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December 27th, 2013 - Posted by Patricia Belton


Spying can be carried out not only by means of hardware (see my articles about classical spying equipment) or software (I’ll tell about it later in this article), but by less tangible means. I mean the media of air, water etc. Man has been employing land and water animals and birds to monitor and track the required targets since the ancient times. There are specialized mechanisms to spy in the air or water media as well.

There are interesting cases concerning the air medium, both conventional and non-conventional ones.

Giant Concrete Ears as Weird Spying Artifacts

The massive concrete acoustic mirrors, or “listening ears”, along the southeast coast of England were built in 1920s to intercept the earliest sounds of airborne invasion. These sound mirrors were part of Britain’s national defense strategy. Their parabolic shape collected and magnified sound waves in the air over the English Channel and directed them at a microphone positioned just in front of the parabola; then anti-aircraft defenses were deployed. The mirrors effectively gave Britain a 15-minute warning of an impending attack. The site has three different reflectors: a 200-foot-long curved wall, a 30-foot-tall parabolic dish, and a 20-foot-tall shallow dish.

Nowadays, they are the impressive relics of that epoch of inter-wars fear and the arms race.

Possible Countermeasures for Privacy Breach

The revelations of Edward Snowden, the NSA scandal, as well as the number of recent leaks on privacy breach all over the world lead to the development of overall awareness concerning governmental spying on citizens’ private life. The immediate reaction can range from open outrage, in the case of high-rank politicians, to ridiculous countermeasures undertaken by ordinary Jacks and Joes. Here is one of them.

This summer, Deer Trail, a small Colorado town, was considering a measure that would allow its residents to hunt for federal drones and shoot them down. The Town Board of Trustees (six trustees and the mayor) could vote on the drone ordinance at its regular meeting. If passed, it would legalize the sale of drone hunting licenses for $25 and offer bounties for captured drones. It takes a simple majority vote to pass the ordinance that, though purely symbolically, draws the borderline against privacy infringement. The town Mayor Frank Fields says the purpose of the ordinance would be “to have fun and bring in business, tourism and activities for people in town”.

As far as we know, the ordinance wasn’t passed, but it has created a precedent that can attract the most unusual followers.



Speaking about software for spying, or the so-called spyware, mentioned at the beginning of the article, I cannot but tell you about its efficiency. Nowadays, there are mobile tracking and monitoring applications, like mSpy, that can exert all the functions of a top-rank classical detective or a national counterintelligence agent, and even more. These apps possess numerous functions that allow you to track calls, different types of messages, contacts and events, locations and movements, as well as multimedia data flowing with the help of a humble cell phone. Your target persons (mainly children or employees monitored for the sake of their safety or the security of corporate data respectively) wouldn’t ever guess they’re being monitored. Smart phones can be easily converted into your smart spies, with the help of such a simple application.

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Failing to Ignore the Dangers Posed Online Could Put Your Child at Risk

October 1st, 2013 - Posted by admin

Humans have never been as dependent on advanced technology as they are now and the apparently unremitting forward evolution of modern technology as soon as you buy a device it is almost obsolete 6 months later. From tablet PC’s to smartphones, there is a more or less non-stop torrent of hi-tech devices that guarantee to make our lives so much simpler and bearable.

Nevertheless, with current technology comes a certain quantity of further responsibility, and even though the bulk of users, use their smartphones and tablet PC’s shrewdly, there is always going to be a constituent of the social order that is going to misuse the control that this equipment has given them.

In the early period of the Internet, the most severe threat came from the challenge of computer viruses and these had the capacity to annihilate complete systems and computer networks. Nevertheless, even though they are still a very present-day threat, they are not liable to cause any long-standing personal damage to those individuals that fall victim to it.

Present-day threats

Disparate to computer viruses, there is a fresh threat to the security and safekeeping of individuals, and the lives of their relations, and that menace is the lawbreakers who are looking to misuse technology for their specific egocentric desires. Cyber bullying and the Internet based pedophilia is now an all too widespread occurrence in these days, and that has a much to do with the unregulated access to the internet and social networking sites that have come about due to smartphones.

In addition to the menace posed to kids by other children, there is also the further more severe hazard of child abusers hoodwinking their way into your kid’s life, and they can accomplish this by pretending to be a child of similar age, with similar interests, and by engaging them in conversation before forming a friendship with them.

Possible panacea

To help you to keep your kids safe when they are on the Internet or communicating with their smartphone or tablet computer, the mSpy cell phone spying app once installed onto your kids mobile phone, will document everything they do with their cell phone. Emails, call logs, contact lists and address books, text messages, photos, videos, browser history with lists of websites visited and apps installed, are just a few of the handy features that can be accessed by you when you want to keep tabs on your children, and all you need to do to access this info is to log-in to your mSpy account.

As you can are probably already aware, smartphones and tablet computers are fantastic pieces of modern technology, and teens particularly love them, nevertheless, you should not close your eyes to the fact that they have the ability to put your child at risk, and that is why buying and installing a cell phone spy is one of the best way to keep them safe from harm, especially as it has never been easier for children to communicate with people that they do not know.

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Making Sure Your Employees Are Motivated

September 20th, 2013 - Posted by admin


motivated-staff (1)Most employees are a delight to have as part of your team, however, there is always one or two that will try and push the boundaries of what is acceptable in the workplace, and what isn’t. They will try to waste company time by sneaking out of the office, or trying to claim for more overtime or expenses than they have actually accrued.

How to get the evidence

Of course, you can sit them down and talk to them; however, you will need proof before you confront them with your suspicions regarding their misbehaviour. In order to gather the evidence you need, you have the option of installing a cell phone spy app onto the smartphone that your company provides to your staff for business use.

Once the app has been downloaded on to the smartphones of all of your employees, you will be able to monitor which employees are being honest, and which ones are taking liberties with your company. When your employees are first made aware that you have installed a cell phone spying app, they may protest at first, however, you may also notice that they become more motivated, as they work harder at trying to impress you. If there are some rogue elements amongst your staff, such as time-wasters and deceitful people, then you will have the ability to gather the evidence you need, should the time come when you have to face them in a disciplinary hearing.

Gathering information against an employee is as simple as purchasing a cell phone spying app, like mSpy and installing it onto the smartphone that your company provides to your employees. Then all you need to do is to log-in to the account you had set up when you purchased the app, and you will have instant access to all of the data that has been captured by the app from the phone in question. Some of the data that you will have access to will vary from app to app, and some cell phone spying apps will be more feature packed than others. However, most of the cell phone spying apps will all offer a basic range of features.

Features you can expect to find on nearly all types of smartphone spying app, include the ability to read messages that have been sent and received by the phone, and that is not just limited to SMS and email either, you will be able to read all messages sent and received across all forms of messaging service. As well as messaging, you will have access to call logs, address books, contact lists, calendar entries, and on some of the more feature packed apps, you can even listen in to the phone conversations.

As you can see, there are many benefits of installing mSpy onto the phone of your employees, other than motivating them to stick to the codes of conduct that your business requires, if you do find out that one of your employees is taking liberties with your company, you will have the evidence to hand.

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Employee Monitoring, is it a Good Idea?

September 10th, 2013 - Posted by admin


EmployeeOnPhoneThere are many ways in which businesses monitor their employees whilst they are in the workplace, from supervisors to line managers; there are always ways in which bosses can attempt to keep their employees in check. Some even resort to CCTV in order to cut down on petty pilfering, and there are time clocks and smartcards, which will notify the company of the times that the employee is on the premises.

However, what can you do to monitor the employees who need to work away from the place of business, as sales reps, and other kinds of jobs may require employees to leave the office at regular intervals. Well there is a solution to the problem, thanks to cell phone spy apps such as the one provided by mSpy. Cell phone spy apps have been available for a number of years now; however, it has only been recently that their popularity has soared, thanks to the availability of smartphones.

One of the great features that you will find on the app is the ability to track the phone via its GPS signal. The app, once installed, will log all of the data relating to the whereabouts of the phone, providing that the GPS feature on the phone is activated. All you need to do to learn the location of your employees when they are away from the office during business hours, will be to simply log-in to the account that you will be required to set up when you first sign up to the software.

Tracking software such as the one you will find on most cell phone spying apps is that you will instantly know if any of your employees, is not located where they ought to be. If one of your employees is out of the office in order to meet a client, and they have decided to go on a shopping trip, then you will know about it. If one of your employees has contacted you because they are unwell and cannot make it into work today, and they decide to spend the day on the beach, you will know about it. Plus, you will be armed with the necessary information in order to confront them about their dishonesty.

Another aspect of cell phone spy apps, is the ability to access data relating to messages, phone calls, contacts, photos and videos, so if there is anything untoward happening and it’s happening on the smartphone that your company is providing to your employee, then you will know about it, and be armed with the sort of information that will allow you to do something to do about it. Also, these apps can also help employees who may have been accused of something that they didn’t do, as the proof of their innocence will be stored on the app.
Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of how cell phone spying apps work, and how they can benefit you and your employees.

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How and Why to Monitor Teens Online Activity

August 5th, 2013 - Posted by admin

Teens and parents, there are always things that they keep from each other. In this modern age of technology, teenagers have learned countless ways to hide things from their parents when using various devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, or technology in general. Teenagers can hide things from their parents on these devices for one reason; most teens are far more technologically savvy then their parents.

For their protection, and to have a better understanding on what is going on in the lives of their teenagers, parents need to become more aware of what they are doing online. Studies have shown that there is a very large disconnect between what parents are aware their teens are doing on their digital devices and what they are actually doing. A study done recently of over 2000 parents and teenagers, showed that an alarming 70% of teenagers hide their online behavior and activities from their parents. Adding to the study is the realization that roughly 50% of parents have no idea what things their teenagers are doing online.

There are a handful of alarming facts about this disconnect between teenagers activity in the digital world and what parents know. One of the first is that the number of parents that know what their teens are doing online has declined over the years. Additionally there are many parents that admit since they are not technologically savvy enough in their own right, they have to simply take on the mentality whereby they “hope for the best.” This fact could prove dangerous for their teens on a number of levels.

What things teens hide from their parents?

The truth of the matter is teenagers are hiding a wide array of things from their parents. They are hiding whom they have met online, cheating on tests and other school assignments to hiding the fact they are looking at or sharing violent and/or pornographic materials. How do they hide this behavior? There are basics that include cleaning out and deleting messages, clearing browser history, leaving no trace of where they have been, and creating accounts their parents are unaware of where the inappropriate activity can take place.

The possible way out

How can parents, without a lot of technological knowledge, return to, or start monitoring their teenagers’ online behavior? One of the most obvious ways is the manually check each device the teens use. Since teenagers know how to delete their tracks or know how to create accounts their parents are not aware of, that is not a very effective way to monitor them. What is a great way to monitor your teens’ online behavior is through parental control software.

This type of cell phone spy can be used to monitor a teenager’s activity without having to go through the effort of watching over their shoulders. Where many parents would rather just trust their teens and kids when on digital devices, having knowledge of their online activity can help prevent inappropriate behavior and activities or discover issues that have come up. If you are a parent with kids who live on their digital devices, parental control software will provide much needed peace of mind.

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Tips For Helping Your Child Stay Safe With Their Smartphone

July 17th, 2013 - Posted by admin

973fm_2013_May_TipsChildPhoneSafety_CoverBasic cell phones, the ones which allow only calls and texts, are seen as old fashioned and out of date by most young adults and teens these days. Where once they would have been happy with a basic cell phone, they are now more likely to be clamouring for the latest new smart phone to hit the market.

Smart phones have certainly changed the way in which we view the humble cell phone, and they have been revolutionary in the way in which they allow us to communicate with each other. There are so many apps to use and download that it is easier than ever before to communicate with someone and keep it a secret. Unfortunately, this advancement in technology has left children more vulnerable than ever before to online criminals and predators. As a parent, you will want to keep your children safe when they are online, and online safety is something that is important to a lot of parents with teenage children who own a smart phone.

The ways to keep child safe online

One way in which you can help your child stay safe online, is to make sure that if they use a social networking site, that they keep their information private. Sites such as Facebook, allow the user to use their smart phone to “check-in” at various locations, this seems like a fun idea, and it is, however, if this information was in the public domain, then that person could be putting themselves at risk. It is important that you tell your child that they should try and avoid using this feature, or else ask them to keep their location information private, and restricted to close friends and family.

You may well be aware of the hazards that come with using a mobile phone whilst driving and the accidents and fatalities that it can cause. However, you may not be aware of the fact that using a cell phone whilst walking can be just as hazardous. There are daily reports of people and teenagers in particular, being injured or even killed, because they wandered into traffic whilst using their smart phone. Make sure that your child understands the dangers associated with using a cell phone whilst crossing the road, as well as reminding them about the perils of driving and using a cell phone, when they reach the age that allows them to drive.

If you are really concerned about the safety of your children when they are online, or you are not sure where they are or where they are going when they go out, you can monitor their cell phone usage by installing a cell phone spy program. This neat bit of software will allow you to see just what your child is using their phone for. Once installed onto the phone, you will be able to see such things as text messages, call logs, apps used, websites visited as well as being able to track their location via the GPS signal that most smart phones give off.

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Is Monitoring Your Child’s Cell Phone Appropriate?

June 12th, 2013 - Posted by admin


Do you remember the old school public service announcement shown alongside the evening news broadcast which asked if you knew where your children were? These days parents concerns are more about who their children are texting than where they are largely down to the fact that today’s kids seem to be permanently attached to their smartphones and tablet devices. Kids have always been able to get into trouble, but advances in technology have opened up a whole new world of dangers that were never an issue before.

 Threats Facing The Technology Savvy Generation

In days gone by, the school yard bully was the main concern parents had, but these days bullying is not confined to face to face confrontations. Instead, cyberbullying is the norm with bullies sending hurtful messages via text messages, emails or social networks. In some ways this is more concerning than traditional bullying as it is more difficult to catch. Parents, teachers and other adults may have no idea that it is happening.

Another risk facing today’s kids is the new trend known as sexting. This involves sending sexually explicit images and messages over text messages. What many teens fail to grasp is that this can actually be considered as child pornography if they are under the age of 18. In certain states, teenagers caught sending these photographs can actually be charged and registered as sex offenders. Parents are often totally unaware that their children are participating in these potentially illegal activities.

Something may teens never even consider the possibility that there could be a sexual predator targeting them online. Our kids are much more open to communicating with strangers thanks to social networking and chat facilities on the internet. Often they do not think twice about giving out their cellphone number or other personal information.

Tackling These Threats

iphone-parental-control-application Simply being aware of these threats is not enough, even if you have discussed them with your teen in detail. Teens are predisposed not to listen to their parents and they are likely to think they know better. This is where using tracking software to monitor their cell phone activity comes in. Some parents feel uneasy about giving this, but for most the ability to protect their kids trumps this. In the past, the phone and computer were placed in a family room allowing supervision of kids using them, but now that pretty much every kid has their own smartphone it is no longer possible.

Cellphone monitoring software is one of the best ways to find out what your teens are doing. The software is completely undetectable and your child will not know that it is on their phone. You will be able to view call logs, SMS, photos, GPS locations, web browsing history and more via a secure online account which can be accessed from your computer. It is even possible to block inappropriate content.

While it may feel like intruding on your child’s privacy, you will find that young teenagers will really benefit from your involvement. They may understand that messages they are receiving are inappropriate but be afraid to discuss them with you. Teens also feel they are invincible and make some pretty dumb choices, so being able to access messages will tip you off allowing you to act before the situation escalates. It may not be that your child is purposely being badly behaved, but rather they are not emotionally prepared to make smart decisions.

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The Link Between Smartphones & Unprotected Teen Sex

March 13th, 2013 - Posted by admin

715113-smartphoneToday’s generation is ruled by technology and every teenager is desperate to own the latest smartphone, but the question on every parent’s mind is ‘should I buy my teen one?’. It often does not occur to teenagers that a smartphone has the capability of risking their safety and some parents are equally unaware of the dangers they present. If you have already given your teen a smartphone then it is definitely time to start being more vigilant and monitoring their mobile activity. (more…)

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Using Cell Phone Trackers to Spy on Parents???

January 25th, 2013 - Posted by admin

It has been known for some time now that parents can use cell phone spy software to spy on children. What you may not know is that the same technology that allows parents to spy on children can also be used to spy on parents. In fact there are several things that can be done with spy software to make a teenagers life a little easier and add a little fun. (more…)

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How Can We Track the Cell Phone Secretly?

July 26th, 2012 - Posted by admin

 Most of us used many programs in order to track the cell phone of their significant others; to keep an eye on the children; to track the cell phones of your employees, etc. It should be noticed, that currently it is very difficult to find the program that will track the cell phone properly and no technical issues or bugs will occur.

 I would like to represent you the software to track the cell phones, which penetrated the market of mobile applications a short time ago. This is mSpy – the program that allows you to track the cell phone in order to keep the track of events.

 You will be able to monitor sms messages, the call history, e-mails, videos, photos and even record the surroundings around the target phone. Furthermore, such options as recording the Live Calls, tracking the instant messages, like Whatsapp messages, and social networks, like Twitter and Facebook are currently under development and the release will be announced within the shortest time-frame. Therefore, as you can note, this software helps you to track the most important features of the cell phone remotely and secretly.

 It is important to note, that it is much easy to track the cell phone as we could imagine. The program has been developed for people who do not have the deep knowledge in information technology, so it is absolutely user-friendly. Please be sure that once you install the application to track the cell phone, you will be able to keep your ear to the ground and clarify everything you want.

 We do hope that mSpy will be useful for you and help you in resolving the most common life problems occurred suddenly.

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