it one of the most expensive remote keyloggers for Android on the market.

How to Install Keylogger on Android Phone

The process to get an invisible keylogger for Android onto your phone varies from product to product. First, you’ll need to install the app on your kid’s device. In some cases, you might need to root the phone. Once the app is installed, you can use your own phone to monitor their device or access everything from a PC or Mac.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Free Keylogging Apps

best keylogger for android

You know the expression, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”? That applies to trying to find an Android keylogging app.

If your search for an invisible keylogger and Google turns up a free keylogger for Android phone results, you’ll likely come across a number of seemingly good options. But don’t download anything quite yet. Free apps come with hidden disadvantages.

The best free keylogger for Android doesn’t really exist. Free keyloggers could have all kinds of spyware baked right in, standing by to spy on your own online activities — not just the person you’re trying to monitor.

What’s more, even if the software is legit, you don’t know what kind of security the company has on its servers to keep your information safe. Buyer beware is a good motto to follow when searching for Android keylogger apps.

Do Your Research Before Installing a Keylogger on Android

Shop around and you’ll discover a healthy mix of good and bad Android keylogging apps. For the most part, simple keyloggers that are free aren’t worth the risk. Feature-packed parental control apps are the way to go, but sometimes they are too complex to be worth the effort.

We recommend that when searching for the best free keylogger for Android, you make sure it’s right for your exact needs — and that the reviews are nothing short of excellent.

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