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And Build Your Income On Premium Products

  • 120 Days Sales Tracking
  • Performance Bonuses
  • $82.7 Average Check
  • Recurring Payments
  • 60% Your Top Share
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Tools & Creatives


Joining is free, easy and a great way to earn commissions on the customers you refer to mSpy.

299+ SALES / month
Affiliate Program | mSpy
99+ SALES / month
Affiliate Program | mSpy
Affiliate Program | mSpy



Choose the terms of Partnership that would work best for You

  • $192 Maximum Initial Commission amount per single conversion

  • 120 Days Sales Tracking – you never lose your customer

  • $82.7 Average Check will assure you get a solid return

  • Recurring commissions on retained customers

  • Additional CPA offers for you to choose from: PPS, Fixed Price & Trial2Paid

  • Flexible pay cycles and multiple payment methods


You optimize your Conversions - we optimize Your Share

  • Multi-Tier Revenue Share system fosters improvement and continues growth

  • Top Performers are never left unpraised and there are always new hights to clear

  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers will do their best to help You reach the Next Level

View our Commission Ladder
Tier Monthly sales New sales Rebills
Gold 299< 60% 30%
Silver 99-299 50% 25%
Bronze <90 40% 20%


Spread the word about mSpy Affiliate Program and earn 10% from the profits of Your referred partners, non stop.

Affiliate Program | mSpy


A range of Special Rewards to gain at all times while working with us.

  • Start Up Bonus – start fast, earn extra, scale more

  • Referral Bonus – bring in experienced affiliates and collect your bounty

  • Achievement Bonus – custom performance - based premiums for special achievements

View our Bonus Grid
Bonus Value Terms
Startup L3 +25% Payout 50+ sales within first 30 days
Startup L2 +20% Payout 30+ sales within first 30 days
Startup L1 +15% Payout 10+ sales within first 30 days
Referral $200 Once referred affiliate makes $1000
Achievement custom Each time tailored anew


Wherever in the World they are, choose who Your customer is: Worried parents or Business owners

Affiliate Program | mSpy


You want to be an Affiliate – not a designer or a web-developer. So we’ve got the necessary tools ready for You

  • Banners - Customizable banners of all sizes and designs (200+)
    Affiliate Program | mSpy Affiliate Program | mSpy
    Affiliate Program | mSpy Affiliate Program | mSpy
  • Landing pages – to meet the customer’s query (50+)
    Affiliate Program | mSpy Affiliate Program | mSpy
  • PPC Ads - Multilanguage keywords for USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and more!
  • SEO keywords
  • Videos and tutorials


Grow with our Affiliate Program and make another Success Story

Affiliate Program | mSpy


Affiliate Program | mSpy
  • Steadfast S2S Tracking
  • Tokens & Sub IDs
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Impression Pixel
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Postback URLs
  • Mobile Panel App
  • Ad Groups


  • General Questions
    1) What is mSpy affiliate program?

    mSpy affiliate program is an online performance-based marketing solution, which rewards it’s members for successful result-oriented promotional activities, such as sales, leads etc.

    2) How does it work?

    The process may be split into 2 parts. 1st, you introduce a potential client to product/offer/opportunity, where she is required to click your Tracking Link to proceed. The 2nd part starts after the click – we track the activities of the potential client and reward you once the desired action (sales, lead submit etc.) is performed.

    3) How do I apply and start profiting?

    Carefully fill in your application for our affiliate team to review it. If approved, you will receive a welcome email, containing all the necessary information, including link building guide and further links to other tutorials. If rejected, you will receive an email, specifying the possible reasons of rejection.

    4) How do I access creative files?
    Creatives will be available within your affiliate account, “Creatives” section. You will be able to generate a display code for any creative, add it to your Ad Group or simply download the raw file.
  • Commission & Bonuses
    5) How are commission rates reviewed?
    Commission rates are reviewed on a monthly basis, according to our Commission Ladder. Once your monthly performance qualifies for a commission boost, we will apply it, notify you and salute your health. Commission boost is granted for 3 months, renewing each time your results meet the tier’s requirements.
    6) May I refer other affiliates to the program?

    Definitely! We will pay you a 10% commission on your referral commission plus a Referral Bonus.

    7) How are bonuses granted?

    Our Bonus system includes the following types of special rewards:

    • Startup Bonus: you will receive a reward based on how soon you start promoting our offers. The countdown starts the date your application is approved (not the date of first conversion or first click).
    • Referral Bonus: on top of regular 10% commission from the earnings of affiliates that you refer to our affiliate program, you will receive an extra $200 reward each time new affiliates make first $1000 in their payouts. You will be able to keep track of earnings of each affiliate, thus always knowing when the bonus is due.
    • Achievement Bonus: we run website-wide promo campaigns to boost sales when customer purchasing intend is expected to be particularly high. As a matter of course your deep involvement is always welcome, so we will notify you about the upcoming promo and list the special rewards you may receive during the campaign.

    8) How are rebills attributed?

    Rebills are available for regular PPS offers (Pay Per Sale) and start being assigned to your account after the 5th new sale. Rebills are attributed as long as the affiliate account is active, meaning as long as itgenerates at least 5 new sales per month.

  • Payment Terms & Methods
    9)What are the general payment terms?
    New affiliates are eligible for receiving payouts as soon as they generate their first 5 sales. Each payout is a subject to a 2 weeks hold period. The minimum payout amount is $100.
    10) How often are payments made?
    You are free to choose how often you would like to receive payments: weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly etc. If you choose Wire Transfer, payment frequency starts with monthly.
    11) What are your payout methods?

    Affiliate commissions are paid via one of the following methods, according affiliate’s preference:

    • Payoneer
    • WebMoney
    • EPESE
    • First Choice
    • Wire Transfer

    Our affiliate platform allows for payments to be made to your existing Payoneer Credit Card or wired through Payoneer Global Bank Transfer directly to your local bank account in local currency. If you do not currently hold an account with Payoneer, you may apply for it via our affiliate platform.

  • Rules & Restrictions
    12) What rules should I keep in mind when launching campaigns?

    Our rules are simple as that:

    • Keep it real.
    • Do not exaggerate and do not say mSpy can do what it obviously can’t (yet).
    • When it doubt, consult your affiliate manager or Features page.

    13) Are there any restrictions for PPC campaigns?

    Is it forbidden to use TM-protected SEM bidding keywords: mspy, m spy, m-spy, myspy, my spy or my-spy. You must negative match these keywords in your paid search campaigns. Match type - broad or equivalent.

    14) May I do SEO?

    You are most welcome to! But keep in mind that:

    • It should not be brand-oriented SEO, meaning that if you optimize your pages specifically for our brand keywords, you will actually derive from affiliate program instead of contributing to it. Which may lead to having your account suspended or lowering commission rate at best.
    • Affiliates who use domain names containing TM-protected keywords will be banned from the program on sight.
    • It is forbidden to post any information that does not correspond to the authentic data about the services and may affect mSpy’s reputation or be a reason for customer complaints. For example: ‘Limited time Offer!’, ‘Offer Expires Today’, ‘Free Service’, ’10 Days Return Policy – no questions asked!’ etc.
    • When applicable, you should insert the following disclaimer to your website in footer, for instance:

      Disclaimer: mSpy software is created for the purposes of parental control, monitoring employees’ devices (with prior explicit consent obtained) and other directly related reasons. No other usage of mSpy software is endorsed by mSpy. mSpy is not liable for the other ways of the software use, described on the sites other than

    15) Which traffic generation methods are forbidden?

    The following tools and methods should not be present within your mSpy promotion arsenal:

    • No automatic links. You agree not to utilize any link that is or can be initiated automatically without the user clicking on the link.
    • None of the following: drive-by downloads, spam pop-ups, pop-unders and by no means any hacked links or hacked redirects.
    • No Incentivized or Cashback traffic.

    16) Do you accept Coupon websites?

    As a general rule – we don’t. However, if you strongly believe that your coupon website may be contributing to our affiliate program, make sure to specify why in your affiliate application.

    17) Is my site eligible?

    We accept almost all types of websites, however we do not accept any sites which:

    • Contain sexually explicit materials
    • Contain hate/violent/offensive content
    • Promote any types of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other factors
    • Promote illegal activities or otherwise violate any applicable laws, including those targeting WAREZ, CRACKING, and HACKING SITES, or SPAM.

    Should your site violate these requirements, we leave a right to have your account suspended within 24 hours, without prior notification.

  • Other
    18) Do I have to provide after-sales support?
    Not at all. Starting from the moment any visitor lands on our site, we do all the hard work of converting them into sales, processing payments and fulfilling the order. We handle all the customer service and all the reporting.
    19) Can I become a Reseller?
    As a reseller you can distribute a limited type of licenses. No white-label or custom login page option available – we are interested in promoting our own brand only.
    20) I have another issue not covered in FAQ
    Our knowledgeable affiliate managers will be happy to help you with any assistance you request. Just email us at or skype us.


…it’s one of the hottest trends in technology today… it’s simply a matter of you taking action to get your own slice of the earnings pie.

Zac Johnson, Online Entrepreneur

mSpy has a great affiliate program for at least two reasons: its commission rate and it’s low refund rate. These two elements combined can make sure you enjoy a good income for the long run.

Claude, mSpy Super Affiliate

My actual on-hand affiliate experience started with promoting mSpy – within a few months this part-time job outcashed my day job.

Björn, mSpy Nurtured Affiliate