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How useful the app can be?

mSpy works efficiently to monitor your kids phones or employees at workplace online. It is an all-in-one spy tool to satisfy all your Whatsapp spying requirements. You can trust it to trace all the logs at a single platform. mSpy gives you all the truth about your personal or professional confront and enables you to know everything with associated details.

Children phone and Whatsapp usage is to be properly controlled due to their vulnerable psyche & health in general. On the other hand, employees are to be properly controlled due to valuable status of business information in their access that can be leaked to the competitors. In the above mentioned cases, spying is justified & is legal if you spy on Whatsapp of your underage children on the phones bought by you & succeeded in obtaining consent from your employees who use company-owned smartphones.

Why mSpy?

mSpy is the best monitoring software in industry for spying on every Whatsapp activity of underage kids or tap employees at work. There are multiple Whatsapp spying features offered by the company and you will get a perfect solution to all your phone monitoring needs.

  • Monitor the Whatsapp of your teenage children
  • Avoid leakage of important information
  • Tracking employees Whatsapp
  • Preventing chances of theft
WhatsApp avatar Suzan online
Craig says you’ll be offered a job. They have co clue you worked for BDL 11:55
Awesome! 11:56
Waiting for you tomorrow! 11:56
OK, but keep quiet. They mustn’t see
us together. 11:57

Monitor WhatsApp

Keep A Watchful Eye Over Your Underage Children

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More Features

Record Calls

Spy on Calls

You can easily spy on date, time and duration of every free call received or made in Whatsapp by your teenager using Android or IPhone with jailbreak. It can prevent them to get towards the wrong track and you will also know how to check what all they do online for the whole day. There is a blocking feature for restricting someone's other cell phone numbers for preventing any particular people to make offensive Whatsapp conversations to your child.

Track Location

Get GPS Location

Phone GPS location spy app is a preeminent tool for tracing the location of your child at any possible time. It also records the history and you can get the records of geographic positioning, answering the question “where is my child?”. This tool is also used by employers for marketing professionals of the company to spy on their location during working hours.

Check text messages

Read Text Messages

Apart from Whatsapp, every phone text message shared through the jailbroken IPhone or Android smartphone can be read by the user. You can even get all the deleted messages from the somebody's mobile phone. Your Whatsapp spy control panel will have every single detail you want to know about a mobile account.

Read instant messages

Check Instant Messages

SMS tracking software might be ineffective if your child mainly uses instant messengers. This is not the case with mSpy! You can use it to track Facebook chats, WhatsApp and Skype history, and even capture Viber & iMessage logs.

Read Emails

Read Emails

Emails of your employees or children can be tracked completely to spy on their phone activities. You will get all the necessary details from their Mac or PC on immediate basis without any delays.

Spy on pictures & videos

Spy on pictures & videos

Multimedia messages, photos and videos shared in Whatsapp can be tracked easily by using mSpy and it doesn’t skip any file sent or received from other numbers.

How mSpy Works

Buy mSpy

Check out the packages on the official website of mSpy and fill the order form with all valid details. Make payment according to the plan selected and you will get instructions on email to install the Whatsapp spying software on any phone.

Install and Set Up

You can download mSpy app on the target device and install this monitoring software for remote monitoring someone else's Whatsapp. The process is easy and doesn’t require many technically complicated steps or verifications.

Start Tracking

You can log into Control Panel through the Whatsapp details provided by mSpy and access all the phone logs perfectly designed to spy on location, view IM, intercept texts, retrieve Internet history, calls and almost everything.

Why mSpy?

Our mobile tracking software will rid you of any uncertainty you may have regarding your underage kids’ or employees’ safety. No matter how long your list of monitoring needs is, mSpy’s multi-feature capabilities will address them!





What they are saying

I am a mother of two daughters and my major worry was about their company in college or some shady boyfriends. I worried a lot about the kids, but there are no longer sleepless nights for me now. I have installed mSpy secretly on their device and it has become easy to know their phone's GPS location, call logs, Whatsapp messages and almost everything. Life has become easier and tension free for me now with Whatsapp spoofing.

Juan S.

My son was behaving awkward and I with my husband installed mSpy on his mobile phone to spy on Whatsapp activities. It was okay for me to find out that it was due to his academic stress, not some harsh break up with his girlfriend or anything like that. It proved out to be an awesome Whatsapp spying option for me.

Sarah B.

I am using mSpy since one year and the experience is awesome. I use it for my teenager and delivery boys at work to know their Whatsapp and otheractivities. I feel like the work productivity has increased and the scope has also improved with this Whatsapp spy software app.

Gil E.

I am a mother of two children and their safety is my primary concern. Now that they are living in the modern world and information is accessible through the internet, I want to filter the information that they come across everyday. It is well worth the cost of knowing that my 5 and 6 year old kids will not accidentally browse through inappropriate websites.

Debra N.

*NOTE: The mSpy software will not work on iOS devices without jailbreaking the device. We are merely letting you know that jailbreaking is necessary if you wish to use the mSpy software on your iOS device. Choosing to jailbreak your device for any reason, including the installation of the mSpy Software, is done at your own risk.