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MaxxSpy Review 2024: Is the App Outdated?

Daniel Black
MaxxSpy review: is there something better for people willing to monitor

Nowadays, people are exposed to various kinds of dangers that can happen anywhere, even at home. The vast possibilities that the Internet opens up are often misused. Anyone can become a victim of a catfisher or scammer. That’s why we need to consider protecting our loved ones online.

One option to prevent someone you love from getting into trouble is to monitor their online activity with a special tool. Monitoring apps, such as MaxxSpy, make it possible to see someone else’s messages, call logs, and media files right from your smartphone.

Unfortunately, those who want to try the app will face an obstacle. Numerous MaxxSpy reviews say the app hasn’t been working since 2019. So, we recommend that you try another solution, such as mSpy.

However, if you still want to know more about the MaxxSpy app, keep reading this review.

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Table Of Contents

What Is MaxxSpy?

It is a cell phone monitoring app designed to help you gain insight into another person’s online activity. The MaxxSpy app collects information about another person’s smartphone and Internet use and transfers it right to your user account.

The app is compatible with iOS-operated devices and requires jailbreaking a target iPhone or iPad. It can also be installed on Android.

How Does MaxxSpy Work?

MaxxSpy Review

MaxxSpy works in a hidden mode. It monitors another person’s text messages, calls, contacts, photos, online activities, and overall apps usage. It can also identify the target person’s exact location and show it to you in real-time.

To install MaxxSpy, you’ll need to access the target device. Here is a brief explanation of how to install the app.

The MaxxSpy App for iPhone

The manufacturer claims that the app supports the following iOS versions: 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4S; iPad and iPad2. However, before installing MaxxSpy on a target iPhone, you need to note that it requires jailbreaking a device.

If you want to know how to install MaxxSpy on a target iPhone, you need to turn to Cydia. It is a package manager mobile software that allows setting up apps on jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

Open Cydia and find the MaxxSpy app. Tap install and wait till the installation is completed. Go to the springboard, find MaxxSpy, and tap its icon. Create an account. Don’t forget to hide MaxxSpy to complete the process.

The MaxxSpy App for Android

Access the target device. Go to Settings and allow installation from unknown sources. Turn off Scanning for security threats. Download the app on the target phone. Then, open your browser, insert the download link and wait till the installation screen appears.

Create an account and use your MaxxSpy login credentials to access your user dashboard.

Once the app is installed, you can add a target device to your control panel and start monitoring it.  You can check out another person’s call history, contacts list, real-time location, browser history, and app activity.

Note that to get a report on another person’s actual Internet activity, MaxxSpy requires an Internet connection. Make sure the target device is connected to Wi-Fi or uses a mobile Internet connection.

What Features Does MaxxSpy Offer?

MaxxSpy app

Usually, apps like MaxxSpy are well-customized. They allow you to view the activity on another person’s mobile device and identify if they’re getting into trouble.

If you want to know the very essence of somebody’s communication, you can view their call logs, record and listen to the surrounding sounds, read sent and received text messages, or look through the exchanged media files.

Call Recordings

If you’re in dire need of finding out what your loved ones are up to, you can record their phone calls. All the data will be saved to your user dashboard so that you can access and listen to the records anytime. It’s possible to download the recordings to your PC or another device.

GPS Locations

MaxxSpy allows users to follow every single step of the target person by tracking their actual location on the map. It can be insightful to know their location if your loved ones are in trouble or are hiding something from you.

Surrounding Sounds

MaxxSpy provides you with the opportunity to record sounds on the target device. It’s called “ambient recording.” The features can give you an understanding of where the target person is right now and what they do.

Text Messages

You can see someone else’s text messages right from your smartphone or PC. Even deleted texts are available for reading from your control panel. What’s more, you can see the sender’s name and the date of each message.


If you need to read someone’s messages on their iOS device, MaxxSpy is at your service. You can read texts and view what was sent via another person’s iMessages.

Media Files

MaxxSpy allows you to view photos captured by the target device camera. You can check the timestamps of each image and download all the content to your PC.


Reading someone else’s emails might be interesting and insightful. You can check out who emails your child or partner and determine if those letters contain any harmful content.

MaxxSpy VS. mSpy: Choose an App That Works Right Now

If you want to gain complete insight into someone else’s smartphone use, we recommend that you try an app that works right now. As an option, you can choose the mSpy monitoring tool.

Not only can mSpy offer you a range of monitoring features, but it can also provide you with a flexible pricing policy, a 14-day money-back guarantee, and conformity to GDPR standards. mSpy allows you to monitor another person’s texts, calls, and location. It also offers advanced features, such as Keylogger and screen recorder.

Once mSpy is set up on the target device, you can monitor someone else’s activity and get regular data updates. If you have any questions about mSpy, you can contact their support team 24/7

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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