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Monitor Text Messages

Knowing whom your childen or employees are texting can literally save you from catastrophe. If you are worried that your teen is communicating with unsavory characters or suspect your worker is leaking private corporate information, then mSpy monitoring software is the ultimate solution for you.

Once you’ve gone through the no-hassle process of setting up your mSpy account, you may begin viewing text-messaging data on your personalized control panel.


Manage calls

mSpy is not just used to track text messages from a monitored phone, it’s also perfect for tracking call history including time, date, and call duration details, and even blocking calls from pre-defined numbers.

Identify gps location

Need to identify the location of the device you are monitoring? mSpy will do just that in a few simple clicks. If you want to find out where your child has been spending his time, you will find mSpy’s GPS location feature to be extremely useful. With this feature, you may even track route history on a map.

Read instant messages

SMS tracking software might be rendered ineffective if the person you are monitoring uses instant messengers most of the time. With mSpy, you can track Facebook chats, WhatsApp and Skype history, and even capture Viber & iMessage logs.

Read emails

If you suspect your employee is sharing sensitive company info with others via email, you need to protect yourself. With mSpy, complete access to email logs will be at your fingertips.

View multimedia filesa

Multimedia files stored on a phone can give you a glimpse into the life of your child. Check every photo or video taken using the iPhone camera or downloaded via IM’s or email.

How it works

Buy mSpy

You can purchase mSpy monitoring software directly from our website. Select the package that’s perfect for your needs and complete the order form. Once your payment is made, you’ll receive installation instructions via email.

Install & Set-Up

Download mSpy and install the mobile tracking software onto the device you wish to monitor. mSpy’s installation process is a breeze and can be completed without any hassle. Note! If the monitored device is an iPhone it will need to be jailbroken.

Start Monitoring

Simply log in to your Control Panel to start tracking text messages, calls, GPS location details, IM chats, emails, and more.

Why mSpy?

mSpy is a text spy solution that will let you access anything that gets sent through your target phone. A star among cell phone tracking apps, mSpy will meet even the most demanding monitoring needs. There is virtually no activity you can’t track with this text message spy!

Monitor your children

Keep track of employees

Avoid data leakage

Prevent device theft

What people are saying

If you have a difficult teenager, then this is the app for you. Worried about their whereabouts and who they may be talking to? This app allows you to track all of that. I can say from firsthand experience that it actually works. I will be using this app for a long time!

Sarah R.

Such a helpful app! I was witnessing my daughter begin to withdraw without knowing why. After installing mSpy, I was shocked to find that a bully from school was tormenting her on social media. I am so grateful for this software for helping me find out what has been troubling my child.


I’ve been using mSpy for about a month now and it has been a great experience! I am a protective but extremely busy father to a 12 year old daughter. I feel guilty for not being around enough but mSpy has allowed me to bridge that gap. I now feel like I’m with her all the time.

Gil E.

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