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Is There a Free Phone Spy?

April 10th, 2012 - Posted by admin

  Phone spy applications are a useful software that can be used for monitoring smart phones. Most features include email tracking, options to read text messages remotely, track and download phone logs, track mobile internet activity and even locate a mobile phone through GPS provided that phone has the application installed. Currently, quality phone spy applications such as mSpy software are some of the most sold paid phone application on the market today.

  Unfortunately, as with any popular software, some people attempt to create fake versions in order to turn a quick buck. Many people who either cannot afford or do not want to pay for quality phone spy software look for free phone spy alternatives. But is there a free phone spy available? No, actually there is not.

  Just by searching ‘Free Phone Spy’ in your search engine, you could probably come up with hundreds of results. Unfortunately, the majority of these are just articles claiming that you can find free phone spy software online. The rest are download pages for ‘free phone spy software’. While the articles can be helpful, most of them will re-direct you to another page that only contains more articles to read and no actual software to download. These are just endless links designed to promote traffic.

  Download pages for free phone spy software are even worse. Any phone spy software that claims to be free is either a virus, a hack or a fake. This means that best case scenario, you will download and install software and receive no results. If you are borrowing someone’s phone, this can be pretty risky.

  Viruses and hacks can not only impede the correct use of a phone, they can steal data as well. Just think a phone spy application that works except instead of sending the data to you, it sends the data to someone who will use it to steal money, personal information and etc. This can be very dangerous, especially if you are considering installing the phone spy software on a friend or family member’s phone.

  The only reliable way to make sure that your phone spy software is real, qualitative and working is to purchase a well-known spying application such as mSpy or etc.

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