mSpy Hack: Dot the i’s and Cross the t’s

mSpy tracking software
mSpy tracking software

Parenting is hard as it is, even more so in the digital era. Children get exposed to an in increasing number of threats every day – a dear price for technological progress. Rather than going out there, children may prefer to stay in their homes, creating merely a semblance of shelteredness within a safe haven of their families. Continue reading

How to Track Android Device without Rooting Cell Phone?

Android devices are used majorly by the people worldwide and the major reason for this fact is that their OS is user friendly and multi-functional. Android devices need to be tracked for many reasons. It could be the case of monitoring your son/daughter or employees. The purpose behind monitoring is to get whole information about the Android device usage and know the activities of an individual without missing out anything. Continue reading

mSpy: Q1 News & Tales


First & foremost, the beginning of winter 2014-2015 witnessed massive work of mSpy team concerning the total renewal of the website. Progress moves on rapidly; we must keep pace!

Into the New Year – with the New Site!

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How to track iPhone without touching cell phone?

track ios without jailbreak

The modern digital world is full of dangers, both open and hidden. There are numerous sites the content of which is highly damaging for a child’s weak psyche (cruelty, aggression, violence, etc.). Besides online dangers, there are offline ones when the suspicious calls and text messages can be followed by cyberbullying threats or sexual assaults in the real world. The potential dangers are especially harmful for innocent children. They can cut lessons, defy authorities, plunge into sexual misbehavior, take drugs or alcohol or even commit suicide. Thus, responsible parents must undertake thorough control over the devices of their underage children. It’s necessary to procure safety and security of both kids and data stored on the phones or computers. The monitoring application for these devices can be the most useful tool to control children’s online and offline behavior for their own sake. Continue reading

5 THINGS YOUR TEEN WANTS FROM YOU (But Will Never Actually Ask For)

Teenagers isolated on white
Teenagers isolated on white

There are some things in the life of your family that are more precious than official presents bought for unbelievable sums of money. If you give them to your children, they’ll be immensely grateful to you. They are:


It’s a given, that as parents, you express your pride in your children by cheering the loudest at their football games, high school graduations, and other significant milestones. But what you may overlook is the importance of emphasizing your kid’s small successes. Reveling in the C grade your teen earned on that killer Trig exam he spend all weekend studying for can be notably effective in reinforcing his still malleable self-confidence. And that confidence you’re helping him build right now has the power to tide him through an entire lifetime. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Children Safe Online Without Spying

Every parent today wants to know about ways to keep their children safe on the internet from cybercriminals and online predators. They want their children to have a healthy and safe experience rather than getting into troublesome and dangerous situations. One way to do that is by using spy apps on their smartphones and tablets which help you keep tabs on whatever they do and who they talk to. Continue reading

Mobile Applications Not Safe for the Office

Where the majority of the people in this modern world use technology for their daily tasks, companies and businesses have always thrived on them. But when it comes to employees wanting to bring their own devices to the office due to the level of reliance we have on smartphones and other gadgets, it is becoming difficult for companies to keep a clear line between personal and professional. Continue reading

The Lesser Known Features of iOS 8


Apple has long since been known as the company that gave smartphones the popularity they have today. With the innovations brought forth with the iPhone, Apple made itself the pioneer of smartphone technology.
With the arrival of Android though, things started to waver for Apple. Google’s operating system provided its users with more option to customize their devices to their needs, with access to almost every setting a smartphone could have. Apple has been trying to improve on certain things since then, and with each update it brings something more for the users. Continue reading

Key Users of Mobile Monitoring Applications: Employers and Parents


With news reports of data leaks and under-performance at work regularly laden across television screens, today’s employers are rightfully concerned to know what’s really going on at the office. Monitoring software has been found to be the most successful way of ensuring employee productivity while also safeguarding confidential company data. It has also proven beneficial to parents looking to keep their children safe. Continue reading